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The Superbeing System
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Can You Get Enough Calories on a Raw Food Diet?
>> I'm actually thinking about abandoning my raw foods diet for a more
> moderate, higher fat and higher calorie diet.
What is more moderate?

A high fat diet, raw or not, is not the best way to go for humans. If you have a lot of fat in the diet then you won’t be consuming enough carbohydrates. Therefore, you won’t have enough fuel for energy. If you lived out in nature in the tropics, you wouldn’t even have fat available to you more than a few months out of the year. Also it’s much harder to eat a lot of fat because you’d be cracking open shells. This doesn’t lend itself to eating loads of fat. Our total needs for fat have been estimated to be no more than 3% of total calories consumed by international health organizations. I’d say most people should really limit their intake to a maximum 20% of total calories consumed on a daily average from fat.

If you want more calories you can eat more fruit. I agree that living on greens isn’t going to provide you with enough calories. I never see athletes taking a head of lettuce, nuts, seeds or avocados with them to their competitions. But I often see them eating bananas or oranges. Fruit is the ultimate athletic food. I can eat over 3,000 calories in a day of eating only non-fatty fruits and vegetables. So a low fat and raw diet can be high in calories. Eating dates, figs and bananas can supply you with plenty of calories. The more watery the fruit the less calories and the more water.

I'm searching for
> solutions to get me back to my fighting weight but remaining RAW.
You probably lost a lot of fat and water weight. Being fat isn’t healthy. The best thing is to put on more muscle. A low fat raw vegan approach isn’t good if you want to be a sumo wrestler. But if you want to be lean and full of physical and mental energy then trying to approximate our natural diet would be the best way to go for most people. Due to all the diseases and deficiencies people have, it is possible that some small percentage of people can’t eat this way completely.

I used to think that I could not be totally raw. I felt I couldn’t get enough energy that way. Then I learned that I wasn’t eating enough fruit. That immediately solved the problem.

To Your Radiant Health and Happiness, Roger Haeske

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