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The Superbeing System
Saturday, March 26, 2005
Why you don't need Self-Discipline to Succeed
If you have to use self-discipline in your work,
you are doomed to failure.

I don't have a self-disciplined bone in my body.
We all do things every day. We move towards
things we like and love, and move away from
things that cause us pain.

Do you think I'm writing this article because I
am self-disciplined? Hell no! I'm writing it
because I get pleasure out of doing this - just
as I get pleasure from exercising, and I get
pleasure from eating a raw food diet.

Many people can't imagine gaining pleasure from
writing, exercising, or eating a Vegan Raw Food
Diet. But I, in fact, love doing these things.
However, there was a time in my life when I was
in high school and college that I hated
computers, writing, lifting weights and eating
fruits and vegetables.

So how did I do it? Did I use self-discipline to
make myself all of a sudden like these things?
Absolutely not. I am horrible at self-discipline.
But I am a motivated person as all people are.
Every single one of us on this planet is
motivated towards something.

Many of us are very self-disciplined at watching
TV, going to movies, playing video games, surfing
the web, eating out at our favorite restaurants,
or hanging out with friends. So we are all self-

Get it out of your mind that you lack self-
discipline. You can get yourself to do just about
anything if you really want to do it.

Life is about pleasure and not about self-
discipline. You must learn to master the two main
motivating forces in life: Pleasure and Pain.

Why do we file our income taxes? For most of us
it's not for the pleasure of it, but to avoid the
pain of going to jail or paying heavy fines. Why
do we want to go on vacation? Because we picture
all the enjoyment we will have.

So the key question is: how was I (and how will
you) be able to get yourself to do things that
you currently don't like?

There's obviously going to be a need of change
in your mindset. Are you going to have to force
yourself against your own will? This, I'm afraid,
can't be done for any great length of time.

What you have to do is to associate in your mind
more pleasure with the new activity and more pain
with the old activity. Then you have to keep
consciously doing this until you have established
a new habit. A new habit usually takes about 21
days to solidify, though it could take only a week.

Why is it that I enjoy writing now? It's not the
actual writing I enjoy, it's the ability to
express my ideas. I have a burning desire to help
people discover their full potential. Whenever I
discover something really helpful, I love sharing
it. That's just my personality type.

Several years ago I realized that writing is one
way, I can reach many people both via the
internet and through authoring regular books. My
desire for expression and the income I could
receive from writing overpowered my absolute
disgust at writing.

I also had a major change in my outlook in 1987
so that I felt I had something to write about. I
started keeping a journal and often wrote in it
several times throughout the day. Eventually I
realized that I liked writing. I especially
realized that I like writing letters to friends.
I have no problem whipping out long emails. I
know that most people are not like that. But this
is all related to desire.

How did I get myself to do a Raw Food Vegan
Diet? By reading books about the diet. I was so
impressed by what could be done I figured what
the heck, I'll give it a try. Right away, I got
out of a six and a half year depression.

Eliminating the pain of depression motivated me
to do the raw diet. If I ate at least 50% raw
foods throughout the day, I felt fine. When I had
days where I ate all cooked food, I quickly got
back into a depressed state. This has happened
over and over so I know it is the cooked food
causing this. In fact, I had tried several other
diets but they didn't have anything close to the
effects of a raw diet. So I don't think it was a
placebo effect.

But that was only a 50 to 70% raw diet. Yet I
knew there were many other benefits I would
achieve if I could go 100%. One day I ** decided
** to go 100% raw by focusing on all the benefits
and equating cooked food to being worse than
smoking. If you know me, I hate smoking with a
passion. So these things worked to get me started

Then I said I'd just do it for one month. If I
don't like it, I can always go back. I gave
myself the freedom to go back - hoping I would
choose to stay raw. During the initial week, I
had a hard time. I was on vacation and we were
passing all these great restaurants. I started
focusing on all the meals I was missing out on.
This made me very hungry.

Then I realized what I was subconsciously doing.
So I changed my thoughts and focused on how well
I was feeling and on all the amazing benefits
that I would reap from doing this diet. I also
realized that one day it would be easy for me to
eat raw when it became a habit.

That day has come. I never think about going out
to cooked food restaurants anymore. That desire
has completely left me. To completely get rid of
the desire for cooked food took me about a year.
But each week was easier than the week before.

You can train yourself to like anything. If you
like it or love it, you will be very self-
disciplined. So remember to use the force of
desire and you'll never fail again by trying to
use the concept of self-discipline or will power.
This desire you create must be a raging desire.
It must be really strong to get you over the

I recently read a fantastic book that will teach
you how to find out what you ** really ** want
out of your life. The book is by Jack Zufelt and
is called, "The DNA of Success." In it Jack shows
you how to find your Core Desires. Once you find
your Core Desires, they will unleash the
Conquering Force of Desire within you. You will
be motivated by desire and not self-discipline to
achieve your dreams.

If you are like many other people and don't know
what you want out of life then this is the book
for you. Jack also has audio programs so that you
can Unleash your Conquering Force while driving
to work. Make sure to check out his interview
with Mike Litman which can be found at this link
as well.

To find out more just click on this link.

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