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The Superbeing System
Thursday, August 28, 2003
Waterfast and Free Books on Natural Hygiene
36 Hours on a waterfast

I've fasted so far for 36 hours on water alone. I slept much less than usual last night. I suppose the lack of eating and therefore no digestion makes me need less sleep. Only slept 6.5 hours. That is great for me.

I feel a bit week. Not very hungry but old eating habits die hard. I did quite well yesterday. Had very little cravings. I also made my day a light work day. Though I managed to get a decent amout of work done.

I did not do any workouts. Did do some deep breathing to oxygenate my body and at the same time pump the lymph fluid.

This morning I reread the classic book Rational Fasting, by Arnold Ehret.

I have a paperback version of this book and this was a different translation. This book will show you one of the main techniques in The Superbeing System, eating a diet of mostly raw fruits and vegetables. With an occasional small amount of raw fatty foods like nuts, seeds or fatty fruits like avocados.

In fact, if you want a free and valuable education in how to eat, to live a life of paradise health, I'll give you some additional links.

This is my site that deals with why a low fat raw food diet is our natural diet and how you can learn how to do it. It also has some of my personal stories and pictures.

Here is a link to many books and reports on Natural Hygiene which is one of the most important parts of the Superbeing System. If you only learn about and apply Natural Hygiene to your life, you will revolutionize almost every area of your life.

Free Online Natural Hygiene Books

This one blog can provide you enough information for months of growth and learning.

In Radiant Health, Strength and Happiness, Roger Haeske

Unleash Your Infinite Potential at Superbeing.com
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