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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Mother Gains Courage... Stays Raw
"Nutritionist And Personal Trainer Believes Low
Fat Raw To Be The Best"

Once you've started eating more raw fruits and
vegetables, you'll probably feel the urge to 'go
to the next level.'

Or you might be wondering, how to stay raw while
your family, friends and society tempt you with
cooked food on a daily basis. Is there a way to
easily go raw and never even want to eat cooked
foods again?

Well in fact, there is and you can find it at
http://HowToGoRaw.com/success.html. How To Go Raw
is your secret to super healing, creating your
perfect body and feeling happier and more
energetic than a healthy seven year old.

Below I've included an instructive story from
one of my members at
http://HowToGoRaw.com/success.html. She's has
degrees in nutrition, dietetics and physiology
and yet even she needed support to help her to
succeed with staying raw.

You see, going raw is not just about
understanding how to eat a raw food diet
correctly. It's also about knowing how to stand
up for your own needs. I've seen so many people
sacrifice their own health and welfare because of
false notions about serving others.

We have to get rid of some false beliefs so that
we can achieve radiant health and happiness on a
raw food diet and for just about anything else in

Again, I go back to the 'freedom principles'
I've mentioned to you in past issues. At least
50% of the people I coach initially fail because
they've been enslaved by false and limiting ideas.

I'd say that 75% of people in general don't
understand the 'freedom principles' as espoused
by Harry Browne and others.

If you want to succeed in anything, you have to
be a leader and be independent of the so-called
'good judgment' of others. You have to make
decisions that are in your best interest. Because
you will only serve others best if you are happy.

Ok then, below is Sandra's story. Please read it
carefully as she includes some tips that can help
you to make going raw much easier. She's also
left an audio recording for you at this page.
She's the second testimonial down the page.


I am fairly new to Roger's Forum but I have
noticed a huge difference in my commitment to raw
since I've joined. I don't know anyone else that
is raw, so finding a support buddy is nearly

I have been learning about the benefits of raw
foods for 2 years. I know they have changed my
life and health dramatically.

I have degrees in nutrition, dietetics and
physiology so I know the science behind eating
this way. I have studied many different raw diets
and experimented on my own to see how they
effected my health.

It has been a journey and I keep moving forward.
Roger's low fat vegan raw is the one that works
hands down.

My downfall has been not making that 100% raw
commitment. My family is not raw and of course a
lot of happiness and emotions are connected with
what I now know as food addictions. I have been
100% raw off and on but always come off to please
others, get trapped in the addiction and then it
takes me a long time to crawl out of the hole
I've dug.

Roger's email "Is your family your excuse to
stay sick?" really hit home! I need to post this
up on my wall!!!!

Having Roger's feedback often gets me to look at
things from a different perspective. I may not
even see something as an issue but with his
comments it gives me new information, allows me
to really listen closer to my body, and guides me
to a new level of health.

I have a lot of knowledge. I have been a
personal trainer myself for many years. It takes
more than that to succeed. Knowing is just the
beginning. Putting it into action and having it
work for you is a completely different thing.

Someday's I spend so much time and effort
helping others that I don't take care of myself.
When I am in a weakened state, I make weak
choices. When I let this continue, I find I am
not much help to anyone. It took me a long time
to realize that I, myself need help. I need
guidance. I need an outside perspective. This is
what I have gotten from How To Go Raw!

The health benefits come automatically when
making right decisions. Learning what decisions
are right and acquiring the courage to make them
is key. Some of my problems with being 100% raw
seem fairly simple now that I can look back on

Not having enough raw food in the house was one.
Now I order in cases. This is new to me and was a
challenge in the courage department. But I've
conquered it and it is easy now. I have a
wonderful supply of raw foods surrounding me.
This is what I want!

This was a decision I did not make until joining
How To Go Raw. Just reading others posts and
Roger's replies, I gained a lot of insight on
what I needed to be doing to succeed. I now have
fallen in love with being raw.

There is no other way to describe it. When
you're in love, you don't care what other people
do. You don't need to struggle to find the
courage. It just comes naturally. When you
embrace raw, all else seems to fall away. The
support forum has helped me see this, feel this
and whenever I need a boost it is there for the

Sandra Dwan

Here again is the link to listen to her brief
audio recording which is different than the above



I hope you enjoyed and learned something from
Sandra's story.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness,
Roger Haeske

P.S. If you want to raise your health,
happiness, fitness and freedom to the next level,
then come on over to my premier raw food coaching
and support website. Do you want to struggle
needlessly for years or achieve radiant health NOW?

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