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The Superbeing System
Friday, October 21, 2005
Listen to My Consultation with Tommie
"I Do an Hour Long Consultation with
HowToGoRaw.com member Tommie Burchard"

I wanted to give you an audio consultation that
I recorded with Tommie Burchard a member of

You too, might be able to get an hour-long
telephone consultation as a new perk of
membership to HowToGoRaw.com. Once a month I plan
to record an audio consultation with a random
member of HowToGoRaw.com. I'm sharing this
consultation with you at no charge whatsoever.

** What you'll learn in the Consultation with
Tommie **

1. Sleep--how much is enough? What if you don't
have time to sleep that much?

2. Salt--some sources say that salt is essential
while others say it is a poison? Could it depend
on the individual?

3. Winter and raw--apples, oranges, and bananas
(and dates) aren't enough. Plus we need your
girlfriend's recipe book. :)

Tommie Burchard has been 100% raw since June 24,
2005. She's lost 37 pounds. This is from someone
who is on thyroid medication. People with thyroid
problems tend to have tremendous problems losing
weight. You can read all about her raw food
success story at her blog. She also has several
before and after pictures.

I share all of this information with you on the
consultation page.


Eventually I plan to have a whole bunch of audio
coaching or consultation sessions recorded at
HowToGoRaw.com. Even if you don't have an audio
consultation yourself, you'll be able to learn
from the consultations that are on the site.

I hope you enjoy this free audio interview.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

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HowToGoRaw.com also offers expert coaching and
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