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The Superbeing System
Friday, December 10, 2004
Beyond Raw--The Divine Diet
Beyond Raw: The Divine Diet

Below I've included what I believe to be a truly
inspiring article. I was inspired while writing it.
The ideas in this article have transformed my life.
I hope it helps you in some way.

After the article I have some powerful special
offers that I think you'll want to take advantage of.


Beyond Raw: The Divine Diet

Did you know that you're always focusing on what
you want?

You are actually always focused on what you want.
The question is, is are you focusing on your highest
and best wants.

When you get angry, frustrated and unhappy it is
because you want to experience those states. At some
level you get some satisfaction out of it. Why else
would you think these negative thoughts, if you
didn't get some kind of satisfaction out of it?

So when you are getting angry at a friend, it is
because, in that moment you want to feel anger. Some
people really like getting angry, some people thrive
on revenge or beating people up intellectually and
even physically.

I remember I used to like these negative attitudes.
I thought I was being cool by expressing anger,
revenge etc. I never knew about the self-destructive
nature of anger. I didn't know I was attracting bad
experiences into my life because of my negative

What we must master is focusing on our higher
wants. Our higher wants bring us happiness, freedom
and a sense of fulfillment. Our lower wants bring us
fear, anger, unhappiness and failure. But they are
still wants, even if it is on an unconscious basis.

So here's a concept that goes hand in hand with
eating a raw diet. What kind of mental diet do you
consume? Do you eat what I call a Divine Mental
Diet, or do you eat an Anti-Divine Mental Diet?

Every time you feel fear, anger, disappointment,
hatred, anxiety or any other kind of negative
feeling, you are eating the Anti-Divine Mental Diet.
A raw diet is great because it is the physical
equivalent of the Divine Mental Diet. It's a diet
that naturally leads you to a more spiritually
focused life. It increases the spiritual
conductivity of your cells and the light in your

But if you counteract the Raw Food Diet with the
Anti-Divine Mental Diet then you will be killing
your progress.

If however you eat an Optimal Raw Food Diet and the
Divine Mental Diet you'll literally be soaring in
the heavens. You'll escape the bounds of the very
limited and tight feeling negative consciousness.
You'll feel an incredible sense of love and a
spiritual sense of expansion that is unbelievable.
You'll want to give love and just GIVE in general,
because it makes you feel great. And by giving you
attract abundance in all areas of your life from the
Inner Internet that we are all hooked up to.

You'll start attracting all the things in life that
you want because you are focused only on the
positive things you want out of life. Any time you
feel the fear and limitation kicking in, you know
that you have just switched to the Anti-Divine Diet.
You have literally started focusing on the things
you don't want.

Yet remember that a small and fearful part of you
actually wants you to experience negative emotions.
Your own attraction to negativity can create an
instant hell for you. If you didn't have the desire
for these things at some level then you'd never
experience these emotions at all.

You must admit that you get a certain level of
satisfaction out of getting angry. On a certain
level, anger feels good. To be angry you have to be
a victim. So this puts you into a less than powerful
spiritual state.

Can you imagine someone who has complete control of
their lives ever getting angry at someone? An all
powerful being has no reason to get angry because
they have everything they want.

That is the state that you must live from. Assume
and trust that God supplies all your needs now. You
can even say to yourself throughout the day, "God
supplies all my needs now." Or ,"I am a Divine Being
and a miracle, everything in my life is working
perfectly." Worry doesn't help you solve problems it
only perpetuates them. Focus on the solution and not
on the problem.

This is the Divine Diet in action and it requires
trust in a higher power. It can take many years of
experimentation to develop this trust. You can speed
this process up by doing the technique below.

Pretend you are Divine:

Why don't you just make an experiment and trust
God, no matter what, for a whole week. It couldn't
hurt you could it? All you have to do is to switch
to the Divine Diet as much as possible. You must of
course believe that there is some kind of Divine
Higher Power or God. But you don't have to have that
belief to start with, you can just pretend you
believe in a higher power and "act as if" it is
really there. If you truly allow yourself to do
this, I bet you will feel the awesome Divine Power
flowing through your life within one week.

By the way, I realize that some people can access
the Divine Consciousness without eating a 100% raw
food diet. I used to be able to do that, but my body
no longer allows it. My food and my thoughts have to
be aligned for me to feel my best and to be able to
easily access my Divine Self Awareness. From my
experience with hundreds of raw foodists, most of
them claim that the raw diet makes them more
spiritually attuned as well.

So if you want the best out of life, I encourage
you to eat an Optimal Raw Food Diet and the Divine
Mental Diet as much as possible.

Eating the Divine Mental Diet also makes going 100%
raw much easier. You just focus on all of the life
enhancing benefits you expect to experience by
eating a raw food diet. If you focus on the benefits
of eating raw, at all times during your transition
to eating raw then your cravings for cooked food
will drop 90%. This is one of the secrets to
switching to a 100% raw food diet with barely any
cravings at all. All you have to do is consume the
Divine Diet.


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