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The Superbeing System
Friday, April 14, 2006
Beethoven and Superman to the Rescue
"How to Beat Your Personal Bests, with the Help of Beethoven and Superman"

Do you want to be inspired every day of your life? Do you want to experience the greatest joy ever and breakthrough to peak performance levels in everything you do?

I've got a quick and easy technique that will make it easy for you to set personal fitness, life and business bests.

Here's what I've been doing. Just before I start my Lightning Speed Fitness Program Workout http://LightningSpeedFitness.com, I put on the theme song to Superman the Movie. This was the first movie with Christopher Reeve.

A few years ago I watched Superman again. That is when I gained an appreciation of the Superman music.

When it got to the point in the movie where Clark Kent went to the North Pole and created his Fortress of Solitude, it was one of the most amazing emotional experiences I've had. More precisely, it was when he left his Fortress of Solitude, after many years of training, by his father.

Up until this time, he didn't know how to fly. He had all sorts of superpowers but he still didn't fly. But then the music changed, it lowered and then built to a stunning crescendo. His training was over and he flew out of his Fortress of Solitude, with his Superman uniform (for the first time) as a powerful Superbeing with a mission to save and protect the Earth.

There was something incredibly serious and magical about that moment. Clark had transformed from an uncertain teenager to Superman with the training he received at his fortress.

Every time I hear this music now, I can instantly recreate that same emotional feeling. Just writing about this was so powerful that I started crying tears of joy.

When I first really listened to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, I also cried tears of joy. I was completely floored and couldn't believe how good that music was. At the time, I didn't even listen to classical music.

Then hearing it live in concert was emotionally breathtaking. When I hear it, I think Beethoven was somehow talking about God and accurately describing God through his music. It's incredibly powerful and almost always moves me to tears.

I'm sure you already know what music motivates you. So go ahead and use it. This past week I set three personal bests in my workouts when I used the Superman theme.

I'm actually stronger, by far, when I listen to this music. Even if I just listen to it in my head. Anything along these themes creates powerful energy for me. I also love the Star Wars theme song. Notice these are all classical pieces.

Sometimes it's just seeing a great movie. But it's always some kind of movie that resonates most with my spiritual mission in life. I remember about ten years ago coming home after seeing such a movie and I went out to do a heavy hands workout. I totally blew away my previous best time by 50 seconds. It was incredible.

I was on the most incredible high. In fact, I'm on this high as I write to you. No need for drugs when you eat raw and know how to inspire yourself.

When you're so inspired, it seems to take you almost out of your physical body and you don't feel as much pain. It's easier to break through plateaus.

The other thing that is great, that it really motivates you to work. When I get inspired and I start working on a project, I don't even want to sleep. I'd prefer working all night long until I get it done.

This feeling is more powerful than any amount of money could ever buy you.

The great news is that anyone can feel this power and use it to succeed in life. It doesn't matter where you are or how much money you have. Because everyone has been blessed by being born a divine being. Your very existence means you've inherited God's blessings and power.

No, you are not God, but you have unlimited potential and are a divine atom in the body of God. You have unlimited room for spiritual expansion and expression.

The only thing I know of that can hold you back, are your own beliefs and attitudes and if you are experiencing depression. For 6.5 years I wasn't able to have experiences like this. My spiritual awareness was severely closed off. I was in a constant state of emotional pain and fear.

Only eating raw saved the day. Now I can easily tune into the Force and have great day after great day.

If you want to experience the same, then I invite you to join How To Go Raw.com. Because not only will I coach you in succeeding at a raw food diet, you also get full access to my Lightning Speed Fitness Program included.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Which Common, No-Equipment Exercise, Can Give You Explosive Speed, Marathon Endurance And Sculpted Muscular Legs, That You Can Do While Watching TV?

http://www.howtogoraw.com/fitness.html for more info.

Monday, April 10, 2006
Woman Conquers Candida & Defeats Depression
*** Superbeing Secrets ***
Raw Food, Fitness & Self-Mastery

"Woman Defeats Depression, Candida, Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue With The Perfect Health Program"

I have two things I want to share with you today. First, I realize that up to 40% of my Superbeing Secrets Subscribers have not been receiving my newsletters. So I've put up the last four issues for you to read at my blog.


I'm also experimenting with a new mailing system to deliver the newsletter to you. Now everyone will get the chance to read the dynamic life and health changing information I share with you on a weekly basis.

This system has many cool features that will be useful to not only me, but you as well. You'll even be able to see an archive of all the past issues and much more.

Next, I want to say thank you and congratulations to all the people who have ordered The Perfect Health Program and the bonus three-month subscription to HowToGoRaw.com through my special offer.

Below I'm including the inspiring story of Sandra Dwan. Her health improved dramatically within just a few days of following The Perfect Health Program. Sandra is also a member of How To Go Raw.com.


From: Sandra Dwan

"The Information in This Program is Priceless"

Hi Roger~

I just wanted you to know I did the Perfect Health Program with Frederic and Dr. Graham last summer when it was live. I can't tell you how much it changed my life.

I was 100% raw most of the time but suffering from adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic candida and all the depression that goes along with those things. I couldn't figure out what was going wrong.

I was searching for health when all along it was staring me in the face. I thought maybe I was cleansing too fast or that maybe I needed to cleanse more.

I had some great fantastic days then followed by horrible days where I was moody and just plain exhausted. I couldn't exercise. I didn't want to even see the sun.

I sat and read books upon books looking for something that would improve my state of being. This is when the Perfect Health Program crossed my path.

Normally I never would have spent even close to the amount of money it cost to participate. BUT I was desperate and so I found the money. Man, was it the best money I ever spent in my life :o)

Within days all my health problems disappeared! The information in the program is priceless. It changed my life, my health and my happiness!

Many of the things Dr. Graham spoke of were very new to me. Others were basic knowledge but I needed to hear it from his mouth over and over. It has been 9 months since I took the program and I still hear his voice in my head encouraging me to make the right choices throughout my day.

It is an amazing program. I am so glad you are offering this program. Everyone needs to hear his message!

Sandra Dwan


After I received Sandra's unsolicited testimonial I asked her to give me even more detail. I wanted to know what kind of raw food diet she was eating, that was giving her these terrible health problems. Here is what she told me.


I never dreamed I would spend that much money on a program. But I hope everyone will consider it regardless of the price because it is worth every penny. It has saved me a lot of money in the long run~probably, money I might have spent on supplements or cleanses trying to feel better.

I was doing a lot of things wrong at the time. I was not eating enough fruit (hesitant because of the candida). I was not getting enough greens (I focused more on vegetables, eating many I did not even care for), I was eating too much fat (consuming at least 1 avocado per day which I don't like, oil and nuts ~which I am allergic to, way too much salt, nama shoyu, bragg's liquid aminos, etc.).

I am a tall, skinny girl and felt I needed the "healthy" fat. When I initially changed my diet (before raw) I lost some weight. This is a little scary for those who don't GET it! I knew I was on the right path in spite of those who thought I was anorexic and needed to see a psych.

And then of course battling the chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and depression didn't help. What I needed was a good coach NOT a psych. Because of the adrenal fatigue it was easy for me to stay up really late and then drag all day. I was not sleeping properly. Because of the fatigue and depression I didn't go out much, therefore very little sunshine.

I would go from the bed to the kitchen and make my morning smoothie or avocado applesauce which generally had some nuts in it. Then back to the couch to read some health book. That is where I stayed most of the day. My first son was 2 and I was pregnant with my second. So I got very little exercise.

I learned about the Tibetian rites somewhere during my pregnancy and started slow on those but rarely got the 21 reps in. I also did a pregnancy yoga tape on my good days. I never paid any attention to food combining but didn't eat a lot of dehydrated foods because I didn't have a dehydrator.

My key to success is now low-fat, get sleep, get sunshine, get exercise, eat tons of greens (which is a huge deal to me~even being 100% raw low fat vegan isn't enough~I need LOTS of greens) Greens change my mood and feeling of well-being within a half hour after eating. Apples seem to balance me as well.

I have some kind of issues with sluggish lymph flow and eating increased fat instantly almost paralyzes me. I get nodules on the back of my neck in my lymph nodes. I get true muscle fatigue.

Just climbing the stairs hurts. My muscles feel like I had ran a marathon the day before. Exercise and skin brushing help get things moving again even though when this happens all I want to do is lay around. I have to fight it!

Anyway I learned the importance of all these things from Dr. Graham's Perfect Health Program. I learned the cure for my ongoing battle I had with candida. I even run a yahoo group and have for a couple years on candida. I really changed my belief system of how the body works~ natural hygiene type beliefs now.

I have thrown out all my supplements (enzymes, probiotics, etc). I had read numerous raw books but nothing impacted me the way Dr. Graham's lectures did. It was perfect timing for me. I needed to hear what he had to say!

By the way~ I love your interview with Rozalin Gruben from How To Go Raw.com. I have it in my iTunes and listen to it often. So.... as bad as this all sounds, it was a drastic improvement to my life before raw.

Otherwise I might not have stuck with it. My pregnancy also was much much better than the first. And the birth was amazing. So I was doing some things right. I just didn't see the whole picture.

I think the BIGGEST gift I got from Dr. Graham's program was the peace that I now knew how to live. I didn't need to buy every book that came along and stay up all night reading it from cover to cover searching for that one thing that would make a difference.

I had received the information I needed. God knew I was ready for it and gave it to me at the right place and the right time. His ways are perfect and He has healed me by showing me the steps I needed to take, one at a time when I could do it~no sooner, no later.



Isn't Sandy's transformation amazing? What an inspiring story. If you want to improve your life like Sandy did, then I urge you to take a look at The Perfect Health Program.

Here's all you have to do to get the program and my special gift to you. I'm giving away this special gift because I want you experience the results that Sandy and many others, including myself have experienced from the wisdom of Dr. Graham.

Therefore, if you order the Perfect Health Program now through my affiliate link below, I'll personally coach and support you for three months to help guarantee your success with eating raw.


This coaching will be in the way of a free three-month membership at my raw food coaching and education website, How To Go Raw.com. You can find out more about it and what you'll be getting, by visiting this link.


*** Please Act Quickly - There Is A Deadline ***

There's one final thing. I want you to take action on this offer quickly. If you dilly-dally you may forget and never take action. Therefore, I will remove this special offer when the first 50 people take advantage of it or at the end of April, whichever comes first.

It's time to take action and step into a new life. Use this link to start your new life and become the best you. You'll unleash the Superbeing within by eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet and following the other healthy lifestyle practices you'll learn from Dr. Graham.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske
Saturday, April 08, 2006
Science Proves Cooked Food Carcinogenic
I think some people really don't yet believe
that cooked food is dangerous to their health.
They want scientific proof. Actually, there's
loads of scientific proof, if you want to find
it. Most nutritionists simply ignore the
evidence, because they believe cooking to be a
normal and healthy process. But lets not confuse
normal with healthy.

Today I'm going to share with you some notes I
took from Dr. Graham's Perfect Health Program CD
number one. You are going to learn exactly how
cooking damages, deranges and destroys nutrients
and creates carcinogens and toxins.

These notes are from track 20 out of 24 of the
first CD called, "A Diet That Works." This
information packed CD alone, is 74 minutes long
and there are 11 other CD's in the system. I wish
I had this program when I first went raw in 1996,
I wouldn't have failed so many times at going raw.

I'm offering a special bonus to you if you get
this program through this link:


You can read more about it at the bottom of this
issue of Superbeing Secrets.

** How Cooking Destroys Nutrients and Therefore
Your Health **

(I'm going to give you snippets of information.
It's not going to read exactly like an article.
Just a collection of quotes from Dr. Douglas
Graham. Plus I add some information as well.)

* Nutrients are lost, damaged, deranged or
destroyed by the cooking process.

* Here's an argument I hear all the time. Some
foods can only be consumed if they are cooked:

Dr. Graham's reply: This is nature's explanation
about the types of foods we shouldn't be eating.
If we have to cook a food in order to be able to
eat it, then it's not a food intended for human
consumption in the first place. We've survived
99.9% of human history without eating cooked foods.

(My Note: Dr. Graham had a detailed explanation
earlier in the CD of how long humans have been
eating cooked food versus raw food.)

* What happens to proteins when they are cooked?

Dr. Graham: Proteins are denatured by the
heating process. Heating creates enzyme resistant
bonds in the protein molecule. This means that
protein damaged by cooking can't be completely
broken down into its smaller constituent parts or
amino acids.

(Roger's comments: The human body can't use
protein anyway. It can only use the building
blocks of protein or amino acids. All proteins
must first be broken down into amino acids before
they can be used.)

These bigger pieces of protein are recognized as
attackers to the human body. This is why you see
a white blood cell explosion after the
consumption of cooked food. All whole foods
contain protein and therefore this response
happens. This is called by scientists, the white

Most mainstream nutritionists consider this
white tide to be normal. However, most blood
parameters vary by only 5 to 10% maximum. For
instance, blood calcium levels range between 9
and 11 that is plus or minus only 10%.

But white blood cell counts go anywhere from 3
million to 18 million and that is considered
normal and healthy. That is a 600% difference.

Normal is called healthy because it is what
everybody does or gets. But Dr. Graham believes a
low white blood cell count is healthy. (He
doesn't mean severely low white blood cell counts
as some very sick people experience.)

* What happens to fat when you heat it?

Dr. Graham: Heating fats to a high temperature
creates acrylamide which is a known carcinogen.

(Roger's comments: Some extra background
information I gathered for you: Here's some info
from the US FDA about acrylamide. Note that
French Fries and potato chips are cooked in oil.
So you could put acrylamide into the
carbohydrates and fats category.

" In April 2002, researchers in Sweden
discovered that cooking at high temperatures
could create acrylamide in many types of foods,
particularly starchy foods such as french fries,
potato chips, bread, rice, and processed cereals.

Scientists know that acrylamide causes cancer in
laboratory rats. They also know that contact with
large quantities of acrylamide can cause nerve
damage in humans. But no one knows whether the
tiny amounts of acrylamide in cooked foods can
cause cancer or have any other harmful effects
when ingested by people. "As soon as we heard
about this problem, we took action and laid out a
solid plan to learn more about acrylamide and to
reduce exposure to it," says Terry Troxell,
Ph.D., director of the FDA's Office of Plant and
Dairy Foods and Beverages.")

Fats normally have single or double bonds on the
molecular level. Heating fats creates
indigestible triple bonds. These heated fats
produce an extreme adverse impact in our ability
to uptake, transports and utilize oxygen and

The higher you heat a food, the worse the damage

* What happens to carbohydrates when they are

Dr. Graham: Caramelization which is a known
carcinogen. For instance, when you make toast,
that is caramelization. The blacker it gets, the
more carcinogenic it becomes.

(My Notes: Caramelization produces six different
levels of chemical reactions in the sugar
molecule. When you cook you are actually
practicing chemistry. In a typical soup, millions
of new molecules are created in the cooking
process. This is called a Maillard Reaction.
Boiling a potato creates 420 new molecules in the
potato that did not exist before it was cooked.)

Caramelization also makes sugars much more
readily available. This increases their glycemic
index or how quickly and how high the food raises
your blood sugar levels. Eating these kinds of
foods can cause dangerous spikes in your blood
sugar levels.

You don't want to have large spikes in your
blood sugar; it is very difficult on the body.
Fruit sugars however give a quick but mild rise
in blood sugar.

* How much can a food be heated before it starts
getting damaged?

Dr. Graham: How much can you heat your hand?
Whatever your hand can take is approximately how
much your food can be heated before it becomes


I hope you enjoyed this information from Dr.
Graham. I know I sure did.

*** Get Three Months Of Raw Food Coaching ***

I want to do everything in my power so that you
can get the Perfect Health Program by Dr. Graham.
If you follow his health principles, I guarantee
they will change your life. This is truly
breakthrough information in my opinion.

Tomorrow I'll be sending you the story of one of
my How To Go Raw.com members who's health
completely turned around after listening to the
Perfect Health Program. She was doing the raw
food diet all wrong and it was ruining her
health. It's a fascinating story you won't want
to miss.

Dr. Graham has worked with world-class Olympic
and professional athletes, celebrities and movie
stars and helped them all to go 100% raw.

Therefore, if you order the Perfect Health
Program through my affiliate link below, I'll
personally coach and support you for three months
to help guarantee your success with eating raw.


This coaching will be in the way of a free three-
month membership at my raw food coaching and
education website, How To Go Raw.com. You can
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*** Please Act Quickly - There Is A Deadline ***

There's one final thing. I want you to take
action on this offer quickly. If you dilly-dally
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50 people take advantage of it or at the end of
April, whichever comes first.

It's time to take action and step into a new
life. Use this link to start your new life and
become the best you. You'll unleash the
Superbeing within by eating an Optimal Raw Food
Diet and following the other healthy lifestyle
practices you'll learn from Dr. Graham.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

P.S. How To Go Raw.com also has an extensive
recipe section and all members get Frédéric
Patenaude's quick and easy raw recipe book,
"Instant Raw Sensations." Most of the recipes can
be made in under ten minutes. Going raw is easy
if you love what you eat.

For more info
I Was Crying And Alone
Today I'm going to share with you an extremely
personal story. I tell it because maybe in some
way, my story can help you or someone you know.

I was crying with tears streaming down my face
and begging God to help me. I was so incredibly
alone, none of my friends were able to help me. I
tried talking to them but nothing relieved my
pain and terror.

In fact, I almost didn't feel like a member of
the human race anymore. I just wasn't able to
deal with people without feeling fear or having
to hold back from bursting out crying.

I couldn't look my friends or coworkers in the
eyes because I didn't want to reveal all of the
pain inside. My condition was so crippling it
blocked most normal social interactions. When I
closed my eyes to visualize, I saw darkness
instead of the glowing light I used to see.

Life was a living hell. I barely scraped by
financially. I was constantly worried about
getting fired and did get fired twice and barely
hung on to my other numerous jobs. I often had
panic attacks at work. In fact, I was frequently
terrified to go to work, but I had to force
myself to go, just to barely scrape by.

*** I Discovered My Miracle Cure ***

Then in 1996, after six and a half years of hell
due to depression and panic attacks, I discovered
my miracle cure. Within one day, I was out of
hell forever. All I did was read one book that
held the secret.

That book taught me that fruit was our ideal
food and the importance of eating raw foods. That
book saved me, but it didn't finish the job. For
one reason or another, I was never able to stay
100% raw for more than two or three months at a

Eating 50% raw foods was enough to keep me out
of depression. Eating 75% raw made me feel much
happier, but every time I went to eating 100%
raw, it was like being in a state of eternal
bliss. I went from hell to heaven just by
changing the foods I ate.

It took me five years of experimentation,
repeated failure, reading all sorts of raw food
books, and attending lectures by all the
prominent raw food educators around the world
before I discovered how to go 100% raw and stay
that way. After failing at going 100% raw more
than five times, I had given up hope. I was
convinced that my so-called body type was not
able to go 100% raw.

When I went to the first lecture by Dr. Douglas
Graham that warm August evening, in a cramped
health food store, located in an apartment in New
York City, I knew I finally had my answer. I was
so incredibly excited, it was a eureka experience.

After the lecture ended, I thanked Dr. Graham
with a tear in my eye and told him that I would
finally be able to go 100% raw because of the
breakthrough information he taught me that warm
August night.

Why do I tell you this story? Because I want you
to experience the blissful happiness, radiant
health and peak performance that an Optimal Raw
Food Diet brings.

Once you go raw, almost every major area of your
life starts improving dramatically. You meet old
friends and they are shocked at your new youthful
glow and say you look ten years younger. The
energy around you is irresistible and the person
that used to ignore you can't seem to move away
from you.

You feel so happy, you feel like screaming out
to the world, "I love my life." You've lost 27
pounds of unwanted fat and you finally see your
six-pack stomach muscles for the first time in 20
years. You have so much energy that a policeman
could pull you over for speeding because you walk
too quickly.

This is just a small taste of what happens to
the typical person who goes 100% raw and sticks
with it. I'm sure that if you attend some of Dr.
Graham's lectures, you too will achieve radiant
health, happiness and fitness.

*** What Is Better Than Attending Live Lectures?

What is better than attending his lectures? It's
having them recorded on 12 CD's. That way you can
listen to them at any time, while driving to work
or in the comfort of your own home. Any time you
need motivation, you just go back and listen to
one of his twelve life-changing CD's.

I'm talking about Dr. Graham's Perfect Health
Program with Frederic Patenaude. I own this great
program myself. If I had this back in 1996 when I
first was experimenting with raw, I would have
been spared five years of failure and experiments
that damaged my health.

I want to do everything in my power so that you
can get this program. If you follow his health
principles, I guarantee they will change your
life. Dr. Graham has worked with world-class
Olympic and professional athletes, celebrities
and movie stars and helped them all to go 100% raw.

Therefore, if you order the Perfect Health
Program through my affiliate link below, I'll
personally coach and support you for three months
to help guarantee your success with eating raw.


This coaching will be in the way of a free three-
month membership at my raw food coaching and
education website, How To Go Raw.com. You can
find out more about it and what you'll be
getting, by visiting this link.


By getting the Perfect Health Program and then
joining How To Go Raw.com, you'll gain all the
tools you need to succeed at going raw and loving

My site even has a special audio and ebook
program called, "Your First 30-Days Raw." You'll
learn all the tricks to master the hardest part
of going raw, which is the first 30 days. After
that, staying raw is easy, when you do it the
right way. Both of these resources will show you
how to eat raw and get all the nutrients your
body needs to have glowing health and super energy.

So go ahead and order the Perfect Health Program
from my link. Once you place your order, just
email me your order number, give me your full
name and I'll give you a free three-month online
membership to How To Go Raw.com.

If you're already a member at How To Go Raw.com,
you can give your extra membership to a valued
friend or family member whom you know would
really take advantage of this coaching program.


The normal cost of a three-month membership is
about $40, but how can one place a value on
regaining their life? Both programs in my opinion
are worth much more than what you pay for them.
But you'll have to be the judge of that. If you
want to take your life and health to the next
level, I think you know what to do.

*** Please Act Quickly - There Is A Deadline ***

There's one final thing. I want you to take
action on this offer quickly. If you dilly-dally
you may forget and never take action. Therefore,
I will remove this special offer when the first
50 people take advantage of it or at the end of
April, whichever comes first.

In addition, It's going to take me a lot of
extra time to coach 50 new people. That is the
other reason I have to limit the offer.

It's time to take action and step into a new
life. Use this link to start your new life and
become the best you. You'll unleash the
Superbeing within.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

P.S. Tomorrow I'm going to email you some notes
I took from one of the CD's of the Perfect Health
Program. You'll learn the science behind why
cooking damages, deranges and destroys the food
you eat and therefore your health, as taught by
Dr. Graham.
Mother Gains Courage... Stays Raw
"Nutritionist And Personal Trainer Believes Low
Fat Raw To Be The Best"

Once you've started eating more raw fruits and
vegetables, you'll probably feel the urge to 'go
to the next level.'

Or you might be wondering, how to stay raw while
your family, friends and society tempt you with
cooked food on a daily basis. Is there a way to
easily go raw and never even want to eat cooked
foods again?

Well in fact, there is and you can find it at
http://HowToGoRaw.com/success.html. How To Go Raw
is your secret to super healing, creating your
perfect body and feeling happier and more
energetic than a healthy seven year old.

Below I've included an instructive story from
one of my members at
http://HowToGoRaw.com/success.html. She's has
degrees in nutrition, dietetics and physiology
and yet even she needed support to help her to
succeed with staying raw.

You see, going raw is not just about
understanding how to eat a raw food diet
correctly. It's also about knowing how to stand
up for your own needs. I've seen so many people
sacrifice their own health and welfare because of
false notions about serving others.

We have to get rid of some false beliefs so that
we can achieve radiant health and happiness on a
raw food diet and for just about anything else in

Again, I go back to the 'freedom principles'
I've mentioned to you in past issues. At least
50% of the people I coach initially fail because
they've been enslaved by false and limiting ideas.

I'd say that 75% of people in general don't
understand the 'freedom principles' as espoused
by Harry Browne and others.

If you want to succeed in anything, you have to
be a leader and be independent of the so-called
'good judgment' of others. You have to make
decisions that are in your best interest. Because
you will only serve others best if you are happy.

Ok then, below is Sandra's story. Please read it
carefully as she includes some tips that can help
you to make going raw much easier. She's also
left an audio recording for you at this page.
She's the second testimonial down the page.


I am fairly new to Roger's Forum but I have
noticed a huge difference in my commitment to raw
since I've joined. I don't know anyone else that
is raw, so finding a support buddy is nearly

I have been learning about the benefits of raw
foods for 2 years. I know they have changed my
life and health dramatically.

I have degrees in nutrition, dietetics and
physiology so I know the science behind eating
this way. I have studied many different raw diets
and experimented on my own to see how they
effected my health.

It has been a journey and I keep moving forward.
Roger's low fat vegan raw is the one that works
hands down.

My downfall has been not making that 100% raw
commitment. My family is not raw and of course a
lot of happiness and emotions are connected with
what I now know as food addictions. I have been
100% raw off and on but always come off to please
others, get trapped in the addiction and then it
takes me a long time to crawl out of the hole
I've dug.

Roger's email "Is your family your excuse to
stay sick?" really hit home! I need to post this
up on my wall!!!!

Having Roger's feedback often gets me to look at
things from a different perspective. I may not
even see something as an issue but with his
comments it gives me new information, allows me
to really listen closer to my body, and guides me
to a new level of health.

I have a lot of knowledge. I have been a
personal trainer myself for many years. It takes
more than that to succeed. Knowing is just the
beginning. Putting it into action and having it
work for you is a completely different thing.

Someday's I spend so much time and effort
helping others that I don't take care of myself.
When I am in a weakened state, I make weak
choices. When I let this continue, I find I am
not much help to anyone. It took me a long time
to realize that I, myself need help. I need
guidance. I need an outside perspective. This is
what I have gotten from How To Go Raw!

The health benefits come automatically when
making right decisions. Learning what decisions
are right and acquiring the courage to make them
is key. Some of my problems with being 100% raw
seem fairly simple now that I can look back on

Not having enough raw food in the house was one.
Now I order in cases. This is new to me and was a
challenge in the courage department. But I've
conquered it and it is easy now. I have a
wonderful supply of raw foods surrounding me.
This is what I want!

This was a decision I did not make until joining
How To Go Raw. Just reading others posts and
Roger's replies, I gained a lot of insight on
what I needed to be doing to succeed. I now have
fallen in love with being raw.

There is no other way to describe it. When
you're in love, you don't care what other people
do. You don't need to struggle to find the
courage. It just comes naturally. When you
embrace raw, all else seems to fall away. The
support forum has helped me see this, feel this
and whenever I need a boost it is there for the

Sandra Dwan

Here again is the link to listen to her brief
audio recording which is different than the above



I hope you enjoyed and learned something from
Sandra's story.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

P.S. If you want to raise your health,
happiness, fitness and freedom to the next level,
then come on over to my premier raw food coaching
and support website. Do you want to struggle
needlessly for years or achieve radiant health NOW?

Is Family Your Excuse To Stay Sick?
A few days ago one of our members at HowToGoRaw.com was reading
through some older posts at our member's only, raw food coaching
and support forum. She commented about one particular post that
she said really helped her.

Looking back at those posts, I realize there is a lot of great
information in there and I thought I'd share it with you. The
original post was from November 3, 2004.

At the time Raspberry, was new to our group. She was having a
hard time going 100% raw for several reasons including family

The great news is that she has been 100% raw for quite a while
now. (Just a few minor set backs.) She's also lost 60 pounds and
feels great. At the end of this email, I'll post her testimonial
so you can see some of the ways she's benefited from her
membership at http://www.howtogoraw.com/success.html.

I've also added some other fantastic, new testimonials at
HowToGoRaw.com. One of them is an audio testimonial. Go now to
listen: http://www.howtogoraw.com/success.html

Her sister joined as well and also has had excellent health and
weight loss results. I'm including the forum posts below. I'll
put an RH: at the beginning of my replies to Raspberry.


My family just is not ready to switch to raw. I have a really
hard time cooking for the fam and not eating it sometimes.
Would it be a good idea to switch them to vegetarian and then to

vegan and then to raw? Any suggestions on how to slowly pull
them in?


RH: That's a difficult decision. But people do better at
something when they want to do it for their own reasons.

It's best for you to stick with raw and be a shining example of
health. Don't be preachy, just let family members see your good
results and then maybe some of them will want to join you.

In the meantime, do whatever you have to do to stay raw and be
happy with it. You really shouldn't feel forced to cook food for
people. You can just refuse to cook food for anyone. But if they
want a raw concoction that you make then you can make it for them.

Yes it is a big change for them and yes you might feel silly of
you then stop eating raw. But your husband and kids will have to
learn flexibility. Isn't that just the way life goes. People
need to learn to deal with change.

If you don't put your own health interests first, you'll have a
very hard time succeeding at a raw diet. This is a reason why
many people fail to succeed at going raw.

Of course, there are people who cook for others and can stay
raw. But it's simply easier at first to not have to do that.

If I haven't suggested it yet, then please consider reading,
"How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World," by Harry Browne. You
might be able to find it in the library.



"yes you might feel silly of you then stop eating raw"


"You can just refuse to cook food for anyone"

Not to be argumentative Roger, but how could I refuse to cook
for my children? They are too young to cook for themselves. As
for my husband, he works hard all day and is not ready to cook
for the kids after a full day's work just to support this new
life style.

Besides, you said, do not force raw on the husband or kids. If
I refused to make cooked food and make only raw nummies, I am in
effect forcing them raw. Conflicting advice here.

It is hard to stay raw in this position. It is something I
really want, therefore I doggedly pursue it.

A couple of notes on her comments: My advice was not
conflicting, it just seemed that way to her from her position.
It would have in no way forced her family to go raw. It was
simply a suggestion that her family needed to adapt so that she
could reach her own health goals. If her husband and her family
truly loved her they would indeed adapt. {They have by the way.
They really support her now and are going vegetarian and eating
lots of raw foods.}

What if she died, would that mean her family would starve to
death? Of course not, they would adapt. Her husband could either
cook, get take out, make T.V dinners, cup of soup, or hire a
babysitter to prepare the food while he was out working. I also
think that some of her children were old enough to learn how to
prepare their own food. My brother was making his own meals at 9
years old.

It turns out her sister was living with her at the time and she
ended up doing the cooking. She was also eating raw, but cooking
food didn't bother her at all. So that helped out Raspberry at
the time.

The problem here is that people are not willing to look out for
their own interests. They feel trapped by prearranged family and
societal rules and agreements. But there is a way out if you are
creative and really want your goal enough. Luckily Raspberry
found a way that worked for her.

Plus now she can do so much more for her family. She used to
need to use a motorized wheel chair to get around. Now she can
walk freely because she doesn't have to carry around 60 extra
pounds of weight.

Your health is extremely important and it should generally come
before the needs of other people. You can only serve those
people the best anyway, if you are healthy.

This is why I recommended to her she read that book, "How I
Found Freedom In An Unfree World." Many health seekers could
benefit from reading that book. It's a classic and must read for
really anyone who wants to live life to the fullest and not be
enslaved by rules of society that benefit the society but not
the individual.

Back to my reply to Raspberry.


Hi Raspberry,

Do you see how your health is being influenced by the desires
of others?

In order for you to succeed at going raw, you have to put your
health interests above the interests of other people in your
family like your husband and kids.

This is what so many people don't understand and they end up
not going raw because of it. If you read that book "How I Found
Freedom," I mentioned in the last post, you would completely
understand my previous response to you.

Firstly I said, "yes you might feel silly of you then stop
eating raw." This happens to most new raw foodists, they start
eating raw and then they stop and then they start. And so they
feel they shouldn't make their family go through all of their
whims. But if you were truly looking out for your health first,
then you would do whatever you needed to do to stay raw.

Now this doesn't mean that your husband and children won't eat.
But it means that you wouldn't cook any food for them
whatsoever. You could prepare raw food for them, but you would
simply refuse to cook because you know it is so damaging for
your health and for theirs. But mainly because cooking makes it
difficult for you to stay raw.

Excuse me for being blunt here. I'm not saying this to be
antagonistic but to make a point. Did your husband marry you
because you were a cook? When you make a change in your life,
the people in your life will also be forced into changes. That
is life.

Can't you find some other way around the cooking situation?
Can't some of the older kids do the cooking if you don't want
to? They can learn how to do it. I did it for myself when I was
in 8th grade. I also did my laundry and food shopping. My father
wanted us to be independent at an early age.

So again, you can prepare all sorts of raw food dishes for
them, because doing so would not tempt you to eat cooked food.
If they don't want to eat your raw food preparations, they
should try to find another way to get their cooked food. Maybe
make TV dinners or learn how to cook.

And yes, you can certainly refuse to cook for your children and
I believe you should. That's like saying, how can I refuse to
serve my children cigarettes? Maybe in the past you didn't know
that smoking cigarettes was bad for your health, but now there
are big warning labels on all cigarettes. So when you discover
something is unhealthy, would you continue giving it to your

While I was growing up, we stopped eating white bread and
certain cereals because my parents discovered how bad they were
for our health. It's no different than giving up cooked food.

What if the government came out today and put warning labels on
cooked food that said "Cooking your food is as dangerous and
possibly much more dangerous to your health than smoking
cigarettes?" Would you then still feel comfortable cooking food
for your family?

By giving in to their desires, you are also giving them
something that is killing them and ruining their lives. However,
I believe in free will, so let these family members make their
own food choices and adapt. They can change and it is good for
them to learn to change. The change being that you won't cook
for them anymore.

But if this still doesn't work out, then you'll have to learn
to discipline yourself not to eat the cooked food you prepare
for them. A friend of mine had to give up her career in
restaurants when she went raw. She absolutely loves to cook, and
she can even cook food and not really eat it. But she doesn't
want to be a part of contributing to the sickness of cooked
food. She decided to change careers because of her diet.

What I'm really teaching you here are freedom principles. Many
people are not aware of these principles and some people are
simply not strong enough to live in freedom.

Please try to find that book, it's essential in helping you
succeed at going raw. Plus it can totally transform and improve
your life. I give it my highest recommendation.



** Here's Rasberry's great testimonial **

I am a raw foodist. I love how that sounds. I started raw after
hearing about it from a friend last August. This same friend
recommended HowToGoRaw.com, so I checked it out.

I signed up right away and started posting in the forum. There
were many times in the beginning of my raw journey that I

struggled. I went to the site and always found help.

There were days when I was cranky and depressed. (You know you
are a raw foodist when your children ask you if you ate cooked
just because you are a little cranky) Days where I wondered if
being raw was worth it. It was a struggle for me because I had
to give up everything that was comfortable to me.

The hardest food for me to stop eating was cheese. If you had
asked me before I would have said chocolate, but it was cheese.
I needed a cheese substitute and found it. (You know you are a
raw foodist when you grind up nuts and call it cheese)

I received the support I needed. I found a couple of on-line
friendships that I value. Raw Food is a miracle for me. I feel
better than I have ever remembered. I have confidence in this
program that I've had in no other; confidence that I am doing
the healthiest thing for my body, and confidence that I can
continue to lose weight until all of it is gone.

I have lost 60 pounds. I no longer use a motorized wheelchair.
The pain in my knees has disappeared. All the numbers doctors
are concerned with have come down and into normal range ie BP
101 over 68. Above all else, I feel wonderful both emotionally
and physically. Raw really works.

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from these posts located at
the HowToGoRaw.com forum.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Are you having trouble sticking to a raw food diet? Do you
want to do it with less struggle and make sure that you are
getting all the nutrients you need? The key to being successful
with a raw food diet getting expert support. I wasn't able to
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Go to http://www.howtogoraw.com/success.html and join our Raw
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every step of the way.

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