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The Superbeing System
Monday, November 15, 2004
7 Tips to Make Exercise Fun and Enjoyable
1. I'd say one of the first things you should do is find a
form of exercise that you love doing. Start off with a sport
that you like and play it. Avoid golf and bowling. If you
play golf at least try not to use a golf cart. The walking
will at least do you some good.

As far as I go, I actually love working out. This wasn't
always the case. But now I have a fun exercise program that
I love doing and I also love the results.

In the past I had to drag myself to the gym. I liked
working out at the gym, but I didn't like going there at
busy times as it was hard to use the machines when I wanted
them. Plus it took a lot of time out of my day to have to
drive to the gym, find parking, and get a locker and change.

2. These days I don't need to go to a gym anymore. I've
discovered my own built in gym. I haven't had a gym
membership in a few years and I'm in much better shape
because of it. The core of my workout program is based on
two types of bodyweight exercises that you can find in my
"Lighting Speed Exercise Program."

I also do other exercises to cross-train, but if I was
stuck with only two categories of exercise, then I would do
these two and have a massive build, amazing athletic results
and be in great aerobic shape, by using them alone.

Below I'll include some coaching I gave to one of the
people who has purchased the, Lightning Speed Program to get
them motivated to do the exercises. Keep in mind that some
people really hate exercising. I remember when I used to
hate lifting weights in my gym class (and still do). I
eventually found a workout program that I liked and I
therefore became a much more fit and healthy person.

3. If you like kids then you can exercise with them. Kids
have abundant energy and love to be picked up and fly
through the air with your assistance. They also like being
chased or doing the chasing. Just actively play with kids
and you can get a great workout and you won't even notice
it. The best ages are 7 and under.

4. I remember when I first started working out again after
college. I started doing a nightly exercise routine after
work. I started feeling great. I actually wrote down a long
list of the benefits I received from doing these exercises.
They were powerful benefits. One of the main benefits was
how much extra energy I had. I remember when I was moving to
a new place and how tired my friends were in lifting the
furniture but I simply had abundant energy because of my
workouts. I was buzzing around like crazy.

It was because of focusing on these benefits that a
lifelong habit of exercise has been established. I've been
working out consistently for 11 years now and it doesn't
seem like a burden. Once you start working out for a couple
of months and you feel the great results, you won't want to

My new exercise program is much more fun than lifting
weights and it produces functional fitness because you don't
use the muscles in isolation. It's the way the old time
strong men built up their bodies, before people were
weightlifting. And you get better results because it takes
less time than going to the gym and since it is a lot of fun
you do more of it and more often.

Hi Roger!
I started incorporating them, but got side-tracked. I
started again
yesterday. I'm really only able to do about 30 in a row
before needing to
stop for a moment.
[Roger H.]

Actually that is quite good. Just build up gradually so you
don't burn out.

It's not a good thing. I'm going to try to consistently
do it every other day and add 5 or so every other time I do
it, if I'm up
to it.
[Roger H.]
That is a good way to do it. The more you eat raw food also
the easier these will become. Eating the Optimal Raw Food
will automatically get you into better shape.

I did actually add push-ups, but have since stopped. I
think I got
discouraged. Not feeling particularly strong at the moment.
[Roger H.]
5. Just start small but see and feel yourself reaching your
highest goals. You need to be motivated for success and you
can't be motivated by small and boring goals. See yourself
vibrantly healthy, fit and slim. I'm sure that image will
excite you. The key is that you have to be very excited
about your goal. That motivation will make exercising easy
and fun.

6. Then set small goals for each day and you will make
steady progress towards your larger goal.

7. Get a notebook so you can keep track of your progress.
Enter the date, your weight and what kind and how many of
the exercises you are doing. Writing it down is a great
motivator. It also helps you see where you have been and see
your progress.

The night before a workout you should write down how many
of each particular exercise you are going to do the next day
and stick to it. It will program your subconscious for
success the following day. You'll be exercising in your
dreams as this was the last thing you were thinking about
before going to bed.


I also wanted to say thank you to so many of you for
getting my new "Lightning Speed Exercise Program." In a very
short time, with just a little promotion, I've sold this
program in five counties and three continents.

This program will give you ripped raw muscles, increase
your metabolism to burn fat and make you lightning fast for
your sports endeavors. You get this by doing only two, no-
equipment exercises, that you can do while watching TV, in 5
to 15 minutes per day.

I am going to be doing a much more serious promotion within
the next few days. The current price is only $7 but it will
be going up to $10 once I start the new promotion campaign.
So if you are interested then please visit this link as soon
as you can, as the price can go up at any minute.

Or if you want to go directly to the order page before
reading more about the program then use this link:

I'm also adding a new bonus for people who get the
"Lightning Speed Exercise Program," a member's only
discussion forum. There you will get support on how to do
this program successfully as well as other exercise advice
and tips for Peak Performance from me. All previous owners
of this program will also get access to this brand new forum.

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