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The Superbeing System
Sunday, August 31, 2003
Your Magic Universe
Your Magic Universe

Was this a magical day for you? If it wasn't it could have

We are all God's of our own universe. I'd say that at least
90% of our reality and how we experience it is completely
under our control. I do believe there are some day to day
things that we experience that we haven't brought upon
ourselves unless we consider past life karma as a possibility.

Consider something like my cat getting flees. I don't think
I attracted those flees into my house by some attitude I
had. They did however get into my house because I allowed my
cat to come in and out. So it really is cause and effect.
But it didn't have to do with the law of attraction (except
for the flees attraction to my cat :-) ).

There are also many other limitations in this physical
reality that most people will never overcome no matter what
they believe. Think of a young child, it doesn't have any
set beliefs about our physical reality and yet if it sticks
its hand in a fire, it will burn. If we jump off a diving
board we will fall to the water, we won't just float away.
It doesn't matter what your beliefs are these laws will

So we are definitely dealing with some physical laws that
in most cases can't be broken. I do think some people have
found ways to break or modify some of these laws. There is a
man named Hira Ratan Manek who was observed by a team of
doctors and scientists for 411 days. During that time he
took no food except water. I know someone who has met him
and some of the doctors that were observing him and doing
the tests.

This man has literally turned himself into a plant. He gets
his sustenance from sunlight. To find out more you can visit
his website http://www.solarhealing.com/. He is actualizing
and expressing his nature as a Superbeing. We are all of
course Superbeings with an unlimited potential.

Today I had a friend call and complain. He went on a flight
and was harassed by the airport security people. On top of
that, he was going to a wedding in a state he had a disdain
for. He thought he would have such a horrible time, that
these people were not his type of people.

Right after I hung up with him, I heard something on an
audio program that completely related to his experience. The
program is called, "Prosperity Consciousness," and so far it
is excellent.

The author related a story about his first time using
affirmations. I'll make the story short. He went to a party
expecting it to be boring and filled with the same old
boring crowd. He also didn't consider himself a party person.

When he got to the party, he had all sorts of negative
thoughts running through his head. As expected there were a
bunch of boring people there. Then a little while later a
thought popped into his head without his conscious effort,
it was his affirmation just bubbling into his awareness. It
was something to the effect of, "You are really interesting
person to be around." As soon as that affirmation went off
in his head, he started enjoying the party. He found many
great people to talk to.

By changing his perceptions he immediately changed his
reality. This is what I mean by -- Your Magical Universe.
Via our thoughts, we can make virtually any situation an
enjoyable or at least more enjoyable one. At the same time
by a change in our thoughts we instantly start attracting a
new reality with new people (even if they are the same --
but they are now different because your new reality brings
out or attracts different qualities within them) with new
thoughts, and with new possibilities.

We have the power of instant creation. We are all
superbeings but many of us, including me, seem to forget
that fact quite often.

How much time do you spend focusing on a lack of something?
Instead, you could at least be spending time thinking of how
you would resolve your problem. Think mostly of the things
you want. That would instantly start bringing you the
answers you would need to resolve the problem.

I always used to do this with my finances. I'd project into
the future all sorts of negative results. What if I lost my
job and then couldn't find another one. I'd be in the street
and homeless and starving. The more I thought those thoughts
the closer I was bringing that reality to me.

I'm rambling on a bit here. Let me get back to the main
-- We are incredibly powerful beings --

Today I decided that everyone I saw was actually God. This
is my actual belief anyway, but I hardly ever practice that
reality. I don't mean God in the sense that they have
absolute control of the universe but that they are all part
of this universal consciousness and that they are miniature
copies or atoms in the body of God with all of its powers.

Today I looked at everyone as a deeply spiritual being. My
day went great. It's as if everything I touched or
experienced turned to spiritual gold. To cap off this
wonderful day I had some breakthrough realizations about

I couldn't believe how my life was guided today. I went to
see the perfect movie at the perfect time. I saw, "Whale
Rider." I highly recommend it. I was spilling some tears
near the end. Part of the message of the movie was to follow
your inner guidance and be who you were meant to be. There
were actually an infinite number of messages that could have
been gleaned from that movie depending on the individual's

I do believe we have missions to achieve here on this
planet. Everyone's mission is a divine one. Discerning that
mission can be a difficult thing to do. We have to learn to
feel and follow our inner nudges or guidance.

One thing I have found. There is absolutely nothing as
satisfying as working on your divine mission in life. No
outer rewards can match the inner sense of satisfaction that
you receive when you are in tune with the real you, the
Superbeing within.

This satisfaction is God's way to get you to fulfill your
mission. I don't know if everyone achieves his or her
mission, but it does make life worthwhile, even in the
pursuit of it. It's not the destination that matters, but
the journey.

Friday, August 29, 2003
Why you should drop your anger Immediately
I had an interesting realization today. One of which I may have had several times before but that I’d forgotten.

I was having some problems with my boss at one of my jobs. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I was basically angry with him. From a certain perspective, I had a right to be angry with him. Or rather from a certain state of consciousness. From his perspective, I’m sure he also had his legitimate grievances. But that is not the point I am trying to make.

Anyway, back to the story. In a way this anger was good because it propelled me to take more action than I had been taking and to move on to doing what I truly want to do with my life. Without this anger and discomfort, I wouldn’t have made nearly as much progress towards my dreams

And yet this still isn’t the point of my story. I read a statement many years back. It said that “All Consciousness is One.” The question to be asked is, “Is this really true?” If it is true then how does that impact me in my daily life?

Over time, I’ve come to realize that this statement is true. I can’t prove it to you or anyone else. I just know it from my contemplations, life experience and what I’ve seen with my spiritual eye. This means that all people and living beings are tied into one universal consciousness.

Now back to my problem. Today I felt my anger again at work. Even though this is an issue that is in the past because my boss is no longer my boss. I’ve arranged things so that he can’t burden me anymore with his disagreeable policies. And yet I still had that anger subconsciously lingering. I’ve been finding it hard to release this anger on a subconscious basis. The main thing is that I realized my anger was making me unhappy. I couldn’t tune into spirit and be my true self as long as I was experiencing anger.

Here is the problem with anger. It instantly hurts me when I get angry. Not only does it affect the person I direct my anger at, it also affects my interactions with everyone else around me. It creates a weakness in my Aura. It attracts more negativity into my life. The anger that is directed to someone else immediately comes back to me because we are all one consciousness. I can’t limit the anger to someone else because we are all, really one; so this anger is hurting mostly me. The other person doesn't even have to respond to or acknoledge my anger and so he could be immune to it.

• From the higher consciousness perspective, I was only getting angry at myself.
• Anger is really Fear in Disguise.
• If I had no Fear, I would have no need for anger. (Luckily, I realized early on that the whole purpose for God putting this person in my life was to get me moving quickly in a new direction. Actually also to learn about the destructive power of anger as well.)
• My anger did double damage. It immediately hurt me and everyone around me. When I was angry and fearful, I was not able to perform well at work, nor did I have any peace of mind or tranquility. If I had kept it up, my life would have been in ruins. In fact, my subconscious anger is still lingering and tainting my work experience so I don’t enjoy it as much. It’s like a button is pressed – whenever I see my boss, I just get into a certain anger-mode. Luckily, this is getting less and less all the time.
• Actually at the time of this edit I’ve completely released my anger and fear.

So if you feel anger at someone, realize that you are actually experiencing Fear. You have somehow lost control of something. Ask yourself if you are angry, or if you are really just being fearful. What is it that you Fear? Try to neutralize your anger because it is hurting you. Anger is a form of mental carcinoma.

People are always trying to control their outer circumstances; myself included. Realize in the end that you don’t have to control the outer world -- nor can you. Instead just control your inner world. God or Spirit brings you problems for growth. You have to learn to trust your higher self if you want to live a happier and more harmonious life. Live from your imagination and the things you want will gradually come into your life. Do all you can to achieve your goals but also visualize your desired results as already having been achieved.

This is called “As If Thinking.” Think, feel and imagine from your desired result. It’s a much better way to live. It brings an instant state change. And guess what: Everyone else will feel this change. They will respond to you accordingly. Remember we are all of the same consciousness. We are all divine sparks of God.

This also means that you will start attracting the ideas and people you need to help you reach your goal. It doesn’t mean you won’t have to work toward your goal. For work is the physical plane equivalent of thought. But you must have the right state of mind to reach your desired state in the imaginary world of the higher planes. Only once you reach the goal inwardly, can you ever hope to achieve it outwardly.

Remember: Anger will hurt you more than anyone else.

Roger Haeske

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Invisible Technique for Conflict-Resolution
Yesterday I received an email from an author wanting me to write something in her book. She wanted a bit more detail than my article gave. After I make this post I'll also post the article.

She had read my article called "Why You Should Drop your Anger Immediately." Here is what she wrote and what I replied back with.

Dear Roger:

I am a journalist and book author writing my latest book, which focuses on peacemaking and conflict-resolution. I loved your story about dealing with your anger toward your former boss. I wondered if you would be willing to share a few more details about how you were able to do so. I am weaving in dozens of stories of conflict-resolution in action, and if you would be interested, I'd love to include a portion of your story in my chapter on resolving our anger. So if you have any specifics you would be willing to share about how and what steps you used to use your anger for positive change, move on, and resolve your relationship with your former boss, I'd sure love to consider it for my book.

This is my fifth. It features stories and examples of peacemaking from 45 plus people around the world. As much as possible, I'm showing step-by-step how we do this work. I also do lots of presentations and workshops. If you've any questions, I'd also be happy to respond, of course. Thanks for considering my request. Best wishes,

My Reply:

Thank you for your inquiry. Most of my insights on this issue are in the article. But I'll look it over and try to give you some specific techniques I used. I've also included the article, slightly edited in the attachment. Much of the resolution was simply being aware that I was angry and fearful and that I was reacting instead of being in control. I know that I am a powerful spiritual being but I often forget.

I also felt unhappy and it was wreaking havoc with my work. My technique for conflict-resolution was using the law of increase. Before I'd go to work, I'd visualize my former boss and imagine him being very successful and happy. I sent him a message of acceptance, divine love and increase in every way. I learned this technique from Joseph Murphy's great book, Your Infinite Power to be Rich. The chapter is called, The Law of Increase, and I have used that technique successfully many times. Over time, I was able to overcome all of my subconscious negative reactions to him.

Another technique I've used in many situations with people (and with bosses) is to see them as spiritual beings. I simply ignore any faults and focus on the positive only. I treat everyone as a very special person as if I were actually speaking to God. People of course can feel this and if you respect and love them, they will tend to respect and love you. This even works very well from a distance by doing a visualization exercise at home.

We are all connected with invisible communication lines on a spiritual level. In fact, I believe we are really all part of a single higher consciousness. Therefore, we can communicate with each other over vast distances and even with friends, family and others who have passed on to higher planes of existence.

The key is to know that I am the conscious creator of my own reality. I realize that my real employer and provider is God. Therefore, I have nothing to fear. As long as I believe, trust and live in God, then fear can't touch me.

My anger towards my boss did also push me to finally get into business on my own. It gave me more incentive and a sense of urgency I was lacking. Now I am in business for myself and loving it. I still have a way to go but my life has been much more of a joy since resolving that situation.

I also want to mention that the book, Your Infinite Power to Be Rich, by Joseph Murphy is much more than the title entails. It is a beautifully written book about your spiritual powers.

He has many stories of people using these principles in action and it's not only about getting rich. Not that I think there is anything wrong with being rich, but it's about having a rich and enjoyable life. He also addresses the issues that many people have with money that are holding them back.

There are powerful truths in that book, you can study one chapter per week and that would be an awesome education in the universal laws of manifestation. I've reread that book at least 4 times. It is one of my all time favorites. Here's a link as to where you can get it.
Your Infinite Power to Be Rich

In Health, Strength and Happiness, Roger
Thursday, August 28, 2003
A Caring Email Helps to Heal my Grandmother of Pneumonia
I spoke to my grandfather the other day and he said that my grandmother has pneumonia. I was very sad to hear that. I know that my grandmother is suffering. I was also sad to hear that because I know with 99% certainty that she caused the problem herself.

I have been telling her for years the benefits of a raw food diet. But she doesn't seem to feel capable of making the necessary change to her diet. She has added more fruits and vegetables to her diet. But I believe she still has a long way to go.

She regularly gets bronchitis and so I wasn't surprised by her getting a pneumonia. So I decided to write her a long letter and tell her specifically what foods were causing this excessive build up of mucus in her body.

I told her about Arnold Ehret and his book The Mucusless Diet Healing System. (I spoke about Arnold Ehret in the previous weblog.) I gave her the links to his books that are online for free. I told her of my own experience of clearing out my lungs when I went to a 100% raw food diet. I also told her I was sad that she was digging her own grave with her fork.

My grandmother was so weak that she couldn't talk to me on the phone. So I asked my grandfather to read the letter to her and to read from Arnold Ehret's book to her.

Tonight my grandfather called me and said that she was only eating fruit and that she was feeling much better. I was so glad to hear that.

Actually I recommended that she not eat anything for a couple of days, but fruit is very easy to digest and not mucus forming. However, I'll have to remind her to be careful because the fruit can loosen up too much mucus at once. Fruit is very cleansing and too much mucus or toxins released at once can be very difficult to handle. She's had a whole lifetime of poor eating and so any changes she makes should be gradual.

I suppose the pain of the pneumonia and my pleading may have convinced her to try out my ideas. Or maybe it just made sense to her.

Many times I've only made changes in my life due to severe pain of one sort or another. I think my grandmother is going through one of those periods. I just asked her to open her mind to what she was being read and to take it slowly.

More on my fast
I stopped my fast after 44 hours. Now I'm eating only vegetables and some nuts. I've never felt as weak as I did this afternoon. I didn't stop it because of that, but more so because I didn't want to waste the great tomatoes, cucumbers and other produce I had. I may continue again tomorrow or just stick to the vegetable diet for a while longer.

Waterfast and Free Books on Natural Hygiene
36 Hours on a waterfast

I've fasted so far for 36 hours on water alone. I slept much less than usual last night. I suppose the lack of eating and therefore no digestion makes me need less sleep. Only slept 6.5 hours. That is great for me.

I feel a bit week. Not very hungry but old eating habits die hard. I did quite well yesterday. Had very little cravings. I also made my day a light work day. Though I managed to get a decent amout of work done.

I did not do any workouts. Did do some deep breathing to oxygenate my body and at the same time pump the lymph fluid.

This morning I reread the classic book Rational Fasting, by Arnold Ehret.

I have a paperback version of this book and this was a different translation. This book will show you one of the main techniques in The Superbeing System, eating a diet of mostly raw fruits and vegetables. With an occasional small amount of raw fatty foods like nuts, seeds or fatty fruits like avocados.

In fact, if you want a free and valuable education in how to eat, to live a life of paradise health, I'll give you some additional links.

This is my site that deals with why a low fat raw food diet is our natural diet and how you can learn how to do it. It also has some of my personal stories and pictures.

Here is a link to many books and reports on Natural Hygiene which is one of the most important parts of the Superbeing System. If you only learn about and apply Natural Hygiene to your life, you will revolutionize almost every area of your life.

Free Online Natural Hygiene Books

This one blog can provide you enough information for months of growth and learning.

In Radiant Health, Strength and Happiness, Roger Haeske

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