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The Superbeing System
Sunday, September 14, 2003
Are You Only Dust in the Wind, or a Divine Being with Unlimited Potential?
Are You Only Dust in the Wind, or a Divine Being with Unlimited Potential?
© 2003, Roger Haeske

The most important part of the Superbeing System is tuning into your higher self. In this section, I'll show you how to start tapping into your spiritual potential. You can use it to create radiant health and to attract to you all of the goods things in life. Knowing that you are a divine being will give you purpose and produce for you a magical life.

This story is from the book, "The Book of Eck Parables Volume 2" pg 149.

"An Eagle's Story

The Blackfoot Indians tell this story:

While climbing in an area of steep cliffs, an Indian brave came upon an eagle's nest. There were several eggs in the nest, and he managed to steal one and carry it back to his village. He placed the egg in a hen's nest, and after it hatched, the young eagle followed the mother chicken about and grew up believing itself to be a chicken. All day the young eagle walked about with its head lowered to the ground in the same way the chickens did, scratching in the dirt, pecking at worms and seeds.

One day, when the eagle was fully grown, he looked up and saw a magnificent bird soaring in the heavens. He went to the old grandmother hen, who knew many things about the world, and asked, "What's that bird, Grandma?"

"That's an eagle," the old chicken said.

"How wonderful it must be to fly like that," the young eagle said, looking up at the great bird.

"Yes, Grandma said, nodding in agreement, "but you must forget about flight. You are a chicken."

So the eagle spent his life scratching in the dirt with the chickens."

Today I spoke for over an hour with a man who represents the eagle in all of us. His name is Ron Venne. He is truly expressing the Superbeing inside of himself.

This is a man with no fears. He's had a very different life than most people. From birth he wouldn't eat any meat. He refused to eat anything but fruits and vegetables. The thing is that Ron lived in a meat and potato kind of household. He has three sisters. Somehow his parents sort of let him slide through the cracks.

Ron ended up developing his own belief systems. There was no Grandma chicken to limit him. Ron went out to nature and discovered the balance of nature. He quickly realized that he got what he wanted. Whatever he focused on would come to his life. He managed to survive the indoctrination that most kids go through and developed his own unique beliefs that were unfettered by false limitations.

In his 50 years, he's never had a cold. When he breaks a bone it heals in hours and not weeks. He looks like he's in his late 20's and yet chronologically he's 50 years old. He doesn't believe in aging and so he doesn't. Why should we grow old when we are unlimited spiritual beings?

Ron simply pictures himself young and he stays that way. Here's another interesting story. Ron was opening up a microwave-heated bottle of maple syrup (his kids were warming it up) the bottle burst open and scalded him. His skin was literally melting off of his hands. Three days later it was completely healed without a scar.

Ron has many healing stories like this. He one time dislocated his hand and at the same time broke a bone in his arm in eight different places. This happened on a Friday. He had x-rays taken then and when he went back on Monday the bone was healed. The orthopedic surgeon told him that after his operation he would at best have 60% usage of his hand. Instead he skipped the operation and had full use of his hands.

He just went home and visualized himself back to health. He applies his unlimited beliefs to many areas of his life. He wanted a pilots license and 9 days later he had it. He wanted to build houses and in his state you needed a license. He had no background in building but he figured it was easy and would just come to him. Ron applied for the most advanced license that would allow him to build skyscrapers. I think he passed that test within a month.

In 1986 I started the process of reeducating myself. I started replacing my limiting beliefs that were given to me by my parents and replacing them with the unlimited ones, I was learning in my spiritual group. To this day, I'm still in that educational process.

One of the most amazing things I realized in 1987 as a result of this study was that I was a spiritual being. I was not a human. My body was not me. I escaped the boundaries of my mind and experienced a world of incredible love and majesty. From that moment on I was reborn.

The most amazing concept to me was that "Imagination Rules the Day." That my world was created first in my imagination. Virtually every thing I experienced in life was actually created by me. I was no longer a victim. But it does take a lot of reeducation to break subconscious beliefs established at birth. Be confident because it can be done with persistence.

"Truth depends on the intensity of the imagination, not upon external facts. As we awaken to the imaginative life we discover that to imagine a thing is so, makes it so; that a true judgment need not conform to the external reality to which it relates." (From "Awakened Imagination," by Neville Goddard.)

How could we ever be unhappy if we realized that we actually lived inside of God? Most religions teach that God is omnipresent.

Here is a great quote from a book I just love called, "Your Infinite Power to be Rich," by Joseph Murphy. "Riches are all around you, for the simple reason that you live, move, and have your being in God; and God lives, moves, and has His being in you. God is omnipresent; therefore, all of His riches are present everywhere, within you, and all around you."

If you understand and apply this quote then you're living a magical life. The source of all things is God. We literally live inside of God. But most of us are too focused on this mundane physical plane to be aware of it. We think of ourselves as dust in the wind. We believe only what we see and experience with our physical senses But we are much more than that.

The way for you to realize your true self is to do a couple of practices. First you should set aside time daily to commune with God and realize your true nature.

The second thing you must do is to pay attention to God and realize at all times that you live inside the joyous and unlimited universe of God.

By doing a daily spiritual exercise you'll eventually tune into God. All you have to do is to chant the name of God while sitting in a chair with your eyes closed. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes per day. This mantra type of meditation will slow your brain waves down and you'll naturally enter and expanded state of awareness.

I usually chant the word Hu or Oh. These are words for God. You may already have your own mantra that works well for you. Or you can chant God, Jesus, Allah or whatever word is holy for you.

God is divine love. If you focus on divine and unconditional love you'll eventually tune into God. God is all around you if you develop your spiritual vision.

Throughout the day, you can do an amazing exercise called, "Practicing the Presence of God." When you focus on God you are automatically lifted to a higher plane of awareness. The more you focus that way the stronger your awareness and connection to God. You will be able to manifest what you want more quickly in this way.

People who are spiritually sensitive will actually be able to feel your connection to God. You can have whatever you believe is possible for you to have.

After you have chanted your mantra word for 5 to 10 minutes you can spend the rest of the time visualizing yourself with anything you wish. If you have an ailment or a disease, you can visualize and inner doctor healing you.

The key is to get your emotions involved and to feel the satisfaction of having realized your goal. As long as you don't counter act your visualization with beliefs that you can't have it, then you'll get what you visualized.

The purpose of life here is to fulfill your spiritual mission. Your mission is brought to you by your deepest desires and longings. You may initially ignore those feelings and maybe work in a career that is not right for you. But you'll quickly become dissatisfied.

Human instinct is our desire. Desire is what moves us to reach our potential. We may never even realize we are spiritual beings but we are all moving to fill our potential by our deepest desires.

Serving those desires is serving God. No amount of money could be more satisfying then that. Find your mission and fulfill it if you really want to live the Superbeing life.

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