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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Science Proves Cooked Food Carcinogenic
I think some people really don't yet believe
that cooked food is dangerous to their health.
They want scientific proof. Actually, there's
loads of scientific proof, if you want to find
it. Most nutritionists simply ignore the
evidence, because they believe cooking to be a
normal and healthy process. But lets not confuse
normal with healthy.

Today I'm going to share with you some notes I
took from Dr. Graham's Perfect Health Program CD
number one. You are going to learn exactly how
cooking damages, deranges and destroys nutrients
and creates carcinogens and toxins.

These notes are from track 20 out of 24 of the
first CD called, "A Diet That Works." This
information packed CD alone, is 74 minutes long
and there are 11 other CD's in the system. I wish
I had this program when I first went raw in 1996,
I wouldn't have failed so many times at going raw.

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** How Cooking Destroys Nutrients and Therefore
Your Health **

(I'm going to give you snippets of information.
It's not going to read exactly like an article.
Just a collection of quotes from Dr. Douglas
Graham. Plus I add some information as well.)

* Nutrients are lost, damaged, deranged or
destroyed by the cooking process.

* Here's an argument I hear all the time. Some
foods can only be consumed if they are cooked:

Dr. Graham's reply: This is nature's explanation
about the types of foods we shouldn't be eating.
If we have to cook a food in order to be able to
eat it, then it's not a food intended for human
consumption in the first place. We've survived
99.9% of human history without eating cooked foods.

(My Note: Dr. Graham had a detailed explanation
earlier in the CD of how long humans have been
eating cooked food versus raw food.)

* What happens to proteins when they are cooked?

Dr. Graham: Proteins are denatured by the
heating process. Heating creates enzyme resistant
bonds in the protein molecule. This means that
protein damaged by cooking can't be completely
broken down into its smaller constituent parts or
amino acids.

(Roger's comments: The human body can't use
protein anyway. It can only use the building
blocks of protein or amino acids. All proteins
must first be broken down into amino acids before
they can be used.)

These bigger pieces of protein are recognized as
attackers to the human body. This is why you see
a white blood cell explosion after the
consumption of cooked food. All whole foods
contain protein and therefore this response
happens. This is called by scientists, the white

Most mainstream nutritionists consider this
white tide to be normal. However, most blood
parameters vary by only 5 to 10% maximum. For
instance, blood calcium levels range between 9
and 11 that is plus or minus only 10%.

But white blood cell counts go anywhere from 3
million to 18 million and that is considered
normal and healthy. That is a 600% difference.

Normal is called healthy because it is what
everybody does or gets. But Dr. Graham believes a
low white blood cell count is healthy. (He
doesn't mean severely low white blood cell counts
as some very sick people experience.)

* What happens to fat when you heat it?

Dr. Graham: Heating fats to a high temperature
creates acrylamide which is a known carcinogen.

(Roger's comments: Some extra background
information I gathered for you: Here's some info
from the US FDA about acrylamide. Note that
French Fries and potato chips are cooked in oil.
So you could put acrylamide into the
carbohydrates and fats category.

" In April 2002, researchers in Sweden
discovered that cooking at high temperatures
could create acrylamide in many types of foods,
particularly starchy foods such as french fries,
potato chips, bread, rice, and processed cereals.

Scientists know that acrylamide causes cancer in
laboratory rats. They also know that contact with
large quantities of acrylamide can cause nerve
damage in humans. But no one knows whether the
tiny amounts of acrylamide in cooked foods can
cause cancer or have any other harmful effects
when ingested by people. "As soon as we heard
about this problem, we took action and laid out a
solid plan to learn more about acrylamide and to
reduce exposure to it," says Terry Troxell,
Ph.D., director of the FDA's Office of Plant and
Dairy Foods and Beverages.")

Fats normally have single or double bonds on the
molecular level. Heating fats creates
indigestible triple bonds. These heated fats
produce an extreme adverse impact in our ability
to uptake, transports and utilize oxygen and

The higher you heat a food, the worse the damage

* What happens to carbohydrates when they are

Dr. Graham: Caramelization which is a known
carcinogen. For instance, when you make toast,
that is caramelization. The blacker it gets, the
more carcinogenic it becomes.

(My Notes: Caramelization produces six different
levels of chemical reactions in the sugar
molecule. When you cook you are actually
practicing chemistry. In a typical soup, millions
of new molecules are created in the cooking
process. This is called a Maillard Reaction.
Boiling a potato creates 420 new molecules in the
potato that did not exist before it was cooked.)

Caramelization also makes sugars much more
readily available. This increases their glycemic
index or how quickly and how high the food raises
your blood sugar levels. Eating these kinds of
foods can cause dangerous spikes in your blood
sugar levels.

You don't want to have large spikes in your
blood sugar; it is very difficult on the body.
Fruit sugars however give a quick but mild rise
in blood sugar.

* How much can a food be heated before it starts
getting damaged?

Dr. Graham: How much can you heat your hand?
Whatever your hand can take is approximately how
much your food can be heated before it becomes


I hope you enjoyed this information from Dr.
Graham. I know I sure did.

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