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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Why I was Stupid to Not Tell You about this Book Sooner
Why I was Stupid to Not Tell You about This Book

About two years ago I read a self-help book that
made some amazing claims as to what you could
achieve. In just three minutes, with only 3 steps,
you can achieve personal success and real
happiness. It claimed to help you succeed in every
major area of your life, including health, finances
and relationships.

I remember reading the book and thinking, it was a
nice story and very well written. But it was
nothing new. It certainly wasn't worth the money he
was asking for it. But maybe I would have had a
different opinion if I had been using his formula

About six months later I made the acquaintance
with an author who was good friends of the author
of this book. He offered to promote the book to my
list of subscribers with two bonus books included
as well. Now the offer was much more valuable. But
after thinking about it, I still didn't think the
book was worth the money. So I couldn't, in good
conscience, offer that book to my subscribers.

Let's fast forward ahead to a couple of weeks ago.
I got hold of an interview with the author of this
book, John Harricharan. In the interview he spoke
about his book and his simple formula for success
and happiness. It got me to thinking that I should
read the book again.

After all, I realized that his formula did work, I
had been using it in a slightly different way, but
every time I did use it I would see immediate
results that or the following day. It works like
magic, and sometimes you can't be sure if the
results are coincidence or because of the technique.

One of the main benefits to his technique is the
shortness and simplicity of it. Any person over 7
years of age can do it and it only takes three

Who has time in our modern world to sit for three
hours meditating every day? Any time you have three
minutes to spare you can do this technique. The
great thing about it is that it is very relaxing
and makes you happy right away. It gets you're
energy flowing towards happiness and your most
important goals. So at the minimum, it can get you
happy, in a hurry. Just that in itself, is a worth
the price of the book. But you can get much more
than that with John's book called "The Power Pause."

Let me ask you a quick question. If someone were
to offer you a formula that guaranteed you to win 9
out of 10 horse races, would you buy it? What if
that formula were only one page long? Would the
length of the formula matter?

I don't think it would because if you could win 9
out of 10 times while gambling on horse races,
you'd basically have your very own money tree. A
formula like that would be worth $100,000 or more
to you. If you had $100,000, you could pay for the
formula and within a couple of months you could
have won all that money back and started making a
profit because it was so valuable. Within a year
you would be a millionaire from this one page
$100,000 formula.

The Power Pause is easy to do and it activates the
law of attraction. Your most cherished desires
start coming to you as if you were a magnet for
anything you wanted. Yes, you still have to take
some action to achieve most of your goals, but it's
much easier when the Universe wants you to succeed
as well. Everything starts going in your favor.
People start calling you, the right ideas fall into
your lap and you have the super desire and energy
to pursue your dreams.

Now there is one thing about this book that I
didn't like. It didn't have an index. So it was
hard to find the key ideas or where certain
principles are discussed. So I made up my own
index. I also pulled out the key points, so I could
easily refer to them. I also made notes on how I
could increase the effectiveness of the Power
Pause. In essence, I've created a guide to getting
the most out of The Power Pause.

Now I went back and took a look at his website in
which he sells the book. I realized that he now
offers much more than the book itself, which is 124
pages long. (You can read it in about two hours.)
John has added many powerful bonuses.

At this point in my life, I realize how extremely
valuable his book actually is. He doesn't need the
extra bonuses to make the book worth while. But
they are great bonuses indeed.

I have decided to make it even more appealing to
you get this life-changing book. I'm going to throw
in my own valuable bonuses if you buy his book from
my affiliate link.

The first thing I'll give you is my personal
guide, index and summary of the main principles of
the Power Pause book. You'll know exactly where in
the book to find the most important points. And
you'll have the principles summarized for you. It
will help you get the most out of the book.

I'm also going to show you how you can get access
to John Harricharan's interview about the book.
There is something special about this man.
Listening to his voice is so soothing; he seems to
come from such a place of peace. In the interview
he also discusses how he had a debilitating health
condition but when his assistant reminded him to
read his own book, he was able to get rid of his
cane within three days.

This resource I'm going to show you is much more
than an audio interview with John Harricharan, it's
actually a series of interviews with the world's
most prominent self-help teachers. There are going
to be 26 interviews with these people. I've
listened to five of them. Each and every one of
these interviews has really improved my life. I
especially liked the interview with Dr. Robert
Anthony. He spoke about the same principles as John Harricharan.

Sometimes you just have to be ready to hear
something. You could hear and read about it for
years, but not really understand how to properly
use it in your life. Once I heard Dr. Anthony's
interview I had a better understanding of how the
law of attraction really works and immediately put
it to use in my life for outstanding results. All
sorts of things career wise just started going my

You'll hear interviews, from Jack Canfield, Mark
Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy (that was a good one, I
think one technique he mentioned is going to
revolutionize my life.)

You'll also get a great interview with T. Harv
Eker in which he gives you a free coupon to a
weekend seminar. This guy Harv Eker is really
sharp. I think you'll love this interview.

There's also a great interview with Dr. Joe
Vitale. He's a fantastic author. Besides this
interview, I'll also give you his ebook, "The
Greatest Money Making Secret in History," and I'll
show you how to access his other great personal
development ebook called, "Spiritual Marketing."
Both of those books have made a profound impact on
my belief system and about creating the life of my

Other famous author include Robert Allen, John
Gray, as well as 26 weeks of interviews with the
world's top marketing experts including Jay Abraham.

You can get those Dr. Joe Vitale ebooks, the Power
Pause Guide and 26 weeks of super valuable audio
interviews, if you purchase The Power Pause from my
affiliate link and then send me an email copy of
your receipt. Once I get the receipt, I'll give you
the link to the download page for all of these
bonuses. You must buy the book from this link to
get your bonuses.


Extra Bonus:

As an extra special bonus I'll also include my 4-
week Online Seminar called, "Your Hidden Power."
You'll learn how to tap into your full, yet hidden
potential. It will show you how to motivate
yourself to do the raw diet or anything else you'd
like to achieve. You'll discover creative
techniques to help you BELIEVE in your ability to
attract your desires. You'll learn how to instantly
tap into your personal Magic Genie and access
resources you never knew you had access to. You'll
get all the course materials but I won't be giving
you feedback specifically dealing with the course.

So please take a look at, "The Power Pause," and
if you decide to get it from my affiliate link,
I'll throw in all of the extra bonuses mentioned


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

Superbeing Training
A-1 Riverview Dr.
South River, NJ 08882


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This email is Copyright © 2005, Roger Haeske
All rights reserved.

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