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The Superbeing System
Monday, April 10, 2006
Woman Conquers Candida & Defeats Depression
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"Woman Defeats Depression, Candida, Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue With The Perfect Health Program"

I have two things I want to share with you today. First, I realize that up to 40% of my Superbeing Secrets Subscribers have not been receiving my newsletters. So I've put up the last four issues for you to read at my blog.


I'm also experimenting with a new mailing system to deliver the newsletter to you. Now everyone will get the chance to read the dynamic life and health changing information I share with you on a weekly basis.

This system has many cool features that will be useful to not only me, but you as well. You'll even be able to see an archive of all the past issues and much more.

Next, I want to say thank you and congratulations to all the people who have ordered The Perfect Health Program and the bonus three-month subscription to HowToGoRaw.com through my special offer.

Below I'm including the inspiring story of Sandra Dwan. Her health improved dramatically within just a few days of following The Perfect Health Program. Sandra is also a member of How To Go Raw.com.


From: Sandra Dwan

"The Information in This Program is Priceless"

Hi Roger~

I just wanted you to know I did the Perfect Health Program with Frederic and Dr. Graham last summer when it was live. I can't tell you how much it changed my life.

I was 100% raw most of the time but suffering from adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic candida and all the depression that goes along with those things. I couldn't figure out what was going wrong.

I was searching for health when all along it was staring me in the face. I thought maybe I was cleansing too fast or that maybe I needed to cleanse more.

I had some great fantastic days then followed by horrible days where I was moody and just plain exhausted. I couldn't exercise. I didn't want to even see the sun.

I sat and read books upon books looking for something that would improve my state of being. This is when the Perfect Health Program crossed my path.

Normally I never would have spent even close to the amount of money it cost to participate. BUT I was desperate and so I found the money. Man, was it the best money I ever spent in my life :o)

Within days all my health problems disappeared! The information in the program is priceless. It changed my life, my health and my happiness!

Many of the things Dr. Graham spoke of were very new to me. Others were basic knowledge but I needed to hear it from his mouth over and over. It has been 9 months since I took the program and I still hear his voice in my head encouraging me to make the right choices throughout my day.

It is an amazing program. I am so glad you are offering this program. Everyone needs to hear his message!

Sandra Dwan


After I received Sandra's unsolicited testimonial I asked her to give me even more detail. I wanted to know what kind of raw food diet she was eating, that was giving her these terrible health problems. Here is what she told me.


I never dreamed I would spend that much money on a program. But I hope everyone will consider it regardless of the price because it is worth every penny. It has saved me a lot of money in the long run~probably, money I might have spent on supplements or cleanses trying to feel better.

I was doing a lot of things wrong at the time. I was not eating enough fruit (hesitant because of the candida). I was not getting enough greens (I focused more on vegetables, eating many I did not even care for), I was eating too much fat (consuming at least 1 avocado per day which I don't like, oil and nuts ~which I am allergic to, way too much salt, nama shoyu, bragg's liquid aminos, etc.).

I am a tall, skinny girl and felt I needed the "healthy" fat. When I initially changed my diet (before raw) I lost some weight. This is a little scary for those who don't GET it! I knew I was on the right path in spite of those who thought I was anorexic and needed to see a psych.

And then of course battling the chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and depression didn't help. What I needed was a good coach NOT a psych. Because of the adrenal fatigue it was easy for me to stay up really late and then drag all day. I was not sleeping properly. Because of the fatigue and depression I didn't go out much, therefore very little sunshine.

I would go from the bed to the kitchen and make my morning smoothie or avocado applesauce which generally had some nuts in it. Then back to the couch to read some health book. That is where I stayed most of the day. My first son was 2 and I was pregnant with my second. So I got very little exercise.

I learned about the Tibetian rites somewhere during my pregnancy and started slow on those but rarely got the 21 reps in. I also did a pregnancy yoga tape on my good days. I never paid any attention to food combining but didn't eat a lot of dehydrated foods because I didn't have a dehydrator.

My key to success is now low-fat, get sleep, get sunshine, get exercise, eat tons of greens (which is a huge deal to me~even being 100% raw low fat vegan isn't enough~I need LOTS of greens) Greens change my mood and feeling of well-being within a half hour after eating. Apples seem to balance me as well.

I have some kind of issues with sluggish lymph flow and eating increased fat instantly almost paralyzes me. I get nodules on the back of my neck in my lymph nodes. I get true muscle fatigue.

Just climbing the stairs hurts. My muscles feel like I had ran a marathon the day before. Exercise and skin brushing help get things moving again even though when this happens all I want to do is lay around. I have to fight it!

Anyway I learned the importance of all these things from Dr. Graham's Perfect Health Program. I learned the cure for my ongoing battle I had with candida. I even run a yahoo group and have for a couple years on candida. I really changed my belief system of how the body works~ natural hygiene type beliefs now.

I have thrown out all my supplements (enzymes, probiotics, etc). I had read numerous raw books but nothing impacted me the way Dr. Graham's lectures did. It was perfect timing for me. I needed to hear what he had to say!

By the way~ I love your interview with Rozalin Gruben from How To Go Raw.com. I have it in my iTunes and listen to it often. So.... as bad as this all sounds, it was a drastic improvement to my life before raw.

Otherwise I might not have stuck with it. My pregnancy also was much much better than the first. And the birth was amazing. So I was doing some things right. I just didn't see the whole picture.

I think the BIGGEST gift I got from Dr. Graham's program was the peace that I now knew how to live. I didn't need to buy every book that came along and stay up all night reading it from cover to cover searching for that one thing that would make a difference.

I had received the information I needed. God knew I was ready for it and gave it to me at the right place and the right time. His ways are perfect and He has healed me by showing me the steps I needed to take, one at a time when I could do it~no sooner, no later.



Isn't Sandy's transformation amazing? What an inspiring story. If you want to improve your life like Sandy did, then I urge you to take a look at The Perfect Health Program.

Here's all you have to do to get the program and my special gift to you. I'm giving away this special gift because I want you experience the results that Sandy and many others, including myself have experienced from the wisdom of Dr. Graham.

Therefore, if you order the Perfect Health Program now through my affiliate link below, I'll personally coach and support you for three months to help guarantee your success with eating raw.


This coaching will be in the way of a free three-month membership at my raw food coaching and education website, How To Go Raw.com. You can find out more about it and what you'll be getting, by visiting this link.


*** Please Act Quickly - There Is A Deadline ***

There's one final thing. I want you to take action on this offer quickly. If you dilly-dally you may forget and never take action. Therefore, I will remove this special offer when the first 50 people take advantage of it or at the end of April, whichever comes first.

It's time to take action and step into a new life. Use this link to start your new life and become the best you. You'll unleash the Superbeing within by eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet and following the other healthy lifestyle practices you'll learn from Dr. Graham.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske
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