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The Superbeing System
Friday, December 10, 2004
Think and Go Raw
Dear Health Conscious Friends,

I've come up with a new website www.ThinkAndGoRaw.com. The name as you can tell is a take off on the most famous book on success, "Think and Grow Rich," by Napolean Hill. To succeed at the Raw Food Diet requires learning the right psychological and dietary techniques. Long term and successful raw foodists have a very different mindset than you're average cooked food eater and even a very different mindset and belief system than the people who are eating an 80% Raw Food Diet.

Learning how to go raw requires changing habits and breaking lifelong addictions. Some people are good at making changes in their lives. I am and it's not because it came easy. It happened because I wanted to make changes in myself and the more changes I made the easier changing became. Learning how to change habits is a skill that anyone can learn. You just have to learn how to press the right buttons and change becomes easy to make.

Unfortunately some people have a very hard time changing. They believe there will be too much pain in changing. Or they believe they are too old. Unfortunately they are prisoners to their own false beliefs. They didn't do enough work on themselves and they are afraid of life. Afriad to change anything. This leads to a life with very little personal growth and spiritual transformation. Of course this is completely the individual's choice. I wish I could somehow let people know that chaning is easy if you just know the right buttons to push in yourself.

On the current homepage of www.ThinkAndGoRaw.com I give 27 tips for succeeding at the raw diet. How you think plays an important role if you become a successful raw foodist. (By the way, this is the first time I am using Dreamweaver and so I'm not very adept as of yet at making good looking webpages. That will come with time. Transitioning from doing stuff with Frontpage 2000.)

Your mental diet can be just as important as your physical diet. The kind of thoughts you think dramatically affect your level of cravings when you are transitioning to a raw food diet. If you focus on what you are missing you will have tremendous cravings. If you focus on the benefits of going raw and the delicious tastes of raw food your cravings will go down at least 90%.

Then you can finish those cravings off completely by preparing a delicious raw meal and eating it. Once you are full you simply won't have the cravings if your focus is maintained on what I mentioned above.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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