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The Superbeing System
Saturday, April 08, 2006
I Was Crying And Alone
Today I'm going to share with you an extremely
personal story. I tell it because maybe in some
way, my story can help you or someone you know.

I was crying with tears streaming down my face
and begging God to help me. I was so incredibly
alone, none of my friends were able to help me. I
tried talking to them but nothing relieved my
pain and terror.

In fact, I almost didn't feel like a member of
the human race anymore. I just wasn't able to
deal with people without feeling fear or having
to hold back from bursting out crying.

I couldn't look my friends or coworkers in the
eyes because I didn't want to reveal all of the
pain inside. My condition was so crippling it
blocked most normal social interactions. When I
closed my eyes to visualize, I saw darkness
instead of the glowing light I used to see.

Life was a living hell. I barely scraped by
financially. I was constantly worried about
getting fired and did get fired twice and barely
hung on to my other numerous jobs. I often had
panic attacks at work. In fact, I was frequently
terrified to go to work, but I had to force
myself to go, just to barely scrape by.

*** I Discovered My Miracle Cure ***

Then in 1996, after six and a half years of hell
due to depression and panic attacks, I discovered
my miracle cure. Within one day, I was out of
hell forever. All I did was read one book that
held the secret.

That book taught me that fruit was our ideal
food and the importance of eating raw foods. That
book saved me, but it didn't finish the job. For
one reason or another, I was never able to stay
100% raw for more than two or three months at a

Eating 50% raw foods was enough to keep me out
of depression. Eating 75% raw made me feel much
happier, but every time I went to eating 100%
raw, it was like being in a state of eternal
bliss. I went from hell to heaven just by
changing the foods I ate.

It took me five years of experimentation,
repeated failure, reading all sorts of raw food
books, and attending lectures by all the
prominent raw food educators around the world
before I discovered how to go 100% raw and stay
that way. After failing at going 100% raw more
than five times, I had given up hope. I was
convinced that my so-called body type was not
able to go 100% raw.

When I went to the first lecture by Dr. Douglas
Graham that warm August evening, in a cramped
health food store, located in an apartment in New
York City, I knew I finally had my answer. I was
so incredibly excited, it was a eureka experience.

After the lecture ended, I thanked Dr. Graham
with a tear in my eye and told him that I would
finally be able to go 100% raw because of the
breakthrough information he taught me that warm
August night.

Why do I tell you this story? Because I want you
to experience the blissful happiness, radiant
health and peak performance that an Optimal Raw
Food Diet brings.

Once you go raw, almost every major area of your
life starts improving dramatically. You meet old
friends and they are shocked at your new youthful
glow and say you look ten years younger. The
energy around you is irresistible and the person
that used to ignore you can't seem to move away
from you.

You feel so happy, you feel like screaming out
to the world, "I love my life." You've lost 27
pounds of unwanted fat and you finally see your
six-pack stomach muscles for the first time in 20
years. You have so much energy that a policeman
could pull you over for speeding because you walk
too quickly.

This is just a small taste of what happens to
the typical person who goes 100% raw and sticks
with it. I'm sure that if you attend some of Dr.
Graham's lectures, you too will achieve radiant
health, happiness and fitness.

*** What Is Better Than Attending Live Lectures?

What is better than attending his lectures? It's
having them recorded on 12 CD's. That way you can
listen to them at any time, while driving to work
or in the comfort of your own home. Any time you
need motivation, you just go back and listen to
one of his twelve life-changing CD's.

I'm talking about Dr. Graham's Perfect Health
Program with Frederic Patenaude. I own this great
program myself. If I had this back in 1996 when I
first was experimenting with raw, I would have
been spared five years of failure and experiments
that damaged my health.

I want to do everything in my power so that you
can get this program. If you follow his health
principles, I guarantee they will change your
life. Dr. Graham has worked with world-class
Olympic and professional athletes, celebrities
and movie stars and helped them all to go 100% raw.

Therefore, if you order the Perfect Health
Program through my affiliate link below, I'll
personally coach and support you for three months
to help guarantee your success with eating raw.


This coaching will be in the way of a free three-
month membership at my raw food coaching and
education website, How To Go Raw.com. You can
find out more about it and what you'll be
getting, by visiting this link.


By getting the Perfect Health Program and then
joining How To Go Raw.com, you'll gain all the
tools you need to succeed at going raw and loving

My site even has a special audio and ebook
program called, "Your First 30-Days Raw." You'll
learn all the tricks to master the hardest part
of going raw, which is the first 30 days. After
that, staying raw is easy, when you do it the
right way. Both of these resources will show you
how to eat raw and get all the nutrients your
body needs to have glowing health and super energy.

So go ahead and order the Perfect Health Program
from my link. Once you place your order, just
email me your order number, give me your full
name and I'll give you a free three-month online
membership to How To Go Raw.com.

If you're already a member at How To Go Raw.com,
you can give your extra membership to a valued
friend or family member whom you know would
really take advantage of this coaching program.


The normal cost of a three-month membership is
about $40, but how can one place a value on
regaining their life? Both programs in my opinion
are worth much more than what you pay for them.
But you'll have to be the judge of that. If you
want to take your life and health to the next
level, I think you know what to do.

*** Please Act Quickly - There Is A Deadline ***

There's one final thing. I want you to take
action on this offer quickly. If you dilly-dally
you may forget and never take action. Therefore,
I will remove this special offer when the first
50 people take advantage of it or at the end of
April, whichever comes first.

In addition, It's going to take me a lot of
extra time to coach 50 new people. That is the
other reason I have to limit the offer.

It's time to take action and step into a new
life. Use this link to start your new life and
become the best you. You'll unleash the
Superbeing within.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

P.S. Tomorrow I'm going to email you some notes
I took from one of the CD's of the Perfect Health
Program. You'll learn the science behind why
cooking damages, deranges and destroys the food
you eat and therefore your health, as taught by
Dr. Graham.
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