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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Why You Must Be Fit To Be Healthy

© 2005, Roger Haeske

It's very close to Thanksgiving here in the United States, a holiday
where overeating is expected. We also have Christmas and the many other
holidays coming up. During this holiday time, people tend to neglect
their bodies by overeating and forgetting to exercise.

In this article, I'm going to give you some powerful reasons to start
exercising and continue it on a regular basis for the rest of your life.

First, I'll start of with a quote from Dr. Douglas Graham who is one of
the top raw food speakers and authorities in the world and also a world
class sports nutritionist. I wrote this in yesterday's article but I
think it's a great way to get your attention and get started.

* Why It's Impossible To Be Healthy Without Being Fit

"The other part of your question was why so much attention to fitness
and that is because human beings are supposed to be fit. It's a natural
state of being for us to be fit and it's the one of the legs upon which
health is created. It is not possible and I will explain why in great
depth, but it is absolutely physiologically impossible for an unfit
person to be healthy."

"It is also impossible for an unfit person to be well nourished no
matter what diet they’re on. Even if they’re on the best diet in the
world, an unfit person cannot be well nourished and we’ll explain that
in depth because that usually rocks people pretty deeply to their core."

This quote is taken from Dr. Graham's interview with Frédéric Patenaude.
To get the whole interview please use this link:


* Study: Exercise Can Add 3.5 Years to Your Life

I just read this article last night. There were actually two studies
that showed that regular and vigorous exercise can extend your life.
Here's a short quote from the article.

"Life expectancy at age 50 for the medium activity group was 1.5 years
longer than for the low activity group. The high activity group lived
3.5 years longer.

The extra years were lived mostly free from heart disease."

This study suggests that the more you exercise the longer you'll live.
Regular exercise had a powerful effect on reducing heart disease.

* Exercise Makes You Smarter

Last year I read a study which showed that if you exercise regularly in
your older years, you won't lose your mental or thinking ability.

The study was done over 10 years on 290 European men between the ages of
70 and 90. What they found was astonishing in my opinion.

The men who continued their normal exercise routines for the period of
the trial lost no mental abilities at all. Loss of mental function was
3.6 times greater for men with the lowest levels of activity compared to
those who were the most active.

"The researchers found that the reduction in mental ability, as measured
by a standardized test, was 2.6 times greater in the men who reduced
their activity by an hour or more a day compared to those who maintained
their activity level."

* Vigorous Exercise Alkalizes the Body

Did you know that you can make your body more alkaline by doing vigorous
exercise that makes you breathe deeply?

This is an amazing benefit of my Lightning Speed Fitness Program. It
will get you huffing and puffing and therefore alkalizing your body. I
can noticeably feel the difference in how good I feel when I regularly
do Lightning Aerobics which is included when you get the Lightning Speed
Fitness Program.

In order to get this alkalizing affect, you have to exercise in the
right way. Because if you do it wrong, you will actually make your body
too acidic. But if you follow the Lightning Speed Aerobics Program
you'll not only alkalize your body but you'll also notice dramatically
increased energy levels.

My Lightning Speed Aerobics Program can be found in the Member's Only

If you'd like to see how fun and easy vigorous exercise can be, then I
suggest you get The Lightning Speed Fitness Program at this link:


* Exercise Helps With Detoxification

Our lymph system is like our human garbage disposal system. This is the
system that helps to remove all the toxins in your body.

The lymph system is a protector and a defense mechanism against
infection, viruses, bacteria, fungi and disease. It is comprised of
fluid, vessels, ducts and various other organs and structures. It clears
toxins, wastes, excess fluids, and infection from all tissues of the
body through proper flow and drainage provided this essential system is
functioning at its peak.

Every cell in your body is surrounded by lymph fluid. You have four
times more lymph fluid in your body than blood.

Here is an interesting fact; the lymph system does not have a pump.
Lymph fluid can only be pumped by deep breathing and exercise. This is a
clue that exercising was supposed to be a natural part of our design.
This again is why it is so important to exercise. You can never have
ideal health if you don't exercise regularly.

A book that goes into great detail about the lymph system and how to
naturally cure cancer is "The Fit For Life Solution," by Harvey Diamond.
If you have cancer or any disease or illness, then this book is
something you should definitely read. For more information on the book,
please visit this link:


Or maybe you just want to be fully educated in how your body runs and
heals itself. I think you'll be astonished at how the medical system
misunderstands the lymph system and is always trying to remove so-called
cancerous lymph nodes. Removing lymph nodes is removing a vital part of
the body's detoxification system, this doesn't result in increased

* All Humans 10,000 Years Ago Exercised Vigorously Every Day

Before the advent of agriculture or farming, humans were nomadic. They
had to travel long distances on a daily basis to get their foods. Here
are some interesting points made by Nutritional Anthropologist Geoff
Bond, in his book, "Natural Eating."

Early humans lived in groups of 35 to 50 people and had a territory of
about 200 miles which they ferociously defended. This group would camp
in one place for a few days then move on and make another camp 10 to 20
miles away.

Not only that but women, children and older men would walk an travel an
average of five miles per day while foraging for food. But men went out
on hunting for small game and would be collecting edible matter on an
opportunistic basis. They traveled between 9 and 12 miles per day on
their expeditions with periods of running or jogging.

I don't think humans could have been overweight and out of shape in
those days. The quality of the food was much better, even if they cooked
some of it and of course they exercised like crazy.

It is estimated that the average female adult energy expenditure was 600
calories per day compared to the 230 calories for today's sedentary
female office worker. Adult men on the other hand burned an extra 1,000
calories per day. Compare this with the modern male office worker
expenditure of 306 calories.

So you can see that from the earliest times humans always exercised
vigorously just in order to survive. Movement and activity was natural
for them and they were actually much healthier and longer-lived than
when humans switched to farming and living in one place.

I hope this information gives you even more motivation to exercise. I
know it has motivated me. I think I'll go do some Lightning Aerobics
right now.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

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