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Sunday, October 12, 2003
Germ Theory Myth
This is from a post at the Raw Food Group on Yahoo. I am a moderator at that group.


Roger & Bruce,

I think it takes one huge leap of faith to say that germ theory is a
colossal failure. How can you explain any disease without it?

A week ago I had a thin slice from my son's chocolate birthday cake
and the next day my gut emptied out completely. Moreover within hours
of eating a chip or anything cooked in the smallest quantity, my nose
runs as though I have a cold or I sneeze.
I think your example only proves what I was talking about Peter. The germs are a player in the disease process but I believe in most cases they are not the cause. Germs are like vultures. Their job is to clean up the mess of incomplete digestion. This happens when we eat foods we weren't designed to eat.

In countless experiments people have been injected with certain germs and didn't get sick.

Or why doesn't everyone get sick when in contact with a sick person. It's because the germs do not cause it. Germs need food and if you provide them with food they act as a garbage disposal system in the human body. Then you get sick. The cause is the toxins and not the germs.

If life were so simple that a raw food diet would cure all diseases the
medical profession would be bankrupted overnight.
If everyone went raw there would be a lot of doctors going bankrupt, trust me. I haven't been to a doctor in about 10 years except for the emergency room for stitches. Plus as the health improved over generations there would be less need of the doctors. Yes they would still be treating raw foodists but that has to do with all the damage we've done to ourselves mostly through our poor eating habits.

Peter there are other cultures that eat close to a raw diet and they don't have the diseases of affluence that people in Western Culture have. In China for instance osteoporosis is virtually non-existent, even though they eat about 50% less calcium and no milk, than in the US.

Many of the primitive cultures never have problems with their teeth or dental arches and they don't even brush their teeth. They aren't in need of M.D.'s But once they get exposed to devitalized western foods then they need M.D.'s in a big way.

Medical science
complete with antibiotics has saved my life more than once for sure.

We certainly know that we are living in primitive times and that in the
face of such there should be varying theses so that ultimately the true
light may shine through.
I've done my research on this Peter and my conclusion is that the germ theory is responsible for killing millions of people per year. I think it is wrong and very harmful. Just look at the people who have been diagnosed with AIDS. That is all about germ theory. But they end up dieing from the toxic medications they are taking.

I know this to be true because I've met many AIDS patients who went raw and are fine for many years without the need for any medication. AIDS is not caused by the HIV virus. AIDS is a complete sham.

AIDS is caused by drug use and an unhealthy lifestyle, not a virus. Again it is caused by toxins. This is the very thing the medical establishment doesn't do anything about. They live in harmony with the fast food industry. SAD and medicine go perfectly together.

Go to this website to learn about the AIDS hoax.


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