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Monday, September 01, 2003
Proper Diet and Are We Really All So Different?
Here is a reply I made to a post about food combining and
other related issues.

Hi Fred,

That was an interesting and informative post. I can see where you are
coming from. I think the chemicals that we are ingesting are certainly a
terrible problem.

In addition to that, I think food combining is a valid issue. In my
experience, my digestion is the best if I eat only one kind of food at a
time - a mono-meal. I don't really have the problem of combining
starches with proteins because I don't usually eat any starchy foods
now. But I know of people who stopped having stomach pains as soon as
they stopped combining potatoes and meat for instance.

There may be some inaccuracies in what Shelton wrote. I've found that
the field of nutrition is always advancing and often things that were
considered facts become disproved.

I know that people are quite different in their health needs for many
reasons. One of them is their psychological and spiritual perspective.
But I believe we are more similar than different. That the reasons for
most of the differences are the level of un-health that virtually all of
civilized humanity is in.

By the way I read, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration," and I think
there are some flaws in what he reported. Though I think it is a great
book. For one thing he led us to believe that all these native groups
had just a superb health. That is not true in every case. He went to see
the Eskimos. He raved about their health. No where does he discuss the
terrible osteoporosis they suffer from nor the fact they had an average
lifespan of only 39 years and in some tribes less than that. Their
health was far from ideal.

I think Dr. Price was biased towards a meat eating diet. He didn't
understand anything about a vegetarian diet and how all protein actually
comes from plant sources. If we eat dark leafy greens we are getting the
protein we need along with the rest of the foods we are eating. He talks
about the fertile grass that the cows produce wonderful milk when they
eat this grass. So why drink the milk when we could eat the grass
directly? Or in this case eat the most nutrient dense food - dark leafy

If humans were eating raw foods for several generations and eating them
in a way that was biologically adapted to the species then I think we
would be much more similar in what we ate. Why shouldn't we be like all
the rest of the animals out there in the wild? I don't see to many
rabbits hunting down prey. They all eat the same food. I would guess
that all animals out in the wild would eat according to their biological
adaptations and to what was available within those limitations.

If we were healthy and living near the equator and foraging for foods we
too would probably be eating the same foods as everyone else. We
wouldn't be saying that I am different and I need to eat rice or steak
for that matter.

I know from personal experience and from that of my clients and friends,
that we can adapt to many different diets. I personally thought I'd
never be satisfied by eating fruit. I thought I would need to eat
complex carbohydrates or starchy foods or I'd go hungry and be weak.
That is what happened to me in my first attempts at going 100% raw. I
was even convinced that my body was not capable of eating only raw

That had been my experience. I even thought I had hypoglycemia. But once
I realized I simply wasn't eating enough fruit I solved my problems. My
body completely changed and now I'm adapted to eating a 100% raw food

I therefore believe that once a person is healthy and eating a proper
diet then that person would be eating fruits and vegetables. We are
primates and primates are the only animals that can taste sweet and see
colors. We are biologically adapted to finding, picking and eating
fruits. That I believe would be our mainstay food if we were all healthy
for several generations of eating raw foods. Curious as to what others
have to say about this.


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