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The Superbeing System
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
The Man Who Would not Age
This man's life story is amazing.

Last night I went to a talk by Ron Venne, at the Accent on Wellness meeting in NYC. Ron is an amazing man and has had what most people would think of, as a unique life. In fact, I've never heard of anyone who went through his amazing experiences.

Ron is 50 years old but he could pass for someone in his mid to late 20's. I didn't see any grey hairs. They would be easy to see as he has black hair. Ron has lived a magical life. He slipped through the cracks in his family and was his own man. He wasn't indoctrinated into his family's values.

In all his life, he's never had a cold. Never any kind of disease. From birth, he would not eat meat. He rejected it as a baby. His family was on the standard American diet. This in itself is quite amazing. He also has three sisters who all ate the SAD.

He also has amazing recuperative powers. He's had broken arms heal in hours. He recently had a deep gash in his face and it was completely healed very quickly. The talk was 10 days after he had this gash and there were no signs of it. From the way he described it I'd suspect most people would have gotten stitches for such an injury.

The best story was of a severe injury he sustained while playing hockey. He was slammed hard into the boards and he dislocated his hand and fractured or broke a bone in his arm in eight different places.

He was in the hospital and the orthopedic surgeon was called in to help him out. The surgeon told him he had a very serious injury. That he was going to need surgery and have a long metal pin inserted into his arm. He also was going to have to have a piece of his hip removed and inserted into the arm. That with lots of effort he might be able to get 60% usage out of his arm.

Ron told the surgeon that he wanted him to physically manipulate his arm so that all the bones were in the right place and that he would think about his offer over the weekend. Then he would come back to be reevaluated and decide then whether to go through with the surgery.

Ron went back home and immediately started doing work with his imagination and visualization. He visualized his arm as being healed.

When he came back on Monday he had X-rays taken. They showed amazingly that his arm had mended. The surgeon simply said that it wouldn't stick. Ron's arm was totally healed, he didn't show any signs of that damage. I can't understand what is wrong with that surgeon. He was shown a miracle and he ignored it.

His whole talk was less about raw food and more about the unlimited spiritual beings we really are.

As a child his parents left him alone. They just didn't know what to do with him. So he went out to the woods and observed nature. That is how he came to many of his realizations about life. He became a conservationist.

At a very early age (single digits or under 10) he realized something magnificent. "What I thought about happened." Anything I can imagine, I can have."

He eats about 75% raw foods and some cooked grains at times. He chooses to eat foods of all colors every day. It's the rainbow diet theory.

He has a Personal Cosmology that entails three principles.

1. Instant Karma - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Even your words and thoughts have an effect on you and others. Your thoughts are things.

2. That this law of Karma affects everyone. He's saying that everyone is responsible for what they get in life. There are no victims. Some unfortunate things could possibly be explained by past life karma.

3. Allow everything. Or live and let live. Or detachment.

He has no fears of anything. I suppose since he feels he can get whatever he thinks about, then he has no reason to fear. He just has to think happy thoughts. He's in complete control of his destiny.

He has never eaten a pepper, onion, tomato or garlic. He didn't justify it except to say that they were all nightshades.

He also discussed that our food intake has a lot to do with how quickly we manifest our desires. He also spoke of the mental diet. It's not enough to control what you eat, but you must also control your thoughts.

Whether you realize it or not, every thought you have influences you and those around you. You can't hide those thoughts from others, because they will be able to sense those thoughts on a subconscious level.

He eats fruit all day long and vegetables at night. He's also never eaten cheese or pasta. He sleeps 4 to 7 hours per night. He's also very strong. I believe he got that way without any specific training. It wasn't until recently that he started going to the gym, just to see how strong he really was. I believe he can press over 750 pounds with his legs.

Another interesting point is that he doesn't lose his tan in the winter. And you can tell he isn't naturally dark skinned. But he was tan.

He said some other interesting things. "When you slow down your brain speed then magic can happen." Talking about meditation.

"Wisdom is not so much in the knowing but the doing."

Ron seemed quite genuine. He even makes mistakes. He was married for 18 years to the wrong woman. He was captain fearless and she was a very fearful person. He was expecting that with exposure to him that she would change. That didn't happen. In fact, he felt that her energy was bringing him down.

I�m writing about Ron Venne because I've had some people request to have notes from his talk. He is a fascinating person.

One other quick story. At three years old his parents moved from a tenement into a house. They figured it would be a good time to teach Ron how to eat.

So they brought him a hamburger and it just stayed there until it started to stink. I think he had to sit at the table until he ate. Then they'd bring him a hotdog and again he wouldn't eat it. They kept on bringing him animal foods and he refused to eat any of them. This went on for three days. Finally, their doctor made a house call. He told the parents that he was a very healthy boy so they might as well let him eat what he wanted to eat. Ron said that doctor saved him.

I hope you find Ron's story an interesting one. Try to see him speak if you ever get the chance.

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