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Friday, February 25, 2005
The Secret to Being a Champion in Any Area of Life
*~*~* Superbeing Secrets *~*~*

I want to share with you a technique that I have known for several years. My problem was that I limited the use of this technique only to playing sports or tennis. This technique and many similar ones are covered in my ebook, “Infinite Tennis.” I never thought about using it in my daily life for business success. It is a life altering technique.

Once you learn it, you’ll be amazed at your results. Please don’t forget to use it often. It will help you to learn anything quickly and bring you to the top of your field as quickly as possible.

Here’s what the technique did for my tennis game. I was able to dramatically improve my tennis game and beat my archrival with only a change in my thinking. I did no extra practice at all. The best part about it is that it made playing tennis much more enjoyable.

As a student of the self-help and visualization/manifestation fields since 1983, I've read and heard of just about everything. In 1999, I founded Superbeing.com and later I created the ImaginationScience.com website. I've read, listened, studied, written and given lectures and done seminars in the personal development field.

In August of 1987, I had a spiritual rebirth and I discovered first hand that I was a Divine Being. That was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had; it instantly changed my priorities. From that day forward, I've dedicated my life to helping people realize, they really are Superbeings and have a direct connection to the Divine Power.

All of the things I teach from the Optimal Raw Food Diet, to fitness and visualization techniques are all designed to help you live your life to your fullest potential. I want everyone to realize that they are Superbeings that they have unlimited Divine Powers for happiness, health and success.

What I didn’t fully realize until recently was how I could put visualization to use manifest physical things into my life. For instance, how I could use visualization to attract money and opportunities into my life. I certainly used my Magic Questions Technique for daily success, but my visualizations for giant goals didn’t work. I’ve mentioned that in a previous article.

Part of my problem was the nonsense in so many visualization books, where they claim you don’t have to do any physical work to attain your goals. Many of these authors claim, you just have to visualize and everything will come to you.

I realized that wasn’t true but I also know that visualization helps you in the background; it brings you the ideas, people and resources to help you reach your goals. However, for most goals, you still have to take action as well.

The problem in life is that you can work hard to achieve something but if you don’t believe you can achieve it, you won’t. Belief is the key factor in all of this.

Here’s my tennis technique and how you can apply it to any area of your life. I’ve found that after tennis players have been playing for many years they may BELIEVE for instance that they have a bad backhand. Once they BELIEVE that, they are finished. They will always have an erratic backhand.

I used to BELIEVE that a certain player was much better than me. In reality he was, I hardly ever beat him over many years of playing. He also played and trained much more than me, so I never expected to beat him.

Do you see my limiting belief? I believed he was better than I was and therefore I could never beat him. I never even allowed the mental possibility of beating him. In fact, I had a self-image of myself as a tennis player at a certain level and I couldn’t go beyond that self-image.

As soon as I realized that I had very limited expectations about myself, I decided to try a visualization technique. I knew there were other players who could beat my archrival. So I visualized myself as being that player. I felt what it would be like to be able to hit the shots this player could hit. This opened up my imagination and it actually taught me how to hit those shots. Wouldn’t you know it; I beat him the next match using that strategy.

Most tennis players are always playing their self-image video in their minds. They play a recording of their past tennis performances. Therefore, they are only as good as their past performances.

But any champion knows you have to have a vision of being a champion. You actually visualize how you will play in the future, but it becomes the present in your imagination. One technique I’ve used to quickly improve my play was to visualize myself as Pete Sampras. (he was the number one player in the world at the time.)

Every time I hit a shot I’d compare it to what Sampras would hit in that situation. Immediately my shots would get better. I wasn’t myself anymore but I had a future target in my mind. The images you play in your mind are so important. It’s a night and day difference in your tennis game by what you think about yourself as a tennis player.

In addition, this applies to everything else in life. Are you looking at your past performances or are you, “Thinking from Your Goal?” Once you start thinking, acting, feeling, walking and talking AS IF you’ve reached your goal, you’ll quickly be on your way to achieving that goal. If you don’t do that, you can work as hard as possible for many years and never achieve your goal. That is why proper visualization technique is the key to success.

If you want to learn a powerful visualization system that takes only three minutes to do, then you’ll want to visit.


I’ve added super bonuses and I’m even giving away my ebook “Infinite Tennis,” if you buy this package from my affiliate link. With the Power Pause Success Formula and these breakthrough bonuses, you’ll be able to easily harness and master the power of visualization in your life.

Please visit my website for the complete details and to see all the great bonuses you’ll get. There are four new products I’ve added, since the last time I emailed you about “The Power Pause.”


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. If you want to learn more about my ebook, “Infinite Tennis,” then visit this page.


P.P.S. Use this link to go to the Power Pause directly. Later you can come back to look at the bonuses that I’ll offer you for purchasing through my affiliate link.


Friday, February 18, 2005
The Key to the Universe
Unleash the Force that Moves Mountains

Dear Friend,

How to do Visualization Correctly and Without Affirmations
This is one of the most amazing writings I have ever read on how to do visualization correctly. It’s so easy to do and it’s all explained fr.ee, right here.

Secret to Visualization Success

In the article dated 2/13/05 he explains how a very ugly man gets all the dates he wants. He gives away the visualization secret that has made him millions of dollars on the Internet.

The best thing is that you don’t have to do any affirmations or believe in anything that isn’t true to make this work for you. You’ll finally find the key to making visualization work for you.

I read his blog religiously because his information is so valuable and riveting. He usually writes about marketing, but he also shares the mindset that makes him and his ideas irresistible.

The author Allen Says is one of my favorite writers. He has written some great books on wealth creation and marketing. I’m a paid member of his warrior website and forum.

I think you are going to love reading his current article: "A Chance Encounter Leads To A Mind Blowing Insight About Unleashing Our Personal Power: From Two Strangers On A Cruise Ship."

What makes his writings so useful is that he gets to the essence of a point quickly. His techniques are easy to do and he writes with such excitement. His enthusiasm is contagious.

He has written an awesome book on writing sales letters and it’s a free ebook. It’s short and it gives me a quick course in copywriting. You can read each chapter within 2 to 3 minutes, but each one teaches you a very important point and it teaches the point very well, in that short chapter.

Reading that book has inspired me to write my best sales letters. I actually refer to this free e-book more often than the books I paid for on the same topic. It’s called “Magic Letters,” if you are interested in finding it and downloading it off the Internet.

The author knows what he’s talking about in the financial realm. He’s made millions of dollars on the Internet. He’s one of the pioneers in Internet Marketing. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

Secret to Visualization Success

Please let me know what you think about it.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

Superbeing Training
A-1 Riverview Dr.
South River, NJ 08882


Living Nutrition Raw Food Lifestyle Magazine and Books




This post is Copyright © 2005, Roger Haeske
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Is the Glycemic Load from a Fruit Meal Too High?

Is the Glycemic Load from a Fruit Meal Too High?

Here’s another reply to an email question. Please keep in mind that many people send me questions by email. I no longer have time to answer all of them, as I am getting swamped with questions. However, by joining http://www.HowToGoRaw.com you can have all of your questions answered.


Thank you Roger for your very informative letters. I particularly found useful your suggestion to eat fruit before meals. Your letters help.

There is one question that I have wondered about. I understand that in a high fruit raw diet that the sugar is more easily assimilated by the body. When I add up the glycemic load of a large fruit meal, it tends to get substantial. I am wondering if such a diet would raise the blood sugar level, and then trigger an insulin reaction that would force the blood sugar down below normal, and result in hypoglycemia. I at times experience numb, tingling fingers and lips which i am guessing is from insulin pushing the blood sugar down below normal. Anyways, I have not seen an address on the glycemic load of high raw fruit based diet and the effect on blood sugar levels. Is there something in the diet that prevents the insulin reaction from happening?

[Roger H.]

Hi Bill,

You ask a very good question. Some people seem to think the Glycemic Index is the be all, end all of health measurement tools.

Yes I do think that eating a high Glycemic load fruit meal can TEMPORARILY raise your blood sugar levels up. That is what is supposed to happen. But the fact of the matter is that most sweet fruit is in the low to middle part of the Glycemic index anyway. Processed grains tend to be much worse. Plus any meal that is high in carbohydrates will have a relatively high Glycemic Load, regardless of the Glycemic Index.

My blood sugar tends to go up quickly after a fruit meal, but it also comes back down to normal very quickly. People with diabetes for instance, are worrying about blood sugar that is still high, two hours after the meal or upon waking up. My blood sugar goes back down to normal in less than an hour and it never goes too low.

If your blood sugar levels go too low after a fruit meal, I’d suspect that you may have some damage to your blood sugar absorption system. This isn’t something that was caused by eating fruit, but by what you have done in the past.

Some people do have damaged blood sugar metabolism, but it isn't caused by eating fruit. One of the causes is eating starchy complex carbohydrates like grains, legumes and tubers that people eat for most of their lives. Dr. Douglas Graham has detailed that extensively in one of his talks that I attended (Upcoming book, as well I believe). So yes, you may need some time for your body to heal from a damaged blood sugar absorption system.

If it's really bad, fasting may help you overcome your initial problems. I suggest doing a supervised water fast if necessary. Try eating an Optimal 100% Raw Food Diet for a couple of months first. Things might heal naturally because a 100% raw diet is like a fast, compared to eating the SAD. Your body has much more energy available to heal itself. Stay away from dried fruit also as some people have problems with it.

Certainly most grains have higher Glycemic loads than do fruit. What would you eat instead? In the whole food raw world, your choices are sweet fruit, high fat foods or a mixture of fruit and fat consumption. It's hard to get your protein levels past 10% of your total calories and that is a good thing. So you can’t make up the bulk of your calories from protein foods on a whole food, raw vegan diet. That leaves you to get the bulk of your calories from either carbohydrates (fruit) or fatty foods.

Therefore, the basic choice is Fruit or Fat as discussed at http://www.HowToGoRaw.com in my audio interview with Dr. Graham.

If you decided to eat a high fat raw diet, that could be disastrous to your health. A high fat diet is what keeps your blood sugar levels abnormally high for hours on end. High fat destroys the sugar metabolism of your body and requires an increased level of insulin to transport sugar to the cells of your body.

One thing you can do is to eat lots of celery or cucumber with your fruit meals. I believe we were designed to eat a diet heavy in fruit (wild fruit would be the ideal, but the second best choice is the fruit we can get in our markets). You don't see the local chimpanzee not eating fruit because the Glycemic load is too high. Our digestive systems are the closest to the chimpanzees and the bonobos. They both eat a high fruit and low fat diet. That should be telling us something. The longest lived people eat a high carbohydrate diet.

Another point is the fruit has fibers to help slow the absorption of sugar and it has the nutrients that are needed to properly assimilate sugar. You can’t say this for a candy bar. These days they are feeding diabetics fibers like guar gum and pectin because they help to help control their blood sugar levels. These fibers happen to be in bananas and other fruit. Why not just give people the whole fruit, rather than a fragmented nutrient?

Over the course of 20 years, Dr. Douglas Graham has had tremendous results with Type 2 Diabetics. In every case, he was able to get them completely off using insulin. It usually takes less than a month to do so. This is while using a customized approach to a high fruit and low fat raw food diet.

Of course, each person is an individual and if they do have blood sugar problems, then those issues need to be addressed. But the diet in itself is not flawed. I realize we aren’t eating exactly what we would if we were out in nature, but this diet is the closest approximation of what we would be eating and is our best choice in civilization.

Remember to eat lots of leafy greens as well. Small quantities of nuts and seeds are ok so long as total fat consumption averages 15% or less of total calories consumed. It should be 10% or less if you are still having problems at 15%.

Go to www.fitday.com, create a free account and you’ll see exactly how much protein, carbohydrate, fat and other nutrients you are consuming. After you do that for a few days, you’ll know how much fatty foods you can eat and stay within the stated totals. It’s really not that difficult and you won’t have to be constantly measuring your foods.

P.S. Are you having trouble staying 100% raw? Are you afraid of eating fruit? Are you sick of the time consuming effort of having to juice, sprout, dehydrate and ferment your foods? Discover the simple secrets to raw food success from the Raw Motivator and Radiant Health Coach, Roger Haeske. http://www.HowToGoRaw.com for more info.

Saturday, February 12, 2005
My Websites are All Down
Hi Folks,

I'm very sorry if you have been trying to log into my websites. My webhosting provider has been having some major problems and they haven't responded to me so far.

So you won't be able to reach me by my regular email addresses for the time being. I also changed my telephone number recently.

For email, please email me at rhaeskes(at)comcast.net. Or try rajhu(at)yahoo.com. Just replace the (at) with the @ sign.

My new telephone number is 1-732-226-0782.

It looks like I'll have to switch providers. My websites may be all down for at least a few days. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

Take care, Roger Haeske
Friday, February 11, 2005
The Little Secret that Made Visualization Work for Me

The Little Secret that Made Visualization Work for Me

First I’ll tell you about a little secret that can make dramatic improvements in your life. I’ll also tell you how to apply this technique to doing the raw diet. Then I’ll answer some email questions about raw food. Finally I’ll show you how to get fr-ee access, for one month, to my member’s only forum.

Recently I discovered a simple little trick that is making visualization a very effective tool for improving my life. I must say off the bat, that visualization always works, it’s just that most people aren’t aware that it is working or they constantly counteract their positive visualizations with negative ones and therefore think they aren’t getting results.

I’ve found a simple technique that has helped me overcome this problem. Add this one little idea to the Power Pause Success Formula and I promise you, things will quickly improve in all aspects of your life. To learn more about the Power Pause Success Formula and to get some unbelievable bonuses, please visit my new website.


Here’s the little secret. I have to visualize BELIEVEABLE goals. As soon as I believe in my goal, I do at least two very positive things. One thing that happens is I start getting very excited because I BELIEVE that I have a very good chance at achieving my goal.

The second positive factor is that I will continue to visualize this goal as having manifested. I won’t counteract the visualization with thoughts of failure. Dr. Joe Vitale the author of “Spiritual Marketing,” calls this “getting clear.”

In the past I’ve visualized for things that I really didn’t believe I could get. If I decided to visualize for a million dollars, to come to me tomorrow, I don’t think it would happen. My belief isn’t there yet. I’ve done many visualization programs for really big goals, but they would never manifest.

However, I have heard of stories of something like this happening to people. I believe in “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill tells the story of how Temple University was founded. The founder, who was a preacher, raised at least a million dollars in a few days. He did a sermon in which he said, “What I would do if I had a million dollars.” I think he advertised the sermon in the newspaper. (I don’t remember the exact amount he was asking for.) A rich person heard his sermon, was impressed and gave him the money to start Temple.

When I decided to set slightly higher financial goals, I believed that I could somehow do it. I wasn’t quite sure how the money would come but I believed it was possible.

The really funny thing was that by the very next day I started making more money and I hadn’t actually done anything yet (except the Power Pause Success Formula with a believable goal.). I started making more online sales, even though I was in a relative drought the week before. I had money come to me from all sorts of unexpected places.

I had at least three different people propose getting into business with me. This all happened out of the blue. Then I got an idea for a very profitable promotion that took me only one day to set up. A similar promotion in the past, took me over six months to set up. The following week was my best in terms of online sales.

The more sales I made and the more money that came in, the happier I felt. This then perpetuated my ability to magnetically attract greater prosperity into my life.

I’ve discovered another secret:

“The happier I am the easier it is to manifest the things I want to achieve in life.”

Find a way to be really happy and you attract all sorts of luck and prosperity into your life. When you’re happy, your energy flows in a positive direction and magic happens. This is called outflowing.

When you are sad and fearful, your energy flows inward and you’ll feel a sense of lack in your life. You’ll see negative results and become even more fearful or depressed not realizing that you are creating the whole thing in your mind.

How can you apply this to Raw Foods?

Well if you aren’t 100% raw you can just say you will eat one more fruit every day or one more stalk of celery. Don’t focus on eliminating foods from your diet; focus on adding more raw fruits, vegetables and a limited quantity of raw nuts and seeds.

If you do it in this way and you believe you can achieve the goal, it will be much easier for you. Before you know it, you’ll be eating over 50% of your diet from raw foods. Then you’ll think that is pretty easy, and set a goal for eating your first two meals of the day completely raw. After that 100% raw might be a goal that you will set for yourself.

Each time you get established at a higher level, the next higher level starts becoming believable to you. But if you tried to immediately jump to 100% raw and you weren’t ready for it, you might quickly give it up and or end up struggling much more than you needed to. My Raw Food Diet Success Society can help you learn all the psychological, dietary and recipe tricks to being successful on an Optimal Raw Food Diet.


Ok that’s all for now. If you want to learn the very quick and easy visualization system I have been using, then please visit my new website. I promise you, your life will never be the same after you learn the Power Pause Success Formula.



Some Raw Food Questions Answered:

Hi Roger. I recently heard that the only way to get the full benefit of spinach you have to cook it, in order for all the nutrients to become available for digestion. Is this true? Do you think spinach is even a worthy vegetable to be consumed raw?

Hi Gerald,

I don’t believe that is true. But I would recommend eating baby spinach over regular spinach as the oxalic acid content is lower in baby spinach. The real absorption problems come from eating the cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kale etc. They have too much cellulose that the human body can’t break down. So even though these are really nutritious raw foods, you won’t be absorbing much of anything in the way of nutrients from them.

Here’s another question from Gerald for clarification of the previous answer.

Hello again Roger. I had never heard of oxalic acid before you mentioned it, but after doing some research on it, I concluded that they were very bad. But, after reading that most vegetables and nuts contain oxalic and oxalates, I would assume that a diet based on only vegetables and nuts would be the exact opposite of what I want; health. Am I correct in thinking this? On the articles that I came across they all agreed that large quantities of these foods, (vegetables and nuts), would over a period of weeks aid in the degeneration of my kidney, digestion system, and help to extract vital nutrients namely calcium. Also, i found out that most berries have huge amounts of these so called oxalic acids, and these were the fruits that were suppossed to be best for us! Like blueberries with their antioxidant properties. But besides the many varieties of berries, fruits seem to have very low or zero oxalic acid so i guess there ok. I am not sure if I actually believe everything that I read, because I like myself have considered vegetables and fruits to be exactly what we need, but they seem to saw other wise. Please clarify this situation Roger! Thanks.

[Roger H.]

There are toxins in all foods. Fruits are the foods lowest in toxins for humans. But most vegetables don’t have high enough levels of oxalic acid to be a problem. With spinach I can actually taste the toxins. A bad taste is very often a guide to high levels of toxins. I also find that I have problems with all kinds of cabbages. I can taste the toxins in them as a bitter aftertaste. So I avoid eating them. They really make me sick. I’m sure if I cooked them, those toxins would be gone, but the cooking process itself creates many more toxins that were never in the raw cabbage to begin with.

So don’t worry about most raw vegetables. I and many others have been eating tons of vegetables and doing just fine.


This next question comes from my Raw Food Diet Success Society Forum. If you would like to give the forum a free try a month then just follow this link and register for it. Just click the registration button on the upper right hand side of the page.



Is 100% raw, really necessary?

I am having trouble with the concept of staying 100% raw. My husband and I have been 100% raw for 3 weeks now. Most of the time it is not a problem, but when people eat things that I want I really want to have just a bite to taste them. I have been like that for quite a while now with just a bite to know what it tastes like. How bad can that be for me? Also would it be that bad to go have a meal at a restaurant once every couple of months or so. When I think that we could never go eat in a restaurant (and not eat all raw) or just be able to taste things once in awhile, then I don't know if we can stay all raw. We are giving it 60 days on all raw and then deciding but I keep thinking I don't know if we are going to stay 100% all of the time. Your thoughts?

Roger: Small quantities of cooked food won't kill you. That isn't the main reason to stay 100% raw in my opinion. The reason is that every time you indulge in cooked food, you maintain your addiction to it. Once you stay raw long enough you simply won't want to go back to eating cooked food.

I can tell by the way you are talking that right now you have a very strong addiction to cooked food. You are staying raw by the force of your will. You eventually want to get to the point where eating raw is what you really prefer to do.

I've tried being 90% raw. That never lasted for me, plus the results were a quantum leap better when going 100% raw. I would promise myself to eat only 3 cooked meals in a week. I was never able to maintain that one week. My addiction to cooked food was too strong.

I suggest allowing yourself to eat cooked food after two months. Give yourself the freedom to do whatever you want. By then you'll have established a new habit and your body will let you know that it doesn't like cooked food. Your body will be very sensitive and after just one meal, you'll quickly feel the negative results.

I have had a few cooked food meals while being what I call 100% raw. I know that sounds like a contradiction and I guess it is. But for the most part, all I eat are raw foods. About once a year on average I've had a cooked food day.

But it is a risky thing to do. Some people have their cooked day and that triggers them back to regularly eating cooked food again. I knew that I was comfortable in my raw lifestyle and that I wouldn't go back to eating cooked. But had I extended it to two days of eating cooked. That might have been enough to do me in.

It's like deciding to smoke cigarettes for a day. You know it's bad for you, but it isn't going to give you cancer in one day. But I would never do it, because I know that I could get addicted to the cigarettes. Well I'm already addicted to cooked food. If I never ate cooked food in my life and I knew how destructive it was, I would never try it, because I'd be afraid to get addicted to it. But I also wouldn’t miss it or want it. I have zero desire for cigarettes because I’ve never had them and haven’t therefore had the chance to get addicted to them.

Cooked food is a stimulant and definitely addictive. After 6 months to a year of 100% raw the addiction decreases dramatically on a physical and emotional level. But the lowering of your addiction can never happen if you continue to eat cooked food, even occasionally.

Remember also that the best results, by far, come from 100% raw.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Are you having trouble staying 100% raw? Are you afraid of eating fruit? Are you sick of the time consuming effort of having to juice, sprout, dehydrate and ferment your foods? Discover the simple secrets to raw food success from the Raw Motivator and Radiant Health Coach, Roger Haeske. http://www.HowToGoRaw.com for more info.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Why I was Stupid to Not Tell You about this Book Sooner
Why I was Stupid to Not Tell You about This Book

About two years ago I read a self-help book that
made some amazing claims as to what you could
achieve. In just three minutes, with only 3 steps,
you can achieve personal success and real
happiness. It claimed to help you succeed in every
major area of your life, including health, finances
and relationships.

I remember reading the book and thinking, it was a
nice story and very well written. But it was
nothing new. It certainly wasn't worth the money he
was asking for it. But maybe I would have had a
different opinion if I had been using his formula

About six months later I made the acquaintance
with an author who was good friends of the author
of this book. He offered to promote the book to my
list of subscribers with two bonus books included
as well. Now the offer was much more valuable. But
after thinking about it, I still didn't think the
book was worth the money. So I couldn't, in good
conscience, offer that book to my subscribers.

Let's fast forward ahead to a couple of weeks ago.
I got hold of an interview with the author of this
book, John Harricharan. In the interview he spoke
about his book and his simple formula for success
and happiness. It got me to thinking that I should
read the book again.

After all, I realized that his formula did work, I
had been using it in a slightly different way, but
every time I did use it I would see immediate
results that or the following day. It works like
magic, and sometimes you can't be sure if the
results are coincidence or because of the technique.

One of the main benefits to his technique is the
shortness and simplicity of it. Any person over 7
years of age can do it and it only takes three

Who has time in our modern world to sit for three
hours meditating every day? Any time you have three
minutes to spare you can do this technique. The
great thing about it is that it is very relaxing
and makes you happy right away. It gets you're
energy flowing towards happiness and your most
important goals. So at the minimum, it can get you
happy, in a hurry. Just that in itself, is a worth
the price of the book. But you can get much more
than that with John's book called "The Power Pause."

Let me ask you a quick question. If someone were
to offer you a formula that guaranteed you to win 9
out of 10 horse races, would you buy it? What if
that formula were only one page long? Would the
length of the formula matter?

I don't think it would because if you could win 9
out of 10 times while gambling on horse races,
you'd basically have your very own money tree. A
formula like that would be worth $100,000 or more
to you. If you had $100,000, you could pay for the
formula and within a couple of months you could
have won all that money back and started making a
profit because it was so valuable. Within a year
you would be a millionaire from this one page
$100,000 formula.

The Power Pause is easy to do and it activates the
law of attraction. Your most cherished desires
start coming to you as if you were a magnet for
anything you wanted. Yes, you still have to take
some action to achieve most of your goals, but it's
much easier when the Universe wants you to succeed
as well. Everything starts going in your favor.
People start calling you, the right ideas fall into
your lap and you have the super desire and energy
to pursue your dreams.

Now there is one thing about this book that I
didn't like. It didn't have an index. So it was
hard to find the key ideas or where certain
principles are discussed. So I made up my own
index. I also pulled out the key points, so I could
easily refer to them. I also made notes on how I
could increase the effectiveness of the Power
Pause. In essence, I've created a guide to getting
the most out of The Power Pause.

Now I went back and took a look at his website in
which he sells the book. I realized that he now
offers much more than the book itself, which is 124
pages long. (You can read it in about two hours.)
John has added many powerful bonuses.

At this point in my life, I realize how extremely
valuable his book actually is. He doesn't need the
extra bonuses to make the book worth while. But
they are great bonuses indeed.

I have decided to make it even more appealing to
you get this life-changing book. I'm going to throw
in my own valuable bonuses if you buy his book from
my affiliate link.

The first thing I'll give you is my personal
guide, index and summary of the main principles of
the Power Pause book. You'll know exactly where in
the book to find the most important points. And
you'll have the principles summarized for you. It
will help you get the most out of the book.

I'm also going to show you how you can get access
to John Harricharan's interview about the book.
There is something special about this man.
Listening to his voice is so soothing; he seems to
come from such a place of peace. In the interview
he also discusses how he had a debilitating health
condition but when his assistant reminded him to
read his own book, he was able to get rid of his
cane within three days.

This resource I'm going to show you is much more
than an audio interview with John Harricharan, it's
actually a series of interviews with the world's
most prominent self-help teachers. There are going
to be 26 interviews with these people. I've
listened to five of them. Each and every one of
these interviews has really improved my life. I
especially liked the interview with Dr. Robert
Anthony. He spoke about the same principles as John Harricharan.

Sometimes you just have to be ready to hear
something. You could hear and read about it for
years, but not really understand how to properly
use it in your life. Once I heard Dr. Anthony's
interview I had a better understanding of how the
law of attraction really works and immediately put
it to use in my life for outstanding results. All
sorts of things career wise just started going my

You'll hear interviews, from Jack Canfield, Mark
Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy (that was a good one, I
think one technique he mentioned is going to
revolutionize my life.)

You'll also get a great interview with T. Harv
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There's also a great interview with Dr. Joe
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Other famous author include Robert Allen, John
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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
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