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The Superbeing System
Thursday, August 28, 2003
A Caring Email Helps to Heal my Grandmother of Pneumonia
I spoke to my grandfather the other day and he said that my grandmother has pneumonia. I was very sad to hear that. I know that my grandmother is suffering. I was also sad to hear that because I know with 99% certainty that she caused the problem herself.

I have been telling her for years the benefits of a raw food diet. But she doesn't seem to feel capable of making the necessary change to her diet. She has added more fruits and vegetables to her diet. But I believe she still has a long way to go.

She regularly gets bronchitis and so I wasn't surprised by her getting a pneumonia. So I decided to write her a long letter and tell her specifically what foods were causing this excessive build up of mucus in her body.

I told her about Arnold Ehret and his book The Mucusless Diet Healing System. (I spoke about Arnold Ehret in the previous weblog.) I gave her the links to his books that are online for free. I told her of my own experience of clearing out my lungs when I went to a 100% raw food diet. I also told her I was sad that she was digging her own grave with her fork.

My grandmother was so weak that she couldn't talk to me on the phone. So I asked my grandfather to read the letter to her and to read from Arnold Ehret's book to her.

Tonight my grandfather called me and said that she was only eating fruit and that she was feeling much better. I was so glad to hear that.

Actually I recommended that she not eat anything for a couple of days, but fruit is very easy to digest and not mucus forming. However, I'll have to remind her to be careful because the fruit can loosen up too much mucus at once. Fruit is very cleansing and too much mucus or toxins released at once can be very difficult to handle. She's had a whole lifetime of poor eating and so any changes she makes should be gradual.

I suppose the pain of the pneumonia and my pleading may have convinced her to try out my ideas. Or maybe it just made sense to her.

Many times I've only made changes in my life due to severe pain of one sort or another. I think my grandmother is going through one of those periods. I just asked her to open her mind to what she was being read and to take it slowly.

More on my fast
I stopped my fast after 44 hours. Now I'm eating only vegetables and some nuts. I've never felt as weak as I did this afternoon. I didn't stop it because of that, but more so because I didn't want to waste the great tomatoes, cucumbers and other produce I had. I may continue again tomorrow or just stick to the vegetable diet for a while longer.

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