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The Superbeing System
Sunday, August 31, 2003
Your Magic Universe
Your Magic Universe

Was this a magical day for you? If it wasn't it could have

We are all God's of our own universe. I'd say that at least
90% of our reality and how we experience it is completely
under our control. I do believe there are some day to day
things that we experience that we haven't brought upon
ourselves unless we consider past life karma as a possibility.

Consider something like my cat getting flees. I don't think
I attracted those flees into my house by some attitude I
had. They did however get into my house because I allowed my
cat to come in and out. So it really is cause and effect.
But it didn't have to do with the law of attraction (except
for the flees attraction to my cat :-) ).

There are also many other limitations in this physical
reality that most people will never overcome no matter what
they believe. Think of a young child, it doesn't have any
set beliefs about our physical reality and yet if it sticks
its hand in a fire, it will burn. If we jump off a diving
board we will fall to the water, we won't just float away.
It doesn't matter what your beliefs are these laws will

So we are definitely dealing with some physical laws that
in most cases can't be broken. I do think some people have
found ways to break or modify some of these laws. There is a
man named Hira Ratan Manek who was observed by a team of
doctors and scientists for 411 days. During that time he
took no food except water. I know someone who has met him
and some of the doctors that were observing him and doing
the tests.

This man has literally turned himself into a plant. He gets
his sustenance from sunlight. To find out more you can visit
his website http://www.solarhealing.com/. He is actualizing
and expressing his nature as a Superbeing. We are all of
course Superbeings with an unlimited potential.

Today I had a friend call and complain. He went on a flight
and was harassed by the airport security people. On top of
that, he was going to a wedding in a state he had a disdain
for. He thought he would have such a horrible time, that
these people were not his type of people.

Right after I hung up with him, I heard something on an
audio program that completely related to his experience. The
program is called, "Prosperity Consciousness," and so far it
is excellent.

The author related a story about his first time using
affirmations. I'll make the story short. He went to a party
expecting it to be boring and filled with the same old
boring crowd. He also didn't consider himself a party person.

When he got to the party, he had all sorts of negative
thoughts running through his head. As expected there were a
bunch of boring people there. Then a little while later a
thought popped into his head without his conscious effort,
it was his affirmation just bubbling into his awareness. It
was something to the effect of, "You are really interesting
person to be around." As soon as that affirmation went off
in his head, he started enjoying the party. He found many
great people to talk to.

By changing his perceptions he immediately changed his
reality. This is what I mean by -- Your Magical Universe.
Via our thoughts, we can make virtually any situation an
enjoyable or at least more enjoyable one. At the same time
by a change in our thoughts we instantly start attracting a
new reality with new people (even if they are the same --
but they are now different because your new reality brings
out or attracts different qualities within them) with new
thoughts, and with new possibilities.

We have the power of instant creation. We are all
superbeings but many of us, including me, seem to forget
that fact quite often.

How much time do you spend focusing on a lack of something?
Instead, you could at least be spending time thinking of how
you would resolve your problem. Think mostly of the things
you want. That would instantly start bringing you the
answers you would need to resolve the problem.

I always used to do this with my finances. I'd project into
the future all sorts of negative results. What if I lost my
job and then couldn't find another one. I'd be in the street
and homeless and starving. The more I thought those thoughts
the closer I was bringing that reality to me.

I'm rambling on a bit here. Let me get back to the main
-- We are incredibly powerful beings --

Today I decided that everyone I saw was actually God. This
is my actual belief anyway, but I hardly ever practice that
reality. I don't mean God in the sense that they have
absolute control of the universe but that they are all part
of this universal consciousness and that they are miniature
copies or atoms in the body of God with all of its powers.

Today I looked at everyone as a deeply spiritual being. My
day went great. It's as if everything I touched or
experienced turned to spiritual gold. To cap off this
wonderful day I had some breakthrough realizations about

I couldn't believe how my life was guided today. I went to
see the perfect movie at the perfect time. I saw, "Whale
Rider." I highly recommend it. I was spilling some tears
near the end. Part of the message of the movie was to follow
your inner guidance and be who you were meant to be. There
were actually an infinite number of messages that could have
been gleaned from that movie depending on the individual's

I do believe we have missions to achieve here on this
planet. Everyone's mission is a divine one. Discerning that
mission can be a difficult thing to do. We have to learn to
feel and follow our inner nudges or guidance.

One thing I have found. There is absolutely nothing as
satisfying as working on your divine mission in life. No
outer rewards can match the inner sense of satisfaction that
you receive when you are in tune with the real you, the
Superbeing within.

This satisfaction is God's way to get you to fulfill your
mission. I don't know if everyone achieves his or her
mission, but it does make life worthwhile, even in the
pursuit of it. It's not the destination that matters, but
the journey.

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