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The Superbeing System
Friday, August 29, 2003
Invisible Technique for Conflict-Resolution
Yesterday I received an email from an author wanting me to write something in her book. She wanted a bit more detail than my article gave. After I make this post I'll also post the article.

She had read my article called "Why You Should Drop your Anger Immediately." Here is what she wrote and what I replied back with.

Dear Roger:

I am a journalist and book author writing my latest book, which focuses on peacemaking and conflict-resolution. I loved your story about dealing with your anger toward your former boss. I wondered if you would be willing to share a few more details about how you were able to do so. I am weaving in dozens of stories of conflict-resolution in action, and if you would be interested, I'd love to include a portion of your story in my chapter on resolving our anger. So if you have any specifics you would be willing to share about how and what steps you used to use your anger for positive change, move on, and resolve your relationship with your former boss, I'd sure love to consider it for my book.

This is my fifth. It features stories and examples of peacemaking from 45 plus people around the world. As much as possible, I'm showing step-by-step how we do this work. I also do lots of presentations and workshops. If you've any questions, I'd also be happy to respond, of course. Thanks for considering my request. Best wishes,

My Reply:

Thank you for your inquiry. Most of my insights on this issue are in the article. But I'll look it over and try to give you some specific techniques I used. I've also included the article, slightly edited in the attachment. Much of the resolution was simply being aware that I was angry and fearful and that I was reacting instead of being in control. I know that I am a powerful spiritual being but I often forget.

I also felt unhappy and it was wreaking havoc with my work. My technique for conflict-resolution was using the law of increase. Before I'd go to work, I'd visualize my former boss and imagine him being very successful and happy. I sent him a message of acceptance, divine love and increase in every way. I learned this technique from Joseph Murphy's great book, Your Infinite Power to be Rich. The chapter is called, The Law of Increase, and I have used that technique successfully many times. Over time, I was able to overcome all of my subconscious negative reactions to him.

Another technique I've used in many situations with people (and with bosses) is to see them as spiritual beings. I simply ignore any faults and focus on the positive only. I treat everyone as a very special person as if I were actually speaking to God. People of course can feel this and if you respect and love them, they will tend to respect and love you. This even works very well from a distance by doing a visualization exercise at home.

We are all connected with invisible communication lines on a spiritual level. In fact, I believe we are really all part of a single higher consciousness. Therefore, we can communicate with each other over vast distances and even with friends, family and others who have passed on to higher planes of existence.

The key is to know that I am the conscious creator of my own reality. I realize that my real employer and provider is God. Therefore, I have nothing to fear. As long as I believe, trust and live in God, then fear can't touch me.

My anger towards my boss did also push me to finally get into business on my own. It gave me more incentive and a sense of urgency I was lacking. Now I am in business for myself and loving it. I still have a way to go but my life has been much more of a joy since resolving that situation.

I also want to mention that the book, Your Infinite Power to Be Rich, by Joseph Murphy is much more than the title entails. It is a beautifully written book about your spiritual powers.

He has many stories of people using these principles in action and it's not only about getting rich. Not that I think there is anything wrong with being rich, but it's about having a rich and enjoyable life. He also addresses the issues that many people have with money that are holding them back.

There are powerful truths in that book, you can study one chapter per week and that would be an awesome education in the universal laws of manifestation. I've reread that book at least 4 times. It is one of my all time favorites. Here's a link as to where you can get it.
Your Infinite Power to Be Rich

In Health, Strength and Happiness, Roger
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