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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Are you still hungry?
Have you ever felt hungry after eating a full raw meal? Do you wonder why that happens? Below I answer a letter from one of my subscribers that will show you what to do to stay full.


Hi Roger,

I enjoy your emails. I have not gone totally raw yet. Am working on it. I have a question & I know you must be flooded with questions, so I'm not sure I will hear back from you, but thought I'd try anyway. I am now engaged to a man who is 6 ft 4 inches & slender & somewhat muscular & is 68 yrs old & has a job that is medium strenuous, not sedentary, but not grueling at all.

I am trying to learn to cook raw for him & myself. I am having a hard time filling him up with raw food. He sometimes gets hungry after only an hour after a meal. By the way, he's a new vegetarian, but he loves it. He has eaten meat all his life up to now. Could his body just be in the habit of eating too much, so that a raw meal doesn't FEEL like enough to him?

I have studied a lot of nutrition & have eaten a good diet all my life, but not quite all raw. And I have studied your emails as well as other raw material.

If you are able to answer emails, I will eagerly look forward to one, & I thank you MUCH in advance for your help.




Hi Judy,

I think the answer may be a simple one. He simply needs more calories, but these calories should come from sweet fruit and not fatty foods. A salad, even with an oily dressing and an avocado won’t satisfy some people’s appetites.

They never satisfy me. Whenever I go out to a raw restaurant, I usually need to eat two or three entrees to get close to feeling full. To feel satisfied we need to have the best fuel source, that would be the sugar from sweet fruit.

Keep this important principle in mind. He’s going to need about the same number of calories that he was getting from cooked food, in raw foods. That requires eating much more in the way of volume. He might feel artificially full before he really is full.

Fruits and vegetables are the lowest calorie per bite foods. They take up much more space per calorie than oil for instance.

Let me explain this better. You have to eat much more weight and volume in fruits and vegetables to get the same number of calories that you would get in a typical cooked food meal.

Here’s another interesting tidbit. One pound of oil contains 3.900 calories. One pound of green vegetables is around 100 calories and of sweet fruit is about 250 calories. So it’s very easy to overeat fatty foods.

Just keep on making the same meals as before and watch the fat content. But before he eats the dinner meal, he needs to fill up on as much fruit as he feels necessary.

He might need to eat 5 bananas or more or make a banana smoothie with blueberries. Or eat mangoes or grapes. The key is to get enough calories from fruit. Then let it digest for about 15 minutes or more and then he can have the raw dinner meal.

If he is still hungry after the meal, it probably means that he didn’t eat enough fruit at the beginning of the meal. You can also have fruit in your salad if you don’t add any oil or fatty foods to it. Cut up apples or some citrus fruit like oranges and add them to your salad. This will help to increase the carbohydrates in the meal, so that you will feel full.

He will feel full when he has consumed enough calories, enough nutrients and his stomach has stretched. The stomach has stretch receptors to signal we are full by detecting the volume of food eaten, not the weight of the food. The fiber and water content of raw fruits and vegetables will make your stomach stretch much more than it is used to.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the highest nutrient, per calorie, ratio foods. You get full faster because the food is high in bulk and nutrients. But it takes some time for big eaters to learn to eat enough fruit to be satiated.

They’ll have to learn how to stretch their stomachs more than they are used to. Cooked foods are dehydrated and much higher in calories per bite. Plus they are loaded with toxins due to the cooking, refining and additive process. These toxins if not removed will be stored in your body’s fat cells, making you fatter.

I don’t recommend combining sweet fruit with avocado or nuts and seeds. Fatty foods are the hardest to digest and take up to 4 hours or more to digest. If you eat a fatty food and then eat sweet fruit in the next 1 to 4 hours, the fruit may ferment in your system while it is waiting to be digested.

It’s always best to eat fruit first. Save your fat meals for the evenings. Even then, you should try to keep your daily fat consumption to 10 to 15% of total calories consumed.

I recommend a low fat, raw diet if you want to have optimal health. I also recommend the reduction or the elimination of the use of oils. I wouldn’t use oils or too many fatty foods.

You can make delicious low fat dressings without oil or vinegar. You can also make quick and hearty recipes that are low fat. These recipes and raw food preparation principles are available at my website:


Let me know if this information helps your fiancé.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

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