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The Superbeing System
Thursday, September 25, 2003
You are Where and What You Focus On
You are Where and What You Focus On
© 2003, Roger Haeske

Have you ever thought about where you are located as a spiritual being? People think of themselves as being in some physical location. However, from a spiritual perspective, you are where you focus.

Now why should anyone care about this? Because it is the secret key to getting what you truly want, to being happy all the time and living your dream life. This is profound. Let me explain how it works.

Inside of us are different realms or planes of reality. We can be in whatever plane or reality we wish. All we have to do is to focus on that reality. In fact, there are infinite combinations of worlds we can be in. The secret is to be in the highest possible worlds because they are unlimited in nature.

I can tell you right now, the best vacation spot in the world. It is God. When you focus on God and keep your focus there, you start to feel and perceive God's love and omnipotence. It is the most liberating and powerful feeling in the world.

From a spiritual perspective, nothing can harm you while you are in God. All you have to do is to be conscious of God as much as possible throughout your day.

If you feel negative emotions, you have just spiritually traveled out of the God plane. If you feel fear or anger, you've dropped to a negative and reactionary plane. Using these negative thoughts, even if you don't voice them out loud, produces instant negative results.

If you are worried about what someone else is thinking about you, then you are out of this unlimited God plane. Focus on God esteem instead of self-esteem. You won't need to buoy up your ego if you are in inner paradise. This is a plane of pure power and where you are in total control of your reality.

The God realm is a plane that doesn't have time and space. It isn't dualistic, there is no positive and negative duality, it is pure positive consciousness. To gain entrance to this plane, you must serve God. If you live by God's rules you have unlimited freedom within that plane. But as I said the price is serving God.

You serve God by paying attention to him and by giving love to all around you. You act Godly in front of everyone and when you are by yourself. You realize that God is in everything and everyone no matter where they happen to be visiting spiritually.

Here's what Frank Laubach a famous Christian minister who practiced the presence of God wrote about what it feels like. It's from page 15 and 16 of the book, "Practicing His Presence."

"May 24, 1930
As I analyze myself I find several things happening to me as a result of these two months of strenuous effort to keep the Lord in mind every minute. This concentration upon God is strenuous, but everything else has ceased to be so. I think more clearly, I forget less frequently. Things which I did with a strain before, I now do easily and with no effort whatever. I worry about nothing and lose no sleep. I walk on air a good part of the time. Even the mirror reveals a new light in my eyes and face. I no longer feel in a hurry about anything. Everything goes right. Each minute I meet calmly as though it were not important. Nothing can go wrong excepting one thing. That is that God may slip from my mind if I do not keep on my guard. If He is there, the universe is with me. My task is simple and clear."

I think Frank Laubach's statement is an accurate description of what it is like to be in the presence of God. I've had every one of the feelings he mentioned. This is our gift, we only have to know about it and use it.

The great news is that people can feel when you are in this plane and will treat you accordingly. If you associate yourself as soul with God then people will treat you with extremely high regard. This is because you automatically have a high regard for yourself. They will also be able to feel this God presence because it is a real spiritual force.

By focusing on God and giving divine love, you have lifted your awareness out of the dualistic and materialistic planes. People will want to be around you. You'll be so happy and that happiness will be contagious. There is no way to accurately describe what it feels like to be in this God plane.

It is the experience of the religious mystics. It is Nirvana or Heaven. The miracle is that anyone can experience this state of mind or spirit at any time and under any circumstances.

The longer and stronger your focus is on the God world, the more powerful and clear this state becomes to you. You start learning of new truths you were not consciously aware of before. Everything becomes clear to you.

You quickly learn what your purpose here on Earth is. From this state of perpetual happiness and freedom you also start attracting to you all the things you desire. Desire is a good thing. It is your instinct and the way the infinite part of you communicates with your conscious self.

Any time you think a thought about something you've just created a Magnetic Spiritual Prototype that immediately starts attracting that thing to you in physical form. This means your every thought is very powerful and is constantly creating your physical and spiritual reality.

The happier you are, the quicker your desires will manifest. The problem is that most people have no control over where they travel spiritually. If someone cuts them off on the road then they react angrily to that person.

If you were that person, did you absolutely have to react angrily? Couldn't you have just blessed that person and realized he was simply unaware of what he was doing? On the other hand, maybe he was in a hurry or had a life or death emergency.

Just because someone does something to you does not mean you have to react to what they did in a negative fashion. You can react in many ways. The best way is to stay focused on God. That way you will magnetically attract yourself to goodness and a life of infinite possibilities.

I'd say that most people are constantly traveling around in the lower negative realms spiritually. They simply are not aware that they could be living in a spiritual and material paradise by shifting their focus and love to the infinite, the divine or God.

In some spiritual traditions, this is called Practicing the Presence of God. It's really like an all day meditation. Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach wrote about this in a wonderful book called, "Practicing His Presence." Reading this book will inspire you to seek the unspeakable love of God.

I tend to think that entertainment is a substitute for being in God. In other words, if you are aware of God, you have no need for entertainment. Why is that? Because you are completely fulfilled, there is no emptiness. In addition, to live in God means to serve God. Do you're daily duties in service of God. You get the most expansion and happiness by giving. Giving will be your new form of entertainment.

When you finally tune into God, you wouldn't even want your attention to wander because it is the best feeling you can imagine. To serve and live in the presence of God is the highest form of entertainment. TV and movies will seem on a lower frequency. You can watch them but try to keep your mind on God as you do.

If at any time you get angry or frustrated, you have just slipped out of the God realm. The guide is that you want to feel good all the time. As soon as you feel negative emotion, you know that you are out of "His Presence."

Whenever you feel a lack or are sad, you are no longer in the presence of God. Of course, we are always in God. We exist and have our being in God. God is omnipresent. But God gave us the ability to have whatever we want in life, good or bad. We have to choose God by centering our attention in God.

We have complete freedom to choose whatever world we want to live in. Most of the human emotions, fears and limitations will vanish as you realize you are the radiant child of God. God wants you to be happy. All you have to do is to tune into the spiritual radio station WGOD.

You don't sacrifice anything by listening to this radio station. You don't have to be an ascetic. You can have a wonderful and fulfilled life. Now you simply do it in style and power. You have unlimited freedom because the world of God is an unlimited state of consciousness. It will bring you great joy and whatever material things you want. What you'll realize is that your material wants will be related to serving God. If it furthers your spiritual mission, you will want it. You won't be getting things to boost your self-esteem because you have God-esteem and you don't need those things anymore.

Just spend about 15 minutes in the morning and evening where you find your own way to meditate or contemplate on God and Divine Love. Then throughout your day you focus on God. Listen to what you think God is trying to tell you. Live from God. The more you do it the more powerful this feeling will be. You'll start to glow from the love of God. You'll start perceiving the inner beauty and at the same time it will affect your outer reality as well.

This is very simple what I've shared with you, but it will change every aspect of your life once you put it into practice. You can have the kingdom of heaven if you will only choose it.

Love and blessings to you, Roger Haeske

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