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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
"Top Ten Reasons Why We Are Natural Fruit Eaters"
“Top ten reasons why we are natural fruit eaters and why eating lots of sweet fruit is safe and completely natural for healthy people.”

Raw sweet fruit is the staple food for humans. We can and should eat lots of vegetables, leafy greens and some nuts and seeds. But sweet fruit is the best thing for healthy humans. Here’s a list of ten reasons, why I believe that to be the case.

Top Ten List:

1. Fruit has beautiful attractive colors and scents. It tastes great and it’s easy for us to get.

2. You feel happy after eating fruit. Raw fruit has a special electrical charge or something about it that makes you feel happy when you eat it. Cooking, pasteurizing and drying fruit removes this happiness effect.

3. Fruit can make a complete and tasty meal by itself.

4. Fruit is the easiest food for us to digest. Raw fruit frees up the most energy for us because it digests in the least time out of any other raw whole foods. This is why raw foodists who eat fruit have so much extra energy and why their bodies can heal.

5. We know that early humans were predominantly fruit eaters.

From “Fit for Life,” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, page 62.

On May 15, 1979, The New York Times ran a story on the work of Dr. Alan Walker, an eminent anthropologist at John Hopkins University. The story was a bombshell for those doctors, dietitians and nutritionists not aware of the immense importance of fruit in the human diet. Dr. Walker's findings indicate that our "early human ancestors were not predominantly meat eaters or eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves or grasses. Nor were they omnivorous. Instead they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit." Dr. Walker developed a fascinating way of determining dietary trends by studying the striations, or markings, on teeth. All foods leave distinctly different markings on teeth. In his studies of fossilized teeth, Dr. Walker noted that, to date, "No exceptions have been found. Every tooth examined from the hominids of the twelve-million year period leading up to Homo Erectus appeared to be that of a fruit eater."

6. Our closest primate relatives the Chimpanzees and the Bonobos naturally eat a high fruit and low fat diet. The digestive systems of these primates are very similar to our own. The DNA of the Bonobos is at least 99% the same as that of humans.

7. Most fruit are low to middle on the Glycemic Index. Even bananas are considered on the low end of the Glycemic Index. According to the book, “The New Glucose Revolution,” bananas are a 51 with foods 0 – 55 considered on the low end of the Glycemic Index. Intermediate is 56 – 69 and high is 70 or higher.

Cooked starches and complex carbohydrates are often much higher on the Index than raw fruit. It used to be believed that complex carbohydrates break down into blood sugar much more slowly than simple sugars, but it is now known that there are many other factors that affect the Glycemic Index of a food. Cooked starches have been shown to cause hyper and hypo thyroid problems as well as damaging blood sugar metabolism.

8. Fruit has the nutrients and fibers to help slow the absorption of their sugars into the bloodstream. This creates a steady rise in blood sugar in people with a healthy blood sugar metabolism. Diabetics are now given fibers such as guar gum to slow the absorption of sugars from their meals. Guar gum is naturally present in bananas.

9. Fruits are very high in antioxidants and phytonutrients that have been shown to prevent cancer and heart disease. A tomato contains over 10,000 phytochemicals. Animal foods have low to no levels of these nutrients.

From “Eat to Live,” page 53: The greater quantity and assortment of fruits and vegetables consumed, the lower the incidence of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. (This particular quote is substantiated by six studies he references in the back of his book. I’ll give you the first one to start out with: Gillman, M. W., L. A. Cupples, D. Gagnon, et al. 1995. Protective effect of fruits and vegetables on development in stroke in men. JAMA 273 (14) 1113-17.)

10. Every cell in the body is fueled by glucose and most cells by fructose, these sugars are abundant in raw fruits. Sugar is the bodies preferred fuel.

Fruit is the miracle food for athletes as stated by the former director of nutrition for the US. Olympic Team. It provides the fuel needed for fast acceleration. Fat cannot fuel any kind anaerobic or fast paced activities like sprinting, playing basketball or tennis. I’ve also found that the more muscle I put on the more my need for fruit increases dramatically. I never crave meat, but I do crave fruit after working out.


I have many more reasons for you to consider the importance of fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruit being your number one food choice. They may come in future issues. By the way, if you can get wild fruit, that would be the best choice.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

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