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Friday, March 18, 2005
Magic Questions that Rip Profitable Ideas from Your Subconscious Mind

Magic Questions that Rip Profitable Ideas from Your Subconscious Mind

© 2005, Roger Haeske

“How Two Simple Ideas, Saved Me 15 Minutes per Day and Increased my

I’m going to share a story with you of how I recently used Magic
Questions to improve my life. As you may know, I have been writing about
the Magic Questions System for many years.

This article will show you how to put Magic Questions to work in your
life for any goal you want to achieve. My four week E-Seminar called
“Your Infinite Power,” goes into the Magic Questions System in detail.

** What are Magic Questions, you might be asking?

They are simply questions that direct your conscious and subconscious
mind toward a positive goal or solution. The key in life is coming up
with the right question. Once you have the right question, the answer
usually comes quickly.

Once you start using Magic Questions you become like an inventor. You
are constantly wondering how you can do something better. It could be
any process in life, from getting better gas mileage, receiving a raise
at your job, finding the love of your life, experiencing radiant health
or motivating others to improve the world.

Countless people don’t ask themselves many questions at all. If they do,
those questions are often negative.

** Why do I always fail?
** Why do I have a horrible backhand? (For tennis players.)
** Why can’t I keep a job?
** Why does my mother in law hate me?

Ask and you shall instantly receive. Any question you ask will instantly
start attracting answers to you. So if you ask, “Why am I addicted to
cooked food?” You will get a list of answers.

But do these answers get you closer to your goal? Actually, they’ll
probably make you feel bad about yourself. It will tell you all the
reasons why you can’t succeed.

Some better questions would be.

** How can I enjoy eating a healthy raw food diet?
** What are the health, beauty, mental and athletic benefits of eating a
raw food diet?

One of the key ideas with Magic Questions is to focus your questions on
a positive goal. In other words, ask for what you want, not for what you
don’t want. You have to expect that you can get what you are asking for.

All inventions and innovations start with a question. It has been this
way since the beginning of humanity. Magic Questions show you how to be
an active inventor and innovator in your own life.

Here’s my story.

** Recently I was asked to temporarily take over the complete moderation
duties of a big raw food forum. This is a forum I used to be heavily
involved in, but it got so big that I couldn’t handle all the emails
coming into my inbox.

I was getting 20 to 30 extra emails throughout the day. Reading and
deleting all those emails one by one was becoming very time consuming.
So I adjusted my membership settings so I didn’t receive emails but the
daily digest instead.

However, I barely ever read the daily digest. I preferred being able to
quickly glance at the subject line and decide to open the email or not.
To make a long story short, I was no longer involved in this forum,
because it was taking up too much of my time.

When I was asked to moderate the forum, I asked myself a better question
than in the past. This is what I asked myself.

** How can I get involved with the forum again and not waste so much
time reading and deleting emails, one by one?

In the past, I DIDN’T ASK THIS QUESTION persistently enough and
therefore I just assumed that I would have to almost completely neglect
the forum.

** But if you ask a better question, you get a better answer **

The first answer I got was to create a special folder, just for this
forum, in my email reader Outlook. That was a good answer because with a
special folder I could very quickly delete messages that I didn’t want
to read.

This removed these forum messages from my Inbox, so that if I didn’t
have time, I could completely ignore them and not have to do any
additional work. This idea would save me a lot of time if:

Then my second question came instantly and was answered just as quickly
from my subconscious.

** How can I automate the process so that my email program Outlook,
automatically puts the emails into this folder for me?

This was the jackpot question. Once I came up with that question that is
when the timesavings really began. For years, I have been manually
moving emails from my inbox to over 30 special folders.

I could save so much time if I could automate this process.

I remembered that I could filter junk mail, so why not be able to filter
emails directly into the folder I wanted. At the time I didn’t know that
I could do this or how.

Within 15 minutes, I learned how to do it. I’ve automated 10 different
folders already. This is saving me an average of 15 minutes per day.

An extra 15 minutes per day comes out to almost 4 days over the course
of a year. I’ll probably be able to save much more time by automating
this process even further.

Imagine that, I had the technology to do this for at least 5 years, but
never even thought about trying to automate it. I guess, I was just
happy when I figured out how to make the folders, at all. It reminds me
of when I was teaching a friend of mine how to cut, copy and paste on
his computer.

He had been using his computer for editing documents for years and
didn’t know how to cut and paste. He also had internet access but didn’t
know how to use his browser’s address bar. The only way he could go to
websites was by using a search engine or from the links people sent him
via email.

He had no idea he could do these things until I taught him. I took many
of these things for granted because I learned them in college, was
taught by friends with computers or I discovered them on my own

I’m sure there are a certain percentage of my subscribers who don’t know
how to cut and paste. Some of you are brand new to computers or never
had someone teach you the basics.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you don’t look to optimize
things with Magic Questions, you could be wasting a lot of time and not
be realizing your full potential.

** Getting back to the main story. Now that I asked those two questions,
I’ve received two major benefits. I’m saving at least 15 minutes per
day. I am also more active on the raw food forum. Being active on the
forum has enriched my life and already increased my sales and important

Now you can see what happens when you start asking Magic Questions.
Always ask yourself how you can improve something.

* How can I do this faster?
* How can I delegate this task?
* What is the Silver Lining behind this problem?
* How can I spend more time doing what I am best at?
* What brings me the most joy?

Remember to ask questions that direct you toward things that you want to
achieve. There are always finer levels of Magic Questions.

The writing and editing process is one of Magic Questions as well. I ask

How can I add more value to this article?
How can I make it easier to understand?
How can I make it more exciting?

Sometimes I even ask myself if there are any grammatical or spelling
mistakes. ? Unfortunately, grammar was not my best subject, I’m slowly
getting better and there’s always something I miss. I just hope I can
understand me.

*~* How to Virtually Guarantee Your Success *~*

If you really want to take your life to the next level, I recommend you
use Magic Questions in combination with the Power Pause Success Formula.
I have been doing just that every morning and coming up with powerful
ideas that are improving my life and business profits on a daily basis.

These are the two most powerful and easy to implement self-improvement
techniques I have ever used in my 22 years of studying self-help. I
spend about 15 minutes doing both of them every morning.

Both of these techniques work hand in hand. Using them together actually
magnifies the effectiveness of the other technique. They work

The Power Pause is right-brained and Magic Questions is more
left-brained. You combine the creative with the logical to magnify the
power of your ideas and results.

If you do these techniques every morning, you’ll be on fire. It’s the
best way to start a day. You’ll be full of positive goals and be fueled
with the desire to reach your most cherished dreams. You’ll work faster
and have all sorts of energy and creativity that you wouldn’t have, if
you didn’t start your day this way.

You can learn more about the Magic Questions System, at the Power Pause
Success Formula: Bonus Package website.


My e-Seminar called “Your Infinite Power,” goes into the Magic Questions
System in depth. It is one of the bonuses if you purchase the Power
Pause Success Formula.

I’ll also show you the exact system I use every morning and how I add
two brief writing exercises to magnify the power of both of these

You can get it all at the site below.


I’d suggest you try using some of the Magic Question techniques in this
article first, to prove to yourself that it really works. Use Magic
Questions to get a raise or start a new business. Use it to start a new
habit that will improve your life.

You can also get my most up to date reports on the Magic Questions
System at no cost to you at:


You can engineer Magic Questions for any goal you have. It is super
powerful; I know you’ll be happy and amazed after using it. Just
remember to use it on a daily and even hourly basis.

It won’t do you any good if you don’t use it. Don’t just read about this
and say that sounds great and then forget about it. This time, really
put this technique to work in your life. You won’t regret it.

I hope you truly get some benefit from this article. Please let me know
how Magic Questions have improved your life.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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