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The Superbeing System
Sunday, August 14, 2005
Discover the 7 Easy Tricks to Staying Raw
Discover 7 Easy Tricks to Staying Raw

1. Plan ahead: have an overabundance of fruit at
your house. Make it look beautiful. Have fruits
and vegetables of many different colors spread
all throughout your kitchen.

Bring extra food with you when you travel or go
out to eat. Never assume you'll be able to get
what you want when you are away from your normal
food shopping places. Be a Boy scout and be

2. Eat plenty of food: Many new raw foodists
fail because they eat 1/2 to 1/3 less calories
than when they ate cooked food. With low fat raw
foods, you have to learn to expand your stomach
or eat many small meals to get the same calories
you did while eating cooked food.

3. Tasty Recipes: Learn to make recipes you
really enjoy.

www.HowToGoRaw.com will show you simple and yet
delicious raw food preparation techniques. In
many cases you can make delicious meals in 5 to
15 minutes.

4. Get excited: about the benefits of eating
raw. Never focus on what you are missing out on.
Imagine how healthy you'll be, how much happier
this diet is making you feel, how much more
spiritually in tune you are, feel the extra
energy, and see yourself at your ideal weight
because of eating this way.

Get excited about the new person you will become
and how this makes you a more powerful person,
because you've managed to conquer an addiction.

Daily reread a list of positive benefits to
going raw. Here's my list of over 40 of them.


Going raw really does make you more personally
powerful. Many people wouldn't even dream of
going raw because they feel it's so difficult. So
congratulate yourself.

Of course, with the right information and
support it can be quite easy to go raw. But it is
a life-changing accomplishment, nonetheless.

5. Gourmet Taste Buds: Develop gourmet taste
buds. The less you use spices and complicated raw
recipes the less you will crave cooked food. It's
difficult at first but eventually you adapt and
you won't be looking for so much stimulation.

Try eating only fruit for a day. Then expand it
to two days on another occasion. This will
gradually help you forget about having to make
complicated recipes with all sorts of spices and
less than healthful ingredients like salt.

6. Eat a 100% raw food diet. When your only
option is to eat raw, you stop thinking about and
craving cooked food. What you think about is so
important to whether or not you will be
successful at a raw diet. All things originate in

7. When you start craving cooked food there is a
very simple solution. You can still eat food,
just eat more raw food. It may not be the exact
flavor or texture that you want at that time, but
it will get you over the craving. Once you are
full, you are much less likely to want to eat
cooked food. The cravings pass with time.

8. Bonus Trick: Hire yourself a Raw Food Chef.
Find one that will prepare tasty meals but be
willing to make the food according to your
specifications. If you don't want Nama Shoyu or
oils added to your recipes, a good chef will find
ways to accommodate you. When you have great
tasting food always available, then going raw is

It's mostly about taste. We are addicted to the
tastes, textures and memories of cooked foods.
You can easily replace those memories with great
raw food memories. I now associate many good
times in my life with eating raw foods.

For a raw food catering or personal chef work in
the NYC area, I highly recommend you contact
Loren Bruni at loren@lorensrawfood.com. She's a
chef at the top raw food restaurant in the city.

Even the people who work there love her raw
dishes. What she prepares for them is different
from what they serve at the restaurant. She can
make you anything from the restaurant or her own

9. One final trick. Once you are 100% raw for a
month or two, it doesn't take much willpower to
stay raw. As long as you get enough variety and
are doing the raw diet correctly. It just becomes
a habit like anything else.

*** Little or No Willpower is Necessary ***

I don't ask myself anymore if I should go to my
favorite Thai food restaurant. But when I was
still eating cooked foods, I always had the
cooked food restaurant option.

Note: This kept me THINKING about and
associating good memories to cooked food. Once
the memories are gone from your consciousness and
you have delicious raw foods available, there
isn't much of a reason to go back to eating
cooked matter.

By the way, now I can go to a cooked restaurant
and just chose what is available raw. I don't do
it often, but mostly for social occasions. You
are not limited socially at all. But at first
when going raw it is easier for you to stay away
from cooked food until you are more secure in
your new radiant health lifestyle.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Are you having trouble staying 100% raw? Are you afraid of eating fruit? Are you sick of the time consuming effort of having to juice, sprout, dehydrate and ferment your foods? Discover the simple secrets to raw food success from the Raw Motivator and Radiant Health Coach, Roger Haeske. http://www.howtogoraw.com/health.htm for more info.
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