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The Superbeing System
Thursday, September 25, 2003
You are Where and What You Focus On
You are Where and What You Focus On
© 2003, Roger Haeske

Have you ever thought about where you are located as a spiritual being? People think of themselves as being in some physical location. However, from a spiritual perspective, you are where you focus.

Now why should anyone care about this? Because it is the secret key to getting what you truly want, to being happy all the time and living your dream life. This is profound. Let me explain how it works.

Inside of us are different realms or planes of reality. We can be in whatever plane or reality we wish. All we have to do is to focus on that reality. In fact, there are infinite combinations of worlds we can be in. The secret is to be in the highest possible worlds because they are unlimited in nature.

I can tell you right now, the best vacation spot in the world. It is God. When you focus on God and keep your focus there, you start to feel and perceive God's love and omnipotence. It is the most liberating and powerful feeling in the world.

From a spiritual perspective, nothing can harm you while you are in God. All you have to do is to be conscious of God as much as possible throughout your day.

If you feel negative emotions, you have just spiritually traveled out of the God plane. If you feel fear or anger, you've dropped to a negative and reactionary plane. Using these negative thoughts, even if you don't voice them out loud, produces instant negative results.

If you are worried about what someone else is thinking about you, then you are out of this unlimited God plane. Focus on God esteem instead of self-esteem. You won't need to buoy up your ego if you are in inner paradise. This is a plane of pure power and where you are in total control of your reality.

The God realm is a plane that doesn't have time and space. It isn't dualistic, there is no positive and negative duality, it is pure positive consciousness. To gain entrance to this plane, you must serve God. If you live by God's rules you have unlimited freedom within that plane. But as I said the price is serving God.

You serve God by paying attention to him and by giving love to all around you. You act Godly in front of everyone and when you are by yourself. You realize that God is in everything and everyone no matter where they happen to be visiting spiritually.

Here's what Frank Laubach a famous Christian minister who practiced the presence of God wrote about what it feels like. It's from page 15 and 16 of the book, "Practicing His Presence."

"May 24, 1930
As I analyze myself I find several things happening to me as a result of these two months of strenuous effort to keep the Lord in mind every minute. This concentration upon God is strenuous, but everything else has ceased to be so. I think more clearly, I forget less frequently. Things which I did with a strain before, I now do easily and with no effort whatever. I worry about nothing and lose no sleep. I walk on air a good part of the time. Even the mirror reveals a new light in my eyes and face. I no longer feel in a hurry about anything. Everything goes right. Each minute I meet calmly as though it were not important. Nothing can go wrong excepting one thing. That is that God may slip from my mind if I do not keep on my guard. If He is there, the universe is with me. My task is simple and clear."

I think Frank Laubach's statement is an accurate description of what it is like to be in the presence of God. I've had every one of the feelings he mentioned. This is our gift, we only have to know about it and use it.

The great news is that people can feel when you are in this plane and will treat you accordingly. If you associate yourself as soul with God then people will treat you with extremely high regard. This is because you automatically have a high regard for yourself. They will also be able to feel this God presence because it is a real spiritual force.

By focusing on God and giving divine love, you have lifted your awareness out of the dualistic and materialistic planes. People will want to be around you. You'll be so happy and that happiness will be contagious. There is no way to accurately describe what it feels like to be in this God plane.

It is the experience of the religious mystics. It is Nirvana or Heaven. The miracle is that anyone can experience this state of mind or spirit at any time and under any circumstances.

The longer and stronger your focus is on the God world, the more powerful and clear this state becomes to you. You start learning of new truths you were not consciously aware of before. Everything becomes clear to you.

You quickly learn what your purpose here on Earth is. From this state of perpetual happiness and freedom you also start attracting to you all the things you desire. Desire is a good thing. It is your instinct and the way the infinite part of you communicates with your conscious self.

Any time you think a thought about something you've just created a Magnetic Spiritual Prototype that immediately starts attracting that thing to you in physical form. This means your every thought is very powerful and is constantly creating your physical and spiritual reality.

The happier you are, the quicker your desires will manifest. The problem is that most people have no control over where they travel spiritually. If someone cuts them off on the road then they react angrily to that person.

If you were that person, did you absolutely have to react angrily? Couldn't you have just blessed that person and realized he was simply unaware of what he was doing? On the other hand, maybe he was in a hurry or had a life or death emergency.

Just because someone does something to you does not mean you have to react to what they did in a negative fashion. You can react in many ways. The best way is to stay focused on God. That way you will magnetically attract yourself to goodness and a life of infinite possibilities.

I'd say that most people are constantly traveling around in the lower negative realms spiritually. They simply are not aware that they could be living in a spiritual and material paradise by shifting their focus and love to the infinite, the divine or God.

In some spiritual traditions, this is called Practicing the Presence of God. It's really like an all day meditation. Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach wrote about this in a wonderful book called, "Practicing His Presence." Reading this book will inspire you to seek the unspeakable love of God.

I tend to think that entertainment is a substitute for being in God. In other words, if you are aware of God, you have no need for entertainment. Why is that? Because you are completely fulfilled, there is no emptiness. In addition, to live in God means to serve God. Do you're daily duties in service of God. You get the most expansion and happiness by giving. Giving will be your new form of entertainment.

When you finally tune into God, you wouldn't even want your attention to wander because it is the best feeling you can imagine. To serve and live in the presence of God is the highest form of entertainment. TV and movies will seem on a lower frequency. You can watch them but try to keep your mind on God as you do.

If at any time you get angry or frustrated, you have just slipped out of the God realm. The guide is that you want to feel good all the time. As soon as you feel negative emotion, you know that you are out of "His Presence."

Whenever you feel a lack or are sad, you are no longer in the presence of God. Of course, we are always in God. We exist and have our being in God. God is omnipresent. But God gave us the ability to have whatever we want in life, good or bad. We have to choose God by centering our attention in God.

We have complete freedom to choose whatever world we want to live in. Most of the human emotions, fears and limitations will vanish as you realize you are the radiant child of God. God wants you to be happy. All you have to do is to tune into the spiritual radio station WGOD.

You don't sacrifice anything by listening to this radio station. You don't have to be an ascetic. You can have a wonderful and fulfilled life. Now you simply do it in style and power. You have unlimited freedom because the world of God is an unlimited state of consciousness. It will bring you great joy and whatever material things you want. What you'll realize is that your material wants will be related to serving God. If it furthers your spiritual mission, you will want it. You won't be getting things to boost your self-esteem because you have God-esteem and you don't need those things anymore.

Just spend about 15 minutes in the morning and evening where you find your own way to meditate or contemplate on God and Divine Love. Then throughout your day you focus on God. Listen to what you think God is trying to tell you. Live from God. The more you do it the more powerful this feeling will be. You'll start to glow from the love of God. You'll start perceiving the inner beauty and at the same time it will affect your outer reality as well.

This is very simple what I've shared with you, but it will change every aspect of your life once you put it into practice. You can have the kingdom of heaven if you will only choose it.

Love and blessings to you, Roger Haeske

Friday, September 19, 2003
Raw Food and Sports Performance Debate
The problem with the raw diet for athletics is that it takes a long time for the body to heal itself. If you've been eating cooked foods and other toxins for 30 + years then it can take a while to get the consistent great results on a raw diet.

It sounds to me like your body was healing itself. Maybe you just need to rest more. Trust me it takes time. I've had things improve and then go away and then come back again many times.

I think that if you are only on the diet for athletic performance you will give it up. The much more important element is your health. Your body could care less about your athletic performance. It wants to be healthy first.

This may require it to shift energy away from sports and to healing. So if you are on the raw diet and you are committed to it for the long haul you will eventually heal and adapt.

I can tell you it definitely has improved my athletic and mental performance in several ways. Some of these improvements have gone and then returned. Part of it was eating incorrectly. For instance eating too much fatty foods really messed me up.

Or just eating too much in general isn't good either. I know this guy Wilson in Florida who has been 100% raw for about 5 years. He jogs 20 miles on the beach every single day. He doesn't eat anything until after his run. Previously when he lived in NYC he would run about 14 miles every day.

The point is that I don't think he eats that much. Anyway, there are many factors. But if sports is your only concern that may not be enough to keep you eating a low fat raw food diet.


"Can relate to your posts, I'm a long distance cyclist and to make a long story short, I tried RAW (80-10-10) for about 10 months, and lost alot of weight (way too much, was already lean) and initially felt great but that soon changed, started feeling weak and tired during and after workouts (all the time), my 100 mile times suffered badly, I just didnt have the energy I had before, so I figured it was the protein and fats I had cut back on, guess what I was right!"

I understand your viewpoint. You may want to look at the previous post I made to understand why you lost energy.

It's also quite possible that your energy returned because your body immediately will stop detoxing when you feed it food that is too toxic. It can nolonger handle the excess toxic load and therefore works on storing the toxins in your fat cells instead of healing your body. Now you have energy and you falsely blame it on a raw food diet. I made the same mistake myself many times. Now I've gone beyond that point and know what is going on.

Whenever someone is on a raw diet and they are having problems they always feel better after eating cooked or toxic food. This doesn't mean this food was the answer. It means that a raw food diet allows your body to heal and that takes energy. The body has a higher priority on healing than on helping you reach a sports performance goal.

Of course your going to lose weight. The leanest people on the planet are the longest lived and have the least diseases in general. As long as you aren't below about 4% body fat you should be fine. Just put on more muscles. The raw diet takes time because your body has to undo years of damage.

"After going Paleo and adding quality protein and sufficient good fats my performance has skyrocketed. For me the protein and fats make a big difference.. My muscles started growing again, and I definitly feel MUCH stronger than I was raw.. I was in a raw food hangout a while ago and thought I was in a hospital or something, those people did not look healthy at all, they looked like they were starving themselves and several of them looked like their hair was falling out, one RAW side effect I have read about, but they all claim its just detox, LOL!.. "

I think a raw diet is common sense. Eating meat and high fat isn't our design. However some people have damaged themselves to a degree where they may no longer be able to thrive on only raw foods. But by design we are no different than any other animal and we should eat the foods that we are designed to eat. Our DNA is 99.8% the same as the Bonobo chimpanzees. They eat 96% of their calories from fruit. They are our closest relative.

If you fed the bonobos cooked food for hundreds of generations and then made them transition back to raw fruits it might take them quite a while to get back to normal. Just think about this.


Better Diet Even Late in Life May Prolong It
iWon - Health
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Can You Get Enough Calories on a Raw Food Diet?
>> I'm actually thinking about abandoning my raw foods diet for a more
> moderate, higher fat and higher calorie diet.
What is more moderate?

A high fat diet, raw or not, is not the best way to go for humans. If you have a lot of fat in the diet then you won’t be consuming enough carbohydrates. Therefore, you won’t have enough fuel for energy. If you lived out in nature in the tropics, you wouldn’t even have fat available to you more than a few months out of the year. Also it’s much harder to eat a lot of fat because you’d be cracking open shells. This doesn’t lend itself to eating loads of fat. Our total needs for fat have been estimated to be no more than 3% of total calories consumed by international health organizations. I’d say most people should really limit their intake to a maximum 20% of total calories consumed on a daily average from fat.

If you want more calories you can eat more fruit. I agree that living on greens isn’t going to provide you with enough calories. I never see athletes taking a head of lettuce, nuts, seeds or avocados with them to their competitions. But I often see them eating bananas or oranges. Fruit is the ultimate athletic food. I can eat over 3,000 calories in a day of eating only non-fatty fruits and vegetables. So a low fat and raw diet can be high in calories. Eating dates, figs and bananas can supply you with plenty of calories. The more watery the fruit the less calories and the more water.

I'm searching for
> solutions to get me back to my fighting weight but remaining RAW.
You probably lost a lot of fat and water weight. Being fat isn’t healthy. The best thing is to put on more muscle. A low fat raw vegan approach isn’t good if you want to be a sumo wrestler. But if you want to be lean and full of physical and mental energy then trying to approximate our natural diet would be the best way to go for most people. Due to all the diseases and deficiencies people have, it is possible that some small percentage of people can’t eat this way completely.

I used to think that I could not be totally raw. I felt I couldn’t get enough energy that way. Then I learned that I wasn’t eating enough fruit. That immediately solved the problem.

To Your Radiant Health and Happiness, Roger Haeske

Have you tried the Raw Diet many times but failed to stick with it? Now you can learn the Motivational and Dietary Secrets to success on a 100% Raw Food Diet. From Infinite Potential and Raw Food Coach, Roger Haeske, the author of Your Hidden Power - eClass, Infinite Tennis and http://www.superbeing.com. Go to http://www.superbeingdiet.com to learn how to go 100% RAW.

Sunday, September 14, 2003
Are You Only Dust in the Wind, or a Divine Being with Unlimited Potential?
Are You Only Dust in the Wind, or a Divine Being with Unlimited Potential?
© 2003, Roger Haeske

The most important part of the Superbeing System is tuning into your higher self. In this section, I'll show you how to start tapping into your spiritual potential. You can use it to create radiant health and to attract to you all of the goods things in life. Knowing that you are a divine being will give you purpose and produce for you a magical life.

This story is from the book, "The Book of Eck Parables Volume 2" pg 149.

"An Eagle's Story

The Blackfoot Indians tell this story:

While climbing in an area of steep cliffs, an Indian brave came upon an eagle's nest. There were several eggs in the nest, and he managed to steal one and carry it back to his village. He placed the egg in a hen's nest, and after it hatched, the young eagle followed the mother chicken about and grew up believing itself to be a chicken. All day the young eagle walked about with its head lowered to the ground in the same way the chickens did, scratching in the dirt, pecking at worms and seeds.

One day, when the eagle was fully grown, he looked up and saw a magnificent bird soaring in the heavens. He went to the old grandmother hen, who knew many things about the world, and asked, "What's that bird, Grandma?"

"That's an eagle," the old chicken said.

"How wonderful it must be to fly like that," the young eagle said, looking up at the great bird.

"Yes, Grandma said, nodding in agreement, "but you must forget about flight. You are a chicken."

So the eagle spent his life scratching in the dirt with the chickens."

Today I spoke for over an hour with a man who represents the eagle in all of us. His name is Ron Venne. He is truly expressing the Superbeing inside of himself.

This is a man with no fears. He's had a very different life than most people. From birth he wouldn't eat any meat. He refused to eat anything but fruits and vegetables. The thing is that Ron lived in a meat and potato kind of household. He has three sisters. Somehow his parents sort of let him slide through the cracks.

Ron ended up developing his own belief systems. There was no Grandma chicken to limit him. Ron went out to nature and discovered the balance of nature. He quickly realized that he got what he wanted. Whatever he focused on would come to his life. He managed to survive the indoctrination that most kids go through and developed his own unique beliefs that were unfettered by false limitations.

In his 50 years, he's never had a cold. When he breaks a bone it heals in hours and not weeks. He looks like he's in his late 20's and yet chronologically he's 50 years old. He doesn't believe in aging and so he doesn't. Why should we grow old when we are unlimited spiritual beings?

Ron simply pictures himself young and he stays that way. Here's another interesting story. Ron was opening up a microwave-heated bottle of maple syrup (his kids were warming it up) the bottle burst open and scalded him. His skin was literally melting off of his hands. Three days later it was completely healed without a scar.

Ron has many healing stories like this. He one time dislocated his hand and at the same time broke a bone in his arm in eight different places. This happened on a Friday. He had x-rays taken then and when he went back on Monday the bone was healed. The orthopedic surgeon told him that after his operation he would at best have 60% usage of his hand. Instead he skipped the operation and had full use of his hands.

He just went home and visualized himself back to health. He applies his unlimited beliefs to many areas of his life. He wanted a pilots license and 9 days later he had it. He wanted to build houses and in his state you needed a license. He had no background in building but he figured it was easy and would just come to him. Ron applied for the most advanced license that would allow him to build skyscrapers. I think he passed that test within a month.

In 1986 I started the process of reeducating myself. I started replacing my limiting beliefs that were given to me by my parents and replacing them with the unlimited ones, I was learning in my spiritual group. To this day, I'm still in that educational process.

One of the most amazing things I realized in 1987 as a result of this study was that I was a spiritual being. I was not a human. My body was not me. I escaped the boundaries of my mind and experienced a world of incredible love and majesty. From that moment on I was reborn.

The most amazing concept to me was that "Imagination Rules the Day." That my world was created first in my imagination. Virtually every thing I experienced in life was actually created by me. I was no longer a victim. But it does take a lot of reeducation to break subconscious beliefs established at birth. Be confident because it can be done with persistence.

"Truth depends on the intensity of the imagination, not upon external facts. As we awaken to the imaginative life we discover that to imagine a thing is so, makes it so; that a true judgment need not conform to the external reality to which it relates." (From "Awakened Imagination," by Neville Goddard.)

How could we ever be unhappy if we realized that we actually lived inside of God? Most religions teach that God is omnipresent.

Here is a great quote from a book I just love called, "Your Infinite Power to be Rich," by Joseph Murphy. "Riches are all around you, for the simple reason that you live, move, and have your being in God; and God lives, moves, and has His being in you. God is omnipresent; therefore, all of His riches are present everywhere, within you, and all around you."

If you understand and apply this quote then you're living a magical life. The source of all things is God. We literally live inside of God. But most of us are too focused on this mundane physical plane to be aware of it. We think of ourselves as dust in the wind. We believe only what we see and experience with our physical senses But we are much more than that.

The way for you to realize your true self is to do a couple of practices. First you should set aside time daily to commune with God and realize your true nature.

The second thing you must do is to pay attention to God and realize at all times that you live inside the joyous and unlimited universe of God.

By doing a daily spiritual exercise you'll eventually tune into God. All you have to do is to chant the name of God while sitting in a chair with your eyes closed. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes per day. This mantra type of meditation will slow your brain waves down and you'll naturally enter and expanded state of awareness.

I usually chant the word Hu or Oh. These are words for God. You may already have your own mantra that works well for you. Or you can chant God, Jesus, Allah or whatever word is holy for you.

God is divine love. If you focus on divine and unconditional love you'll eventually tune into God. God is all around you if you develop your spiritual vision.

Throughout the day, you can do an amazing exercise called, "Practicing the Presence of God." When you focus on God you are automatically lifted to a higher plane of awareness. The more you focus that way the stronger your awareness and connection to God. You will be able to manifest what you want more quickly in this way.

People who are spiritually sensitive will actually be able to feel your connection to God. You can have whatever you believe is possible for you to have.

After you have chanted your mantra word for 5 to 10 minutes you can spend the rest of the time visualizing yourself with anything you wish. If you have an ailment or a disease, you can visualize and inner doctor healing you.

The key is to get your emotions involved and to feel the satisfaction of having realized your goal. As long as you don't counter act your visualization with beliefs that you can't have it, then you'll get what you visualized.

The purpose of life here is to fulfill your spiritual mission. Your mission is brought to you by your deepest desires and longings. You may initially ignore those feelings and maybe work in a career that is not right for you. But you'll quickly become dissatisfied.

Human instinct is our desire. Desire is what moves us to reach our potential. We may never even realize we are spiritual beings but we are all moving to fill our potential by our deepest desires.

Serving those desires is serving God. No amount of money could be more satisfying then that. Find your mission and fulfill it if you really want to live the Superbeing life.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003
The Man Who Would not Age
This man's life story is amazing.

Last night I went to a talk by Ron Venne, at the Accent on Wellness meeting in NYC. Ron is an amazing man and has had what most people would think of, as a unique life. In fact, I've never heard of anyone who went through his amazing experiences.

Ron is 50 years old but he could pass for someone in his mid to late 20's. I didn't see any grey hairs. They would be easy to see as he has black hair. Ron has lived a magical life. He slipped through the cracks in his family and was his own man. He wasn't indoctrinated into his family's values.

In all his life, he's never had a cold. Never any kind of disease. From birth, he would not eat meat. He rejected it as a baby. His family was on the standard American diet. This in itself is quite amazing. He also has three sisters who all ate the SAD.

He also has amazing recuperative powers. He's had broken arms heal in hours. He recently had a deep gash in his face and it was completely healed very quickly. The talk was 10 days after he had this gash and there were no signs of it. From the way he described it I'd suspect most people would have gotten stitches for such an injury.

The best story was of a severe injury he sustained while playing hockey. He was slammed hard into the boards and he dislocated his hand and fractured or broke a bone in his arm in eight different places.

He was in the hospital and the orthopedic surgeon was called in to help him out. The surgeon told him he had a very serious injury. That he was going to need surgery and have a long metal pin inserted into his arm. He also was going to have to have a piece of his hip removed and inserted into the arm. That with lots of effort he might be able to get 60% usage out of his arm.

Ron told the surgeon that he wanted him to physically manipulate his arm so that all the bones were in the right place and that he would think about his offer over the weekend. Then he would come back to be reevaluated and decide then whether to go through with the surgery.

Ron went back home and immediately started doing work with his imagination and visualization. He visualized his arm as being healed.

When he came back on Monday he had X-rays taken. They showed amazingly that his arm had mended. The surgeon simply said that it wouldn't stick. Ron's arm was totally healed, he didn't show any signs of that damage. I can't understand what is wrong with that surgeon. He was shown a miracle and he ignored it.

His whole talk was less about raw food and more about the unlimited spiritual beings we really are.

As a child his parents left him alone. They just didn't know what to do with him. So he went out to the woods and observed nature. That is how he came to many of his realizations about life. He became a conservationist.

At a very early age (single digits or under 10) he realized something magnificent. "What I thought about happened." Anything I can imagine, I can have."

He eats about 75% raw foods and some cooked grains at times. He chooses to eat foods of all colors every day. It's the rainbow diet theory.

He has a Personal Cosmology that entails three principles.

1. Instant Karma - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Even your words and thoughts have an effect on you and others. Your thoughts are things.

2. That this law of Karma affects everyone. He's saying that everyone is responsible for what they get in life. There are no victims. Some unfortunate things could possibly be explained by past life karma.

3. Allow everything. Or live and let live. Or detachment.

He has no fears of anything. I suppose since he feels he can get whatever he thinks about, then he has no reason to fear. He just has to think happy thoughts. He's in complete control of his destiny.

He has never eaten a pepper, onion, tomato or garlic. He didn't justify it except to say that they were all nightshades.

He also discussed that our food intake has a lot to do with how quickly we manifest our desires. He also spoke of the mental diet. It's not enough to control what you eat, but you must also control your thoughts.

Whether you realize it or not, every thought you have influences you and those around you. You can't hide those thoughts from others, because they will be able to sense those thoughts on a subconscious level.

He eats fruit all day long and vegetables at night. He's also never eaten cheese or pasta. He sleeps 4 to 7 hours per night. He's also very strong. I believe he got that way without any specific training. It wasn't until recently that he started going to the gym, just to see how strong he really was. I believe he can press over 750 pounds with his legs.

Another interesting point is that he doesn't lose his tan in the winter. And you can tell he isn't naturally dark skinned. But he was tan.

He said some other interesting things. "When you slow down your brain speed then magic can happen." Talking about meditation.

"Wisdom is not so much in the knowing but the doing."

Ron seemed quite genuine. He even makes mistakes. He was married for 18 years to the wrong woman. He was captain fearless and she was a very fearful person. He was expecting that with exposure to him that she would change. That didn't happen. In fact, he felt that her energy was bringing him down.

I�m writing about Ron Venne because I've had some people request to have notes from his talk. He is a fascinating person.

One other quick story. At three years old his parents moved from a tenement into a house. They figured it would be a good time to teach Ron how to eat.

So they brought him a hamburger and it just stayed there until it started to stink. I think he had to sit at the table until he ate. Then they'd bring him a hotdog and again he wouldn't eat it. They kept on bringing him animal foods and he refused to eat any of them. This went on for three days. Finally, their doctor made a house call. He told the parents that he was a very healthy boy so they might as well let him eat what he wanted to eat. Ron said that doctor saved him.

I hope you find Ron's story an interesting one. Try to see him speak if you ever get the chance.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Eating Animal Products is as Bad or Worse than Smoking
I thought you might find this interesting. Here are some factoids from the book "Eat to Live," by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

"Today the link between animal products and many different diseases is as strongly supported in the scientific literature as the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. For example, subjects who ate meat, including poultry and fish, were found to be twice as likely to develop dementia (loss of intellectual function with aging) than their vegetarian counterparts in a carefully designed study. The discrepancy was further widened when past met consumption was taken into account. The same diet, loaded with animal products, that causes heart disease and cancer also causes most every other disease prevalent in America including kidney stones, renal insufficiency and renal failure, osteoporosis, uterine fibroids, hypertension, appendicitis, diverticulosis, and thrombosis." (Reference 65) Page 84

""Ironically, osteoporosis tends to occur in countries where calcium intake is highest and most of it comes from protein rich dairy products. The Chinese data indicate that people need less calcium than we think and can get adequate amounts from vegetable source plant food." (This was Dr. Colin Campbell speaking the head of the China Project.) He told the New York Times that there was basically no osteoporosis in China, yet the calcium intake ranged from 241 to 943 mg per day (average, 544). The comparable U.S. calcium intake is 841 to 1,435 mg per day (average 1,143), mostly from dairy sources, and, of course, osteoporosis is a major public health problem here." pg 85

Of course he goes into much more detail in the book. He describes other factors including sunlight and exercise in the osteoporosis etiology. He also states that, "studies show fruits and vegetables are protective against osteoporosis. (Reference 68)

Saturday, September 06, 2003
The Ultimate Superfoods for Humans
I’ve discovered the ultimate superfoods for humans. Do you want to know what they are? Have you tried all of these green powders, the ultimate meal, spirulina and all sort of supplements only to be disappointed? Maybe you even got some negative results from these supplements.

The ultimate superfoods for humans are raw fruits and vegetables. I don’t need any green food supplements because I eat lots of romaine, kale and other leafy greens. They are extremely high in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and thousands of other compounds that protect us from cancer, heart disease and most other diseases. They are just as good if not better than wheatgrass.

Fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious foods for humans. If you eat them exclusively you will tap into your unlimited potential. Your life will change for the better. The more you eat of them the better off you will be.

Try to make breakfast a fruit only meal. Forget the coffee. That is poison and making your system overly acidic and at the same time stimulating you as if you had been poked by a cattle prod.

So in terms of getting your nutrients you will do well consuming a head of romaine lettuce or more per day. Eat plenty of fresh and if possible organic fruits and vegetables every day. If you do you are getting the ultimate superfoods for humans. No pond scum or grass could ever nourish you better.

To Your Radiant Health and Happiness, Roger Haeske

Have you tried the Raw Diet many times but failed to stick with it? Now you can learn the Motivational and Dietary Secrets to success on a 100% Raw Food Diet. From Infinite Potential and Raw Food Coach, Roger Haeske, the author of Your Hidden Power - eClass, Infinite Tennis and http://www.superbeing.com. Go to http://www.superbeingdiet.com to learn how to go 100% RAW.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Addendum to yesterday's article on the Discourse Study Method
I love this Discourse Study Method. It really works to get your subconscious thoughts properly aligned. Our life is a result of our beliefs. With this constant daily reading and reinforcement it has a much more powerful effect on changing your beliefs. You'll be amazed at the results.

One more note if you want to apply this technique to audio programs.

For audios, you do pretty much the same thing. You pick a tape or CD to work on for the week. Instead of outlining in the margins of the book, you just take notes as if you were in a lecture. Just write down what is important for your needs and goals. Then listen to at least 5 minutes of that CD every day.

The Greatest Power is Your Imagination, Roger Haeske

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Discover How to Tap the Hidden Treasures You Already Possess
Discover How to Tap the Hidden Treasures You Already Possess
© 2003, Roger Haeske

If you are at all like me, you love to learn, to read and to listen to audio programs. Therefore, you probably already have some great sources of information in your home to help you make more money, improve your relationships, to learn how to speed read, etc.

If you've already read those books you probably aren't excited about them. But did you get the full benefit out of any of those books. Have you mastered what they are talking about?

If you think about it, you can really get excited again. Except this time you will really apply the knowledge in these books. No more just reading and then moving on. You are going to make a serious study of these books. I call this the Discourse Study Method.

At one point in my life, I used to study monthly spiritual discourses. Now I apply that same study technique to books. The discourses were about six pages of 8.5 x 11 size pages. I would study one of those per month in depth. As soon as I received the discourse I'd read the whole thing. At the end of the discourse there was a monthly spiritual exercise to practice. So I'd usually practice that exercise daily for 15 to 20 minutes.

Next I'd read a page or even a couple of paragraphs per day of the discourse. I'd think about what I read during the course of my day. I contemplated it to understand its deeper meaning.

I also had a journal and any thoughts or insights I received due to studying the discourse I would write down. Doing this daily study really helped me to learn the principles much better. My whole life started reflecting what was written about in the discourses.

The even more amazing thing was that there were many times that I would receive a new discourse and the very thing that was going on in the discourse was going on in my life at that particular time. This was amazing to me. These things didn't happen to me in the previous month, but they did happen just before I'd received my discourse.

This must have happened at least 20 to 30 times over a 10-year period. My life actually aligned with something I hadn't even read yet. I had numerous other types of similar coincidences while studying these discourses.

Anyway, this is not the main point I'm trying to get at but I wanted to share that with you. The main point is that you can take your favorite educational book and actually learn it. All you have to do is read it gradually on a daily basis and study it. This study should only take about 10 to 20 minutes per day. Then all you have to do is practice the action steps in the chapter.

I even have a version of the classic "Think and Grow Rich," in which there is a study guide. They actually show you how to read the book to get the most out of it. You can do this same process for any book. You can even adapt it to audio programs you might be listening to. By the way the book is called, "The Think and Grow Rich Action Pack." I highly recommend it.

Only by a deep study, contemplation and practicing the principles in the book will you be able to reap the full harvest of the book. I'm telling you it works like a charm.

Most people just read a book, but they don't take notes or take action. Or maybe they take some action but then they stop. You don't want to do it like that. You want to get the full benefits the book has to offer you.

So here's what I suggest you do. You can even add your own steps. What I'm saying is in no way complete. But if you do what I say you'll be able to extract the pearls of wisdom the book contains and dramatically improve your life. You'll also get excited because you won't have to go out and buy a new book. You're old books will give you plenty to work with.

1. Choose a chapter from a book that you really want to master. You should study that chapter for one week.
2. The first day you read the whole chapter to get an overview.
3. The following days you can read a page to a few pages. Or whatever you have to read so that you will have reread the whole chapter by the end of the week. Therefore, in a short period of time you have at the minimum read the chapter twice.
4. While reading you should underline points that are important to you. You should make notes about how you feel in the margin.
5. Keep a journal so that you can write down additional realizations that your readings elicit.
6. Mentally review what you have read when you have free time throughout the day. Contemplate the meaning.
7. At the beginning of the book write down the page numbers and a brief description of key things you have read. That way you can find them quickly in the future. How many times have you read something only to have to search throughout the whole book to find it again later? This way you have a quick reference to any key points you might need.
8. Do the exercises or activities recommended to do in that chapter. If there aren't any exercises then maybe you can create your own.
9. Talk about your realizations with a good friend. Try to explain all the details to him or her. This is a great way to help you memorize what you have read. I do this all the time and it works quite well.
10. Total time per day spent on this should be no more than 15 to 45 minutes. It of course depends on what you are studying and what the book is asking you to do.
11. After the week is up, go on to the next chapter that you want to master. You can gradually go through the whole book like this. You can even redo a book say a year later. You are guaranteed to have new and valuable insights each time you do it, because you have changed. If a book has 12 chapters it will take you 12 weeks to complete. It will take you a long time, but you are no longer just reading you are mastering.

So if you feel you haven't received the full benefits from a book or learning program you've purchased, then maybe you should consider the doing the Discourse Study Method I've just outlined for you.

Monday, September 01, 2003
Proper Diet and Are We Really All So Different?
Here is a reply I made to a post about food combining and
other related issues.

Hi Fred,

That was an interesting and informative post. I can see where you are
coming from. I think the chemicals that we are ingesting are certainly a
terrible problem.

In addition to that, I think food combining is a valid issue. In my
experience, my digestion is the best if I eat only one kind of food at a
time - a mono-meal. I don't really have the problem of combining
starches with proteins because I don't usually eat any starchy foods
now. But I know of people who stopped having stomach pains as soon as
they stopped combining potatoes and meat for instance.

There may be some inaccuracies in what Shelton wrote. I've found that
the field of nutrition is always advancing and often things that were
considered facts become disproved.

I know that people are quite different in their health needs for many
reasons. One of them is their psychological and spiritual perspective.
But I believe we are more similar than different. That the reasons for
most of the differences are the level of un-health that virtually all of
civilized humanity is in.

By the way I read, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration," and I think
there are some flaws in what he reported. Though I think it is a great
book. For one thing he led us to believe that all these native groups
had just a superb health. That is not true in every case. He went to see
the Eskimos. He raved about their health. No where does he discuss the
terrible osteoporosis they suffer from nor the fact they had an average
lifespan of only 39 years and in some tribes less than that. Their
health was far from ideal.

I think Dr. Price was biased towards a meat eating diet. He didn't
understand anything about a vegetarian diet and how all protein actually
comes from plant sources. If we eat dark leafy greens we are getting the
protein we need along with the rest of the foods we are eating. He talks
about the fertile grass that the cows produce wonderful milk when they
eat this grass. So why drink the milk when we could eat the grass
directly? Or in this case eat the most nutrient dense food - dark leafy

If humans were eating raw foods for several generations and eating them
in a way that was biologically adapted to the species then I think we
would be much more similar in what we ate. Why shouldn't we be like all
the rest of the animals out there in the wild? I don't see to many
rabbits hunting down prey. They all eat the same food. I would guess
that all animals out in the wild would eat according to their biological
adaptations and to what was available within those limitations.

If we were healthy and living near the equator and foraging for foods we
too would probably be eating the same foods as everyone else. We
wouldn't be saying that I am different and I need to eat rice or steak
for that matter.

I know from personal experience and from that of my clients and friends,
that we can adapt to many different diets. I personally thought I'd
never be satisfied by eating fruit. I thought I would need to eat
complex carbohydrates or starchy foods or I'd go hungry and be weak.
That is what happened to me in my first attempts at going 100% raw. I
was even convinced that my body was not capable of eating only raw

That had been my experience. I even thought I had hypoglycemia. But once
I realized I simply wasn't eating enough fruit I solved my problems. My
body completely changed and now I'm adapted to eating a 100% raw food

I therefore believe that once a person is healthy and eating a proper
diet then that person would be eating fruits and vegetables. We are
primates and primates are the only animals that can taste sweet and see
colors. We are biologically adapted to finding, picking and eating
fruits. That I believe would be our mainstay food if we were all healthy
for several generations of eating raw foods. Curious as to what others
have to say about this.


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